C50 Protection Fee

Bo Duo had always kept an alert expression. He was prepared to get rid of this seemingly unreliable and cunning Goblin as soon as there was any sign of danger.

However, there was another slight sound of movement in the grass that made him give up on this plan. This was because there were many more Sickle Insects that had arrived around them. One after another, their numbers kept increasing, and it was frightening. All of them were staring at them with their scarlet eyes.

At this moment, the three professionals did not know what they had encountered. Obviously, this kind of team that was only at the Bronze Level was definitely one of the least among professionals. So, compared to some knowledgeable advanced professionals, they did not understand much about the situation in the forest at that moment.

“I’m afraid we have encountered some incredible magical creatures.” Karl whispered to Luya, “I heard that there have been some evil species in the forest that like to attack beautiful human girls. The most terrifying part is that they are capable of mating and reproducing with humans.”

Luya immediately shrank her neck when she heard this, and she even felt a chill on her legs in black pantyhose.

Liked beautiful women, without reproductive isolation… It seemed she was in some kind of trouble.

Elder Bu Fu brought them to a patch of grass where the Sickle Insects were gathered. There were over a hundred insects crawling around. No matter how one looked at it, it was terrifying.

“Damn it, it seems that these insects like pretty girls. Luya, quickly hide behind us. I will protect you even if I die.” Carl bravely stood in front of Luya and tightly held onto his bow.

“But there are so many of them.”

Luya’s face had already turned pale. These were insects that liked beautiful women. There was no reproductive isolation… There was no reproductive isolation!


Bo Duo’s iron fist knocked on Carl’s head. “Stop playing those cheap tricks of yours. Will you be happy if Luya met that kind of creature?”

“Sorry.” Carl scratched his head awkwardly.

After following the Goblin to the center of the swarm, Bo Duo felt a little uneasy. He put down his shield and said with a serious expression, “May I ask why your master wants to see us?”

“Well…” Elder Bu Fu really didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, right at that time, another old Goblin tremblingly walked over and said, “We hope to make a deal with you.”

“A deal?” The three of them were stunned at the same time.

A deal between magical creatures and humans?

They had never heard of such a thing before. Moreover, professionals made a living by hunting wild beasts, magical beasts, and magical creatures. Even if both parties were not irreconcilable enemies, they would not cooperate with each other.

“We need some clothes that can only be made by humans. In exchange, we will pay you with some flesh and bones of wild beasts. I believe the reason why human professionals enter this jungle for adventure and to hunt is for these things, am I correct?”

The proposal of the Goblins was indeed very tempting. Why would they risk their lives for a piece of wolf skin? Wasn’t it just to earn money?

Compared to clothes, the fur of magical beasts was definitely much more expensive. Some grass with medicinal value, or other materials that could be used to refine medicinal herbs, were all good things to earn one some money.

“I like the idea.” Bo Duo’s brows stretched out. However, he was curious as to why those magical creatures wanted human clothes.

“Other than the normal size clothing, we also need a batch of smaller ones. If they can come in form of armor… That would be best.” The old Goblin continued.

Luya swallowed her saliva. “Is your master a human?”

“No, of course not, but our master is very interested in a human girl like you.” The old Goblin revealed an weird smile as if he was making a joke. “If you…”

“I’m not interested!” Luya hid behind Bo Duo and looked very nervous.

Lo Ya, who was watching from the Sickle Insect’s sight, was speechless. The old Goblin seemed to also knew how to make jokes these days. But the humans in this world were really good-looking. She used to think that Insect Girls were the only ones who were particularly beautiful.

Bo Duo thought for a while and said, “I can send over human clothes, but high-level armor is usually hard to purchase. It’s even very hard for us to buy such item for ourselves; they are limited. So if we are going to get you armor, then we can only bring the simplest type of leather armor.”

“It doesn’t matter; we’ll decide on the specific exchange rate later. If the transaction is successful, we can even offer you protection in some areas around here. In the future, if you pass through the territory of our master, as long as you pay a small amount of protection fee, she will be willing to send soldiers to escort you and make sure you stay out of danger.”


Elder Bu Fu’s expression showed surprise. A protection fee wasn’t something even he had expected that Insect Girl would actually have thought of.

Magical creatures providing protection for humans — such thing had really never been heard of before.

Even the three professionals were shocked, and then they could not restrain their excitement.

“Protection fee? Are you asking for money?”

“No, our master wants to know if you have any magic tools, scrolls, or other goods that are worth a lot of money that can be exchanged for high-level protection.”

Luya stuck her head out from behind Bo Duo. “Magic tools are very expensive, and so are scrolls. Even if we can afford them, we can’t bear to use it easily. The cheapest healing potion costs about 2 silver coins per bottle. Even if we risk our lives to obtain wolf skin, we can at most exchange for 5 bottles of medicine.”

“Oh, 2 silver coins per bottle, right? That means10 silver coins for wolf skin.” The old Goblin nodded thoughtfully.

“You…” Bo Duo glared at Luya. The silly girl, she actually leaked the real price.

“We will discuss about the specific terms later. I need to report to our master. Since there are few of you, you can rest here. I’ll get you the skin of the wild wolf that I killed earlier.”

In any case, the wolf skin was nutritious and not delicious, and it was all fur.

The Sickle Insect precisely cut open the wolf’s skin, peeled out every piece of meat from the inside, and sent it to Lo Ya.

She opened her mouth and began to enjoy the meal.

[evolution points + 15]

[evolution points + 20]

The evolution points obtained were surprisingly high. This did not mean that the meat of the werewolf was of high quality. Rather, as Lo Ya’s level increased, the efficiency of her food conversion also increased.

[You have received a chance to draw cards.]

“Here we go.”

Lo Ya had been looking forward to this for a long time. When faced with a large pile of cards similar to tarot cards, she immediately stretched out her hand and pointed at it.

Green lights flickered and contained a faint golden light. It was uncertain if the visual effects had upgraded, but it was especially dazzling this time.

[Congratulations, you have drawn a 4-star (SR) Special Card: Specific Item Enhancement.]

[Specific Item Enhancement: Please choose an item within three minutes to strengthen it.]

‘Three minutes, item Card?’

Lo Ya glanced at her Item column. The strengthening of potions seemed to be a waste. The level of the dagger was too low. Even if it was strong, it would not be of much use. So the top options were the Crystal Oath Pendant and the Double Legs Transformation Certificate.

The former was a disposable item. After the strengthening, it could only be used once. It was not worth it.


[Double Legs Transformation Certificate]

[Item enhancement successful.]

[Double Legs Transformation Certificate: It can transform into human legs, and each individual in the clan can only use it once a day. The duration of the transformation is 1 / 3 of the current level (hour).]

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