C52 Snatching the Territory

[First Grade wind element monster core: Material. The energy crystallization of a Black Iron Level monster. It can quickly restore the magic power of the wind element.]

“Is this material?”

Lo Ya put away the gem that was rather big in her inventory. Then she began to sort out the special items that the wolf had dropped.

[Wolf Human Stone (Bronze): Stored with werewolf’s power. Transform into a Lower-level bronze werewolf (lasts for 3 seconds) and release 1 Air Cannon.]

“I can’t believe there’s such a magical thing.” Lo Ya had already imagined the scene of her body suddenly transforming into a werewolf to fight. This gray, translucent stone could also be used at critical moments to kill enemies and protect her life.

She continued to share the wolf meat that she had hunted before with the Sickle Insects.

Halfway through swallowing, one of the Sickle Insects suddenly had an unknown reaction, followed by strange changes in its body.

[Congratulations, the Sickle Insect has undergone a beneficial evolution and has obtained a special ‘Madness’ skill. Its physical strength has been slightly increased, and the upper limit of its level has reached 8.]

[This evolution is a small mutation. No new species will be produced, and the results have been automatically applied to all individuals.]

[Madness: All attributes x1.2 within 3 minutes and can be used once a day.]

The improvement this time is a bit larger than the previous evolution. Although it did not receive the elemental power, the increase in the upper limit of the attributes and level was equivalent to the increase in the combat effectiveness of the Sickle Insect to a certain extent.

The attributes of the current Level 1 Sickle Insect were as follows:

[Devil Monster: Sickle Insect (Insect Girl Clan Branch)]

[Level: 1 / 8]

[HP: 30 / 30]

[Strength: 3 0, Spirit: 2.0, Magic: 0, agility: 3.2, Constitution: 3.0]

The basic attributes were not considered low. This type of creature itself belonged to the type to fight within a short distance, so it was not a problem for it to not master magic.

Judging from the current situation, a Sickle Insect’s strength, agility, and physique would all exceed the Black Iron Level’s lower limit once it reached the top level (level 8). Its spirit was only a little bit away from becoming a Black Iron Level creature.

Some humans and devil monsters had corresponding life-saving methods or combat skills before reaching the Black Iron Level. Although the effect of the madness skill was not particularly prominent, it was also considered a good skill since it had no debilitating side effects. When the time came, it would come out to help Luya, and it would be worthy of the Magic Core’s reward.

After the three Professionists discussed the price with the Sickle Insect, they prepared to leave.

On the eve of the separation, Karl was worried that Sickle Insect would follow them in the name of protecting Luya. So, he took out two pieces of paper from his body. “I have the communication notebook that is often used by professionals. As long as the red paper is torn apart, the blue paper will show the direction of the red paper. If Luya is in trouble, then… Please use this to find her.”

“Of course, but the protection we provide is limited to the Fresnel Forest. If it is too far away, the Sickle Insect will not come to rescue.” The old Goblin took the blue paper and watched the three leave.

Until they were a distance away, Luya said worriedly, “You guys handed over such a precious thing for me. Is this really good?”

“Luya, you know that we will be parting after this cooperation. At most, Karl will stay with you for a while, but if he does that, it will only bring you trouble.”

Luya adjusted her long hair and stopped. “If you still want to help me, we can separate now. We are destined to take different paths. I don’t have the right to let you help me.”

“Luya, can you protect yourself?” Karl’s expression changed slightly.

“I will find a better team and continue to hunt monsters with them. When we meet again in the future, I will follow you guys.”

“I think it’s feasible.” Bo Duo nodded. “Karl and I are the ones who are in trouble. It has nothing to do with Luya. There’s no need to drag her into this.”

“Alright.” Karl let out a sigh. He appeared to have made a compromise.

A few tens of meters away, under the forest, a Sickle Insect who was secretly observing this scene suddenly received an order from Lo Ya. So, it turned around and headed back to the territory.

Lo Ya prepared to continue leading the tribe to the seaside.

The number of creatures in the area had significantly increased as they got closer to the sea. Along the way, there were beasts that she had seen or had never seen before everywhere. Two huskies were playing around with a group of gray wolves. But they were harvested by a wave of Sickle Insects that suddenly rushed out and successfully turned into a meal of wolf meat.

The Insect Girls found themselves standing on a high slope by the time the sea in the distance appeared right in front of their eyes. A kilometer away from where they were standing was the beach. A large group of seal-like creatures had already occupied a piece of land at the edge of the sea, lazily basking in the sun.

“Damn, have those creatures landed successfully?” Lo Ya muttered.

The seals had made their way to the shore!

Lo Ya recalled the last time she came to the beach. With all of the fighting and killing, the entire sea area was lively. On the shore, there was a fierce battle between these massive monsters and the terrestrial creatures.

“Looks like I have to get rid of the nearby beasts first.”

There were many biological resources, and these were the nourishment for the reproduction of Sickle Insects and the evolution of the Insect Girl Clan.

By the time Lo Ya was about to give an order to attack, several flying insects with strong wings suddenly attacked them.

Hard Winged Flying Insect, LV3, beast species.

“Really. Them again!”

Lo Ya spat out two mouthfuls of Wind Blade towards the fast-flying insects and directly cut them in half.

A group of Sickle Insects took up four insect legs and rushed towards the group of flying insects resting on the huge flower petals.

These creatures that were once very deadly to Lo Ya could now be easily defeated. The owner of this coastal forest where the animals were competing and thriving was about to change sooner or later.

Boom! Boom!

The Sickle Insects that rushed forward collided with a similar number of hard-winged insects. Dozens of insects not far away all flew up, wanting to reinforce the scene.

Lo Ya was worried that she would be at a disadvantage, so she sent out another group of Sickle Insects to quickly eliminate these damn insects.

Just as the name “Hard Winged,” the wings of these hard-winged insects were extremely hard. However, as the sharp blades sliced into them, they all disintegrated like jelly. After killing their opponents, several Sickle Insects returned to Lo Ya’s side with the corpse in their hands. The meats were then placed in front of her by all of them.

“You all can eat now.”

Eating was Insect Girls’ first priority.

The large and small Insect Girls gathered around, gnawing wildly at the food that was continuously delivered.

The Sickle Insects waiting in the surrounding area also quickly distributed their food and ate them into their stomachs to prepare for a new reproduction.

This scene lasted for about a while. More than thirty or so hard-winged flying insects were killed by the Sickle Insects. More and more groups in the back quickly rushed forward and occupied their territory.

Not far from the territory of the hard-winged insects, several crab-like creatures turned their high eyeballs and looked at this direction vigilantly.

Seeing that their opponent was destroyed in less than half an hour, they felt very uneasy.

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