C49 Talking to The Humans

“I think we can try to negotiate with the humans now. However, Insect Girls and the Undead Insects will definitely not show themselves. Take a couple of Sickle Insects with you and get close to the target. Get ready to carry it out.”

It just so happened that the opportunity had presented itself, and they could test the gap between Bronze Level and ordinary creatures.

Lo Ya had quite a number of Sickle Insects that had already reached level 5. In terms of attribute, they had already reached half of the lowest level of Black Iron Level. It could be likened to a child attempting to kill an adult with a knife. Although the Sickle Insects individually were weak, the lethal nature of their sickle could still cause harm to many creatures above the Black Iron Level.

So long as the opponent’s defense was not too strong.

After getting the authorization, elder Goblin was escorted by a Sickle Insect team and they stealthily approached the battle location.

The three humans were still fighting with the berserk werewolf, and the battle had become very brutal, such that anyone could die at any moment.

Luya, who seemed to be the most dangerous among them, was the safest, because she was light and had mastered some magic. When facing the attacks of the werewolves, she was always able to react in time and quickly dodge the blows.

After enduring numerous attacks from the werewolf, Bo Duo felt pain all over his body. However, he had no choice but to stand up and continue to taking the hits. Every swing of the werewolf’s fist weighed up to six to seven hundred kilograms, and it unleashed a lot of power each time it was brandished. In a run-up situation, every punch was destructive.

Luya did not dare to get too close to her opponent anymore. The werewolf was now too fast, and with a sudden blast of air, she would be smashed into pieces if she was not careful.

Just as she was anxiously thinking about how to approach it, the creaking sounds from the surrounding grass made her feel even more uneasy.

“Not good, Bo Duo, Carl, watch out for movement in the grass.”

The male archer who was holding the weapon frowned and quickly shifted his gaze to the side. Then, a green-skinned Goblin walked out from inside the grass.

“Everyone, don’t be nervous. I’m here to help you. All of you should get behind me.” Elder Bu Fu, who had run out of the grass, was actually very scared, his voice was trembling.

Bo Duo, the shield warrior, had been knocked to the ground not far away, saw him and immediately got up. He shouted to his two companions, “Everyone, listen to the Goblin.”

Everyone knew that the Goblins were weak magical creatures, so even if he had doubts in his heart, he didn’t hesitate too much and chose to believe him. If the Goblin dared to play any tricks, he could just slap him to death with his shield.

Luya was the first to react. Her body lightly jumped up and grabbed the tree branch above her head. With a strong force, she jumped on top of the tree. Bu Fu glanced at her and realized that she had only jumped a few times and landed beside the Shield Warrior.

“Defensive Shield!”

A blue light lit up and the werewolf punched the light shield, creating a sound that was similar to a shattering glass.

“Human women are really beautiful and strong.” This feeling arose in his heart. He opened his mouth and whistled. Then, the 20 Sickle Insects hiding in the surroundings rushed out at the same time.

“What are these things”

Carl, who was standing on the rock, was shocked when he saw the monsters rushing out from both sides. He totally didn’t notice them.

Compared to humans, the Sickle Insect’s body size was not particularly large, but their sharp and ferocious sickles’ destructive power was absolutely terrifying.

When two Sickle Insects approached, the berserk werewolf was forced to release two air cannons, blasting them to pieces. However, the other Sickle Insect that followed closely behind had already jumped up and stabbed into big guys body with a sharp blade that was dozens of centimeters long.

Ptchi~ Ptchi ~

Blood sprayed out in a projectile about six or seven meters away. The hot red blood was very hot and was emitting white smoke, giving off a strong smell.


The werewolf let out a painful roar. Even Lo Ya, who was a few hundred meters away, could hear it clearly.

The werewolf could deal with the Sickle Insect on his body with just one palm, but their speed was too fast. Many of their attacks only hit his body, and even when it hit his body, it hardly caused any fatal damage.

As the tall body gradually became bloody, Lo Ya finally understood why the Gaeta Insect Swarm could instill so much fear in so many powerful races.

It was like a scenario of many ants biting an elephant to death!

A few minutes later, this battle was finally over with the werewolf dead.

Out of 20 Sickle Insects, 12 were lost, that was more than half of them. As for the werewolf’s cause of death, it wasn’t certain if it was because he lost too much blood or if his head had been pierced through. The bottom line was, a high-level enemy had been eliminated.

Elder Bu Fu let out a sigh of relief. Then he turned to the three humans, “We were very lucky to have won this battle.”

There was no problem of the language barrier with the help of the Insect Girl Clan’s Spiritual Link.

Bo Duo looked at the Goblin vigilantly, “Why did you help us? And what exactly are these creatures…”

“They are Master’s warriors. Under her orders, I brought them here to help you.”

These words left the three humans dumbfounded.

Luya pulled Karl to the side and whispered: “Hey, isn’t this a Goblin? Why would this kind of creature that is about to go extinct want to help humans, and aren’t those things insects?”

“How do I tell you’re not trying to play a prank.” Karl had mixed feelings.

Imagine that one day, you met a bear in the wild, and it almost killed you. Then, a dog suddenly came forward with a group of chickens and killed the bear and also said to you, “I came to help you under the orders of my master. These chickens are all loyal warriors.” What would you think?

Maybe, this metaphor might not be appropriate, but people at this moment were feeling the same way.

The only thing that came over to help them was the magical creature that had always been on bad terms with humans.

“Why are you helping us?” Bo Duo asked with a frown.

Luya quickly stepped forward and made a face at him. Then she bowed to the Goblin and said, “Master Goblin, thank you very much for your help. Bo Duo has a straightforward personality. I’m sure you must have noticed it from the way he usually raises his shield.”

“Please, don’t call me that. I am only following my master’s orders.”

The elder was flattered. To the Goblins, humans were definitely high level creatures, just like how humans regarded dragons.

At this moment, Luya put the two daggers back into her waist and swung her long hair, which made her look like a human beauty. Although the Goblins also had beautiful girls, they were still far from being comparable to humans.

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