C47 Take Effort

Lo Ya didn’t say anything else and immediately tried out the Skeleton Summoning.

Black smoke emerged from the ground, then a soil shattering effect followed. A white skeletal hand emerged from the ground, and under the shocked gazes of the Undead Insect and many Sickle Insects, a white skeleton, about the same height as an adult human crawled out.

Skeleton Soldier Level 5, undead Race, Black Iron Level.

A simple introduction told Lo Ya of the strength of the opponent

It could only be said that the race value of the Undead Race was very high. Whether it was the previous skeleton beast or the skeleton soldier in front of her, they all had the strength of a Black Iron Level even at a very low level. Comparatively speaking, Lo Ya only obtained the strength of a Black Iron after attaining level 10.

“It’s just like playing a game to level up.”

This game was very unfair. Some players damage increased by 100 points every time they leveled up, while some players’ only increased by 10 points every time they leveled up. When some attained a higher level, no matter how powerful they were, as long as their Race Value wasn’t high enough, they would still die if they fought against an opponent with a higher level of damage.

That was why there was a so-called difference between a high level and low level life form.

In order to test the flexibility of this skeleton, Lo Ya gave an order to the bony fellow.


Clank! Clank! Clank! Dan dan dan!

The hollow skeleton started to make a very funny move. It spread its legs and walked around like a crab.

“Puff! Puff!”

Lo Ya felt that it was interesting, so she changed the order, “Stand inverted.”

Swoosh! The skeleton flipped in the air and used both hands to support its entire body.

“Not bad, not bad. Now… stand up and turn upside down.”

Immediately, the skeleton obeyed the order and quickly left the inverted state. Then he stood straight on the spot and stretched out his hands…


The skeleton stood there in a daze. It was completely dumbfounded. In the end, its body just kept rolling on the spot.

After about half a minute, it suddenly reacted and it placed both its hands and legs on the ground and made a crawling motion.

“Haha, that should do for now.”

Lo Ya touched her chin and decided to bring this skeleton to fight a simple battle.

Most of the creatures in the vicinity of the waterfall were weak. The reason was very simple, the dark aura here was not as dense as the one in the middle of the mountain range.

Nevertheless, this was not absolute. After all, this mountain was very small, and the skeleton beasts inside the mountain would occasionally stray to the outer region. Unfortunately, due to the lack of dark aura, they would quickly return to their original position after taking the wrong path.

Lo Ya followed the pattern of her discovery and very quickly found a relatively weak skeleton beast. She paired the skeleton and Undead Insect to deal with the other party.

First, it started with a Wind Blade.

Facing the opponent who was rushing towards them, the Undead Insect stepped forward and used its body to block the opponent’s charge.

The next moment, the skeleton attacked from the side and used its sharp claws to hit the opponent’s bones.

The sound of the collision, had a metallic feel, and reflected the hardness of the bones of both parties. After the collision, the summoned skeleton actually had the upper hand; it had created a dent on the opponent’s body.

The Undead Insect and Lo Ya immediately stepped aside and watched the battle from afar.

There were no fancy tricks. Both parties displayed their respective strengths.

The opponent creature’s bones were like a cover, with a very large surface area. Most of the areas were protruding upwards. It had the appearance of the shell of a turtle. This structure was made it extremely sturdy, and each punch required a greater amount of force to break through.

Apparently, the skeleton relied on its own brute force to smash the target bit by bit.

After the fight, Lo Ya wanted to let it consume the fire seed, but unfortunately, he didn’t respond to that type of command, so the spoils could only go to the Undead Insect alternatively.

In addition to the fragment of [Skeleton Summoning 1 / 10], there was also a fragment called [Bone Shield 1 / 10].

“Looks like there are quite a number of skills that I can gather here.”

Unfortunately, Lo Ya had no plans of wasting much time in the mountain range. It was not safe around there. The more she stayed, the riskier it would get.

She took the initiative to take the large group of insects back to the place where the rest of the Insect Girl Clan was resting. She looked at the large group of resting Sickle Insects and saw that their stomachs were facing the sky, then at the Little Insect Girl, who was sleeping soundly with her tail coiled, Lo Ya secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Why is it that every time I am not around, I am worried that they will encounter danger?”

It could only be blamed on how stupid the Insect Girls were. Even the most reliable Lo Xin was actually also mentally unstable. When faced with some situations, she would often do something inappropriate and put everyone in harms way.

In a case where one’s belly faced the sky while sleeping, there was a high chance that one could die, if there’s an attack. With the character of the Insect Girls, even without the protection of the Sickle Insect, they would probably still dare to sleep openly in the wild. The thought of this really gave Lo Ya a headache.

“Never mind. I don’t want to think too much. Anyway, I will be at the beach tomorrow.”

Tomorrow, was definitely going to be a fierce beach invasion battle. But until then, the most important thing was to get a good rest.

After climbing onto Lo Xin’s tail, Lo Ya flipped her belly just like the others and comfortably fell asleep.

If she could sleep that comfortably every day, there could only mean that there was no danger at all and she would be happy. She would really be an insect without any regrets.

With this thought, the next day slowly dawned.

Early in the morning, an earth shattering roar suddenly woke everyone up from their sleep. Following that, a terrifying creature flashed across the sky.

When Lo Ya opened her eyes to see what it was, there was nothing in front of her, only a huge afterimage was all she saw.

It had wings and a long tail. It looked like a giant dragon.

“Could that be a legendary creature?”

Lo Ya, who was just recovering from the shock, swallowed her saliva. She was extremely stunned.

“Lo Ya, why did you lie on my tail?” Lo Xin rubbed her eyes and sat up. She placed Lo Ya, who was on her tail, on the ground, “What was that just now?”

“I don’t know.”

There had been many sightings of that kind of black shadow. Lo Ya did not wish to make contact with this kind of monster.

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