C39 Did You Ever Feel Hopeless?

Lo Ya had never expected that the scene in front of her would turn out to be so spectacular. The boundless earth suddenly shattered and the ocean and sky became connected to the horizon. In the haze, a towering shadow reached the clouds and stood at the end of the abyss.

“The earth’s waterfall — there are rumors that it leads to the truth of the universe.” The young girl hugged Lo Ya’s small body and sat at the edge of the firm stone wall.

Her slender legs gently swayed and her arms that were as white as the moonlight emitted a faint fragrance. Lo Ya raised her head and coincidentally hit her chest. Immediately, she felt an unusually soft touch.

“Well, you two poor little things, I don’t think you understand what I’m saying, do you? There is no place in this world that can accommodate us. No matter where we live, there’s always so much suffering, so…”

“So what?” Lo Ya looked up in surprise. She had an eerie feeling in her heart.

“You’re coming with me.”

The young girl got up and hugged her closely against her chest. The waterfalls on both sides of the mountain roared as it washed down, creating a deafening sound. Waves of cold wind blew on Lo Ya’s snow white body, bringing along with it extreme cold, capable of shredding one’s bones.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Lo Ya suddenly felt uneasy.

Lo Xin who was by the side also opened her eyes wide, wondering what the young girl wanted to do.

In the midst of an astonishing gale, the young girl jumped up, opened her right arm, and jumped into the seemingly endless abyss.

‘Oh no – damnit, I’m about to die.’ Lo Ya almost cried on the spot.

‘Why did she even have to bring me along with her to commit suicide?’

The Undead Warriors also jumped down. Lo Xin alone, who was sat back by the rock, was so dumbfounded that she didn’t do anything for a while. It wasn’t until after a very long time that she yelled. She covered her eyes and started to cry.

“Lo Ya! Lo Ya!”

The wild wind howled and the exaggerated sense of weightlessness made Lo Ya uncomfortable. The cliff next to her was facing downwards, sometimes concave and sometimes convex, extending into the seemingly endless underground.

Waves of strong wind that could destroy one’s body gradually appeared in the air.

Then, in a burst of intense pain, Lo Ya lost consciousness.

[The main consciousness is dead.]


[Connection completed.]

[You will be reborn in a new body and gain full control of the entire race in 3 days.]

[You will fully recover your strength in 3 days.]

The voice gradually faded in the darkness. When Lo Ya woke up, she felt fatigue all over her body.

There was a layer of something that bound her body, it made her very uncomfortable and want to rip it apart with all her might.

Pffft ~

The window opened, and the sky lit up.

A Small little guy stuck its head out stupidly, staring blankly at its surroundings.

“Hey, there is another baby. Lo Ya, come see… Uh, Lo Ya no longer seems to be with us.”

Lo Xin’s voice came towards her and a huge shadow appeared in front of her and carried her up towards the sky. “Ah, this one looks so silly. Maybe I can bully her.”

“Lo Xin, this is your baby. Why do you want to bully her?” Another Insect Girl’s voice came from the side.

“Hahaha, it’s not like I’ll get into any trouble for that.”

When she finished saying that, Lo Xin stretched out a hand and scratched Lo Ya’s cute little tail.

“Whoa, bastard. It’s so ticklish. Lo Xin, you bastard.” Being suddenly scratched like that, Lo Ya’s tail immediately started to twitch in midair. The little white tail was swinging back and forth and her cute little face turned red.

However, her vocal cords had not fully developed yet. The cries from her mouth all came out as babbling words, which actually made her even cuter.

“She looks very happy. Oh, yes, the Dog Tail Grass Lo Ya used last time seemed to do quite a good job — it made that dog laugh so happily. Maybe we can try it on her too.” Lo Lo suggested from not far away.

“That is perfect.”

A few seconds later, a big furry item was brought in front of Lo Ya.

“What the heck, Lo Xin, what are you trying to do? I’ll kill you, damn it! Bastard, whoa! Stop, wahahahaha…”

After all, she was her own child. After laughing for a while, Lo Xin held the cute baby in her arms.

“Weird, why do I feel guilty?” Lo Xin blinked her eyes and flicked Lo Ya’s cute head and wrinkled her cute little nose.

“Damn you, it’s me Lo Ya!” Lo Ya shouted.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

“Shut up and stop talking.”


Such a depressing day from the very beginning

Lo Ya’s vocal cords were gradually developed. She tried to prove her identity to the Insect Girls around her, but it was useless.

Helplessly climbing up a slope, she stared blankly. Then, a Sickle Insect passed by and used a sharp blade to touch her skull.

“what was that for?”

“Creak, creak, creak!”

The Sickle Insect made a funny move. It raised its left legs and shook them. Then, it copied the crab’s style of movement and walked a few steps in a domineering manner.

With the help of the Spiritual Link, she could still roughly tell that the Sickle Insect was teasing het.

“Pffft, even you think of me as a baby?”

Lo Ya felt very helpless. As a race’s main consciousness, it was very pitiful to be treated as a junior by the other Insect Girls and the Sickle Insects. It was really embarrassing.

A few minutes passed…

Lo Jing passed by and raised a bottle of low-quality spiritual power recovery medicine in her hand. She waved it in front of Lo Wen’s eyes, “Lo Ya always drank this blue medicine. What do you think is inside it?”

“I don’t know. Who knows, maybe it’s a delicious food. Every time she fell off a monster’s body, she’d always take it, only for herself. Why didn’t she let us drink some of it?”

“Why don’t you secretly take a sip? After all, Lo Ya is not here now to see. When she comes back, just pretend that nothing happened.”

“Sounds great.”

With that, Lo Jing mustered courage and opened the lid and took a sip.


“It tastes so bad.”

Lo Jing spat it out, and her eyes immediately turned red.

“What’s wrong?” Lo Wen widened her eyes.

“It’s so disgusting. I’m sure it’s very bad for the body. Lo Ya actually drank this kind of thing. Why?” Lo Jing held the medicine bottle and felt so confused.

After a few seconds, she suddenly seemed to have figured it out. “I understand now, Lo Ya must have wanted us to always have only good meals, so she ate the bad ones. She is really so kind to us.”

“Really? I feel so sorry for her. We can’t let her drink it anymore.”

“Yeah, how about we throw it away?”

“Okay, throw away all the potions. Don’t leave a single bottle behind.”

After saying that, the two Insect Girls headed to the stream not far away.

“What!” When Lo Ya heard what they said, she was instantly stunned and hurriedly wriggled over, “Fool, that is the spiritual power recovery medicine. You guys can’t…”


A finger was flicked on her forehead.

“Little guy, stay put, okay?” Lo Jing sounded high and mighty.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Lo Wen nodded, “Be obedient and don’t drink something that tastes bad.”

“Damn it, I am Lo Ya. Why can’t you just…”


“You’re being disrespectful, little guy. You shouldn’t cause any trouble here.”

Lo Ya was speechless.

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