C45 Bone Transformation

Having realized the benefits of the first fire seed, in the following days, Lo Ya’s team were intentionally searching for undead creatures along the way.

Soon afterwards, another creature that looked even more fierce and not to be trifled with appeared.

Low-level skeleton beast LV7, undead race, Black Iron Level.

Lo Ya sat on the back of the Sickle Insect and carefully approached the target. She moved closer, till she was within 30 meters from the other party. The target sensed something and immediately turned around and charged towards them.

Wind Blade!

A slender wind blade swiftly cut through the air and hit the target’s neck.

However, this strike only produced a crisp clank, and did not cause too much damage.

“Damn it.”

As expected of a beast of such level!

When Lo Ya realized that the target’s HP bar had only dropped by just one-fifth, she immediately ordered the Sickle Insect to take her to safety.

Immediately, this terrifying creature chased after her and spat out a black gaseous ball from its mouth, hitting the right side of the Sickle Insect with a bang.


The next thing was a loud boom close to its ear as the earth exploded, throwing particles into the air. Black smoke filled the air, and not only was it pungent, but it also carried a strong corrosive feature.

Upon receiving the order, the Sickle Insect instantly jumped up from the ground, barely avoiding a small ball that flew past under it.

When it flew into the air and saw that the third ball was also flying towards it, the Sickle Insect shook its body and threw Lo Ya a few meters away.


She landed with her tail on the ground, and waves of pain coursed through her body. When Lo Ya looked up at the Sickle Insect, she found that it had already been hit by the dark ball. Its entire body was emitting an unpleasant green smoke, and it seemed like it would not be able to survive the hit.

“I’m sorry.” After all, it was a member of the Insect Girl Clan. The death of one was enough to make anyone of them sad.


Lo Xin who had caught up with them also released a Wind Blade. Unfortunately, the power was weaker than Lo Ya’s and the impact on the target was negligible.

However, at this time, after the skeleton beast had already released its skill, not only did the black fog on its body decrease substantially, even its movements also slowed down a bit. Lo Ya then released another Earth Spike, stabbing the target into the sky. The moment it hit the ground, she immediately rushed up and pressed her two hands on the opponent’s bones.

Crackle ~

Electric shock attack was activated!

However, it didn’t conduct electricity.

Lo Ya was stunned for a moment and was forced to release another spike, driving the skeleton beast into the air for the second time.

Wind Blade!

Four fifths of the health bar was used up in a row, leaving the health bar of the target broken. Seeing that the move had great effect, Lo Ya let out a breath and completely killed the skeleton beast.

A few items dropped.

The Undead Insect that was waiting for her at the back immediately walked up, grabbed the Fire Seed, and swallowed it.


The light of the flame in its eyes flickered, and it seemed to have become brighter.

The soul of the undead insect seemed to have sublimed. Its entire body surged with power, and even its white bones were dyed with a faint black color.

Happy and satisfied, the little skeleton opened its mouth with a joyous expression, as though laughing loudly because of its growth.

“Phew, Great. Even if I am stronger now, I wasn’t hoping to take such a great risk to help you in vain” Lo Ya nodded her head in satisfaction.

Actually, there was another reason why she dared to take the initiative to charge forward. It was because her life points had exceeded 100 points. That and many other upgrades were benefits of the extraordinary Crystal Dragon.

The lifespan of species did not increase simply because the creature’s level increased. Hence, for ordinary creatures, this was the only thing they had from when they were born until their death.

However, the Insect Girl Clan was obviously a tribe of Insects. Although their innate life forms were not superb, they could improve and become better as they killed monsters and opened chests. It was simply against everything considered normal.

“Forget it. I won’t bother myself with these thoughts for the meantime.”

Lo Ya glanced at the Undead Insect’s data, but there was still no change. It was clear that the strength of the fire seed was mainly a part of the dark force. As the flames in its eyes grew brighter and deeper, its combat strength would gradually increase.

She went forward and picked up the items that dropped.

[Skill Fragment aquired: 1 / 10: Skeleton Summoning]

[Skill Fragment obtained: 1 / 20: Dark Transformation]

[Received Beginner Spiritual Power Recovery Potion.]

“It’s another Skill Fragment and spiritual power Recovery Potion. It seems like the items dropped by different types of creatures has a pattern.”

Lo Ya picked the items and looked forward to the effects of the two skills when put to use.

There was no doubt that the only way these skills could materialize was by gathering all the fragments. Presently, she did not really understand what dark transformation was, but there was nothing much to say about summoning skeletons. It was the standard of undead magic.

The Insect Girl Clan team continued to move north along the edge of the mountain. Lo Ya gradually realized that the deeper they went into the mountain, the more frequent the appearance of undead creatures became. In order to increase the combat strength of the undead insect, she took the initiative to lead the large group towards the depths of the mountain.

Along the way, there were a few fights that successfully raised Lo Ya to level 13. The Undead Insect also became stronger and stronger as time went by, and the bones in its entire body slowly turned black.

“I think it is ready to handle some weaker undead creatures.”

It seemed that every time the bones let out loud cracking sounds, some evolution was about to take place.

In no time, the color of the flame in the Undead Insect’s eyes had already become as deep as the first skeleton beast they encountered. Soon, small amounts of black smoke began to appear on its outer shell.

Currently, Lo Ya’s personal data was as followed:

Magical Creature: Lo Ya (Insect Girl Clan)

Level: 13

Experience Points: 122 / 1300

HP: 144 / 144

Endurance: 60 / 100

Strength: 16 8, Spirit: 16 Magic: 13 2, Agility: 19.1, Vitality: 14.5

Components: Enhanced Insect Fang (Beast Level, attack + 9), Colourless Skin (Beast Level, defense + 10) Hearing Aperture (Strengthened Hearing), Electric Shock Membrane (Beast Level, attack + 30), Spiritual Communication Receptors.

Skill Card: None

Active Skill: Wind Elemental Control Level 1, Earth Elemental Control Level 1, Fire Elemental Control Control Level 1, Earth Spike Level 1, Wind Blade Level 1, Dark Melting Level 1, Natural Healing Level 1.

Passive Skills: Frost Add-on Level 1, Physical Reflex Level 2.

Rating: Magical Creature (High Class Beast Branch), Black Iron Level.

evolution points : 2750

Item space: 81 Basic Healing Potions, 7 Low-quality Spiritual Power Recovery Potions, 4 Basic Spiritual Power Recovery Potions, 3 Enrichment Pills, Bronze Dagger, Flame Resistance Pills, Crystal Oath Pendant, Double Legs Transformation Certificate, 10 Universal Currency, Skeleton Summoning Fragments 4 / 10, Dark Summoning Fragment 2 / 20.

Earth Spike Level 1 and Natural Healing Level 1 were individual skills, and Insect Girl was unable to obtain any other skills.


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