C51 Exchange Protection

An individual metamorphosed legs became a whole clan metamorphosis. On the surface, this appeared to be nothing, but it was a life-saving thing.

If Insect Girl and the others were ever stuck in a dangerous situation, they could just transform their tails into legs. Their speed would definitely increase significantly as a result. Correspondingly, when hunting down the prey, the efficiency could be improved a lot by changing the legs and controlling the skills with the wind element.

By the time Lo Ya recovered from the state of drawing cards, a bunch of little Insect Girls behind her had already gathered to play.

Several of them were rolling around on the ground, shouting incomprehensible noises.

With a bang, one little Insect Girl slammed into Lo Ya’s tail, followed by the second, third, and the fourth little Insect Girl.

Lo Ya’s current body was not considered huge, but her strength was not weak. So, she raised her hand and lifted the cute little tail in front of her, causing the little insect girl to hang upside down in the air.

Shake, shake, shake!

The soft little tail twitched desperately, attempting to break free.

“Speaking of which, it’s been a long time since I taught you guys a lesson.”

Recently, Lo Xin and the others had been responsible for passing on what they had learned to the next generation, but there was no use. Some things that were normal in Lo Ya’s mouth were different from these little insect girls.

There were still many things that needed to be done by oneself.

“Everyone gather, get ready to learn survival knowledge!”

As soon as the words were spoken, the little Insect Girls immediately gathered, squeezing together one by one. Their big eyes were wide open as they looked at Lo Ya attentively.

“What the heck, why are you all so close to each other? Also, that one. This is not the time to sleep.”

Lo Ya squirmed over and grabbed a certain Insect Girl, who was snoring as she rested her tail on a small rock.

“Gululu, hehe… Meat.”

As she grumbled, drops of saliva dripped down from her mouth. Lo Ya grabbed her tail and hung the sleeping Insect Girl upside down in the air. Then Lo Ya reached out and tapped the little sleeper on the head. But it didn’t react at all and continued to babble in its sleep.

“Stop thinking about your meat, you sleep and eat every day, and don’t know what I am doing.”

Lo Ya thought for a while upon seeing the unresponsive little one. She then shouted, “It’s time for meat,” as she tried to imitate some of the scenes she’d seen on television and anime.


The little thing stood up instantly, blinking her eyes. “Meat, meat,” it mumbled as it looked around blankly.

“Geez! What meat! You just ate your fill, but you’re still yearning for meat. Your tail is so bloated that it’s like a ball.”

Lo Ya twisted her small face and put the little thing next to the other Insect Girls, only to find two more sleeping little cuties.


One of them was breathing heavily through her mouth while sleeping, opening and closing it repeatedly. In the end, her mouth bit the other sleeping Insect Girl by accident, and she was slapped by the other’s tail in return.

The little cutie in the green hat was lying on the grass looking for insects to eat.

“Listen to the lesson, everybody. Listen!”

Lo Ya helplessly shouted, directly using the authority of the main consciousness to oppress these stupid insects.

Finally, a few minutes later, everyone lined up neatly and waited for the lecture to begin.

“Today, I will mainly teach everyone to recognize human beings. Humans are terrible beings with high intelligence and strong average strength, so…”


The two Insect Girls rolled up their bellies and began to sleep.


On the other side, the three human professionals surrounded by Sickle Insects were whispering to each other.

“We are still not sure what these insects are really thinking… Luya, if there is any danger, Karl and I will do our best to protect you. You are the fastest and have the highest survival rate. As long as you rush out of the siege, these bugs can’t hurt you.” Bo Duo pointed to his big shield, indicating that he would stick to the principles of Shield Warriors and protect the Battle Mage well.

“I don’t think these insects are really malicious. If we were to fight, they would have attacked us a long time ago.” Karl pondered for a moment and said, “What I’m most worried about is that those Goblins would be as cunning as the rumors claim… and good.”

“That’s enough. Goblins are almost extinct. Even if you are worried about Luya, you don’t have to always talk about it. This will only scare her,” Bo Duo said with dissatisfaction.

Luya crossed her arms over her knees, holding a somewhat blunt bronze dagger in her hands. She sighed slightly and said, “We should be safe for the time being, but now the kingdom is fighting on its own like the devil monsters. There are anti-resistance armies and aristocratic armies fighting for territories everywhere. Rather than staying in the human world, I prefer to live in this deep mountain and old forest.”

“But the monsters are too dangerous,” Bo Duo said in a deep voice.

“Isn’t it? My brother joined the rebel army and died during the mission. His corpse has yet to be found. The ones who kill the most people are always human beings, not the terrible monsters we speak of.”

A Sickle Insect lying on its stomach 15 meters away blinked its blood-red eyes and spiritually transmitted the sound it heard to Lo Ya.

At this time, Bo Duo took out a somewhat old scroll from his pocket and slowly said, “I still have a Fireball magic scroll in my hand. I have been reluctant to use it. If possible, I want to use it to trade with these devil monsters in exchange for a chance to protect Luya.”

“I also want to contribute my potion.” Karl took out a bottle of red medicine hesitantly. “Luya is the most immature among us. Since everyone will be separated sooner or later, it is better to treat this as a parting gift. In the future, when we make money in the forest, maybe those devil monsters will give us some leeway on account of this.”

Luya was touched by the atmosphere around her and said, “Do you really believe the words of these devil monsters? They are not even humans…”

“I believe they will trade for the time being. These devil monsters are different from the others. At least, I have never seen an insect that can communicate.” Bo Duo patted his chest to ensure.

A few minutes later, when the old Goblin came, they handed over their respective items.

“The scroll can be used to hire a Sickle Insect. The potion is not worth it if you add something…”

“I’ll give this to you too.” Before the old Goblin could complete his sentence, Bo Duo took out a shiny green gem from his body. Then he continued, “Magic core, usually only high-level monsters can produce them. It is relatively difficult to find them in low-level creatures.”

Luya looked at him in surprise and said, “Bo Duo, are you even willing to give up this thing?”

“This is the proof of our friendship.” As he handed over the stone in his hand, Bo Duo responded firmly.

“Please wait a moment. I need to ask master about this.”

The old Goblin who received the magic core was actually trembling. This thing was a very rare wind-type energy crystal. It could be used to cast spells quickly when held in one’s hand. It was a treasure that many high-level monsters were fighting over.

Soon, Lo Ya gave her a reward by letting her hire six Sickle Insects.

For Luya, she could choose to let six insects attack together, or she could choose to split them a few times. In short, this beautiful human girl had miraculously found the backing of the devil monster.

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