C40 After Lo Ya’s Recovery

Finally, three days had passed.

When Lo Ya took over the authority of the main consciousness and restored her identity, all the Insect Girls looked at her in shock.

A group of Sickle Insects were so shocked and stared with their mouths wide open.

“You bunch of idiots, you think it’s funny?”

Lo Ya angrily stared at them as her bug teeth made creaking sounds.

But unexpectedly, the Insect Girls only stared blankly at her, not until after a long time did they suddenly let out a loud shout.

“Lo Ya, wow, it’s really Lo Ya!”

In a moment, the Great Little Insect Girls all cried out and rushed to Lo Ya’s side and hugged her tightly.

“Lo Ya, we have missed you so much, wow…”

Amidst the sobbing, the originally somewhat depressed Lo Ya instantly extinguished the anger in her heart.


“Lo Ya, why did you become a Small?”

“That’s right, Lo Ya. You are so young.”

As soon as the Insect Girls finished crying, they suddenly surrounded her and started discussing.

After a certain amount of time went by, Lo Xin suddenly had an idea and suggested, “Since Lo Ya is now a baby, let’s put her to test together.”

As soon as she made the suggestion, it was immediately supported by most of the Insect Girls.

Whey they were still young, Lo Ya always taught them things they needed to know. It wasn’t a pleasant process at all, and sometimes she even made fun of them. Now that the tables had turned, it was finally time for the great main consciousness to get schooled.

“Be good and listen up, little baby. 2 + 3 equals what?” Lo Lo confidently asked the question that she thought was very difficult.

Lo Ya gritted her teeth and swallowed hard and then said, “5.”

“What!?!?” Lo Lo was shocked when she heard this and her voice trembled as she said, “How were you able to answer it correctly? No… That’s impossible. It was obviously a very difficult question.”

She had to think very hard to generate that question. Lo Ya answered a lot faster than expected.

” Let me ask, let me ask. ” Lo Wen confidently patted her chest and asked, “What is the answer to 3 + 2?”

Ah, that seemed to be a familiar question.

Lo Ya was silent for a while and gave them a standard answer, “5.”

The Insect Girls who were around Lo Wen all looked at her, “Is it really 5? Is the answer 5?”

“Uh… Give me a moment, I think the answer is 9.” Lo Wen was not sure.

“Ah, the answer is wrong.”

“Lo Ya is really an idiot. She couldn’t answer such a simple question correctly.”

“Yes, that’s right. It was obviously 9. Why did you say 5?”

“I remember Lo Ya telling me this answer herself. It’s surprising that she also can’t answer it now.

“As expected, even Lo Ya has become stupid after becoming a Small.”

In a disorderly manner, a lot of voices chorused in concurrence.

Lo Ya became very furious. She lifted Lo Xin and threw her on the other Insect Girls, “You bunch of stupid donkeys, hurry up raise my brain by three levels!”

What a bunch of muggles!

As soon as she roared, the Insect Girls and the rest instantly quietened down.

The atmosphere there became a bit wierd. After a short period of silence, Lo Ya sighed and helplessly said, “Perhaps you all have come of age to bear children.”

That could not be said for all the Insect girls. For example, Lo Lee still behaved exactly the same way as she did when she was young. She often ate and slept like a white worm. When she woke up, she would eat again. Then she’d lie with her belly facing the sky, and saliva dribbling out of her mouth.

The bottom line was that, Insect Girls who had lost their main consciousness, were very unreliable.

But now, their backbone had finally returned.

“Lo Xin, send the Sickle Insects to go for hunting. We still need more of them.”

In the past few days, a Sickle Insect had undergone a slight mutation. Possibly because it had swallowed a couple of things that were suspected to be undead bones in the mountain. It had actually automatically broken out into a new species.

[magical creature: Humanoid Undead Insect (Insect Girl Clan Branch, known as Undead insect)]

[Level: 1 / 5]

HP: 40 / 40

Strength: 4.0, spirit: 1.0, magic: 0.5, agility: 2.0, vitality: 4.0]

Their HP, strength, and Stamina were stronger than that of the normal Sickle Insects, and they also had 0.5 more magic. However, the Agility and Spirit were slightly weaker, and their actual speed was also much slower.

As a creature infected with the aura of death, the body of the Undead Insect was automatically covered in a black mist. This mist also had a certain degree of corrosive properties, even though it was countered by the sacred energy they already had, but it could also cause severe corroded to many other types of creatures.

Based on this, it was evident that the Insect Girls were not so stupid to the point of no respite. They did not directly merge the undead energy into the Sickle Insects’ body. If they did… even though it could increase the combat strength of the Sickle Insect, it would have also made them enemies of the sacred energy and scared of pure light.

As slightly advanced newborns, the Undead Insects had an appearance that was similar to a human skeleton covered in armor (insect shell) and fog. In order to reproduce, they required more food, so it was impossible for them to reproduce on a large scale like Sickle Insects.

In addition, since they had completely occupied the Hound Clan’s territory, the mission [Attack or Form Alliance (Choose one out of two)] had been completed. Lo Ya’s death had caused the reward to remain unclaimed. At this moment, she clicked to confirm and was lucky to get the reward.

[Attack or Form Alliance (Choose one out of two) completed.]

[Congratulations, you have obtained 1000 evolution points units. The components, “Electric shock Membrane,” have been strengthened.]

The power of the electric shock increased from + 15 to + 30, which was much higher than the attack level of the other components.

In reality, the electric shock damage was no weaker than a Level 1 magic.

Any creature that made contact with Insect Girl’s hands would experience indescribable pain with just a single electric shock.

“Regardless, Our average strength still hasn’t reached the Black Iron Level.” Lo Ya was very helpless about this.

The average amount of attribute required to reach the black iron was 10 points. At the moment, Insect Girl’s attributes were not more than 8 points (Level 7).

Thinking back to that day when she was taken by surprise and over the cliff into the abyss by that girl, it all felt like a dream to Lo Ya.

The girl most certainly would have been dead.

“Poor thing. She was such a beautiful girl.”

Maybe it was a different world, but she had never seen such a perfect person in her past life. Why did the girl jump off the cliff? Why did that strange Undead Warrior obey her and even jump down with her?

The most important thing was… Why did she take Lo Ya with her?

This was really a very difficult problem to solve.

But now that she thought about it carefully, that girl also had quite a weird temperament…

– – – – the breaking line…

[Species: Insect Girl.]

[Current Brain Level: 2]

[Description: Temporarily omitted.]

[Species: 23 (9 adults, 7 underage, 7 tails)]

[Sickle Insects: 280 adult, 200 immature]

[Evaluation: Low]

[Lighth of Evolution (Species)] : This species has a race’s consciousness. She is the lighthouse that points out the path of evolution.]

[Race Skills: Wind Elemental Control Level 1, earth Elemental Control Level 1, Dark Melting Level 1, Frost Add-on Level 1, physical Reflex Level 2]

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