C38 What’s Outside the End

Lo Ya was puzzled by the hound’s answer. “The Earth’s Waterfall?”

Sounded a lot like a planet

Could it be that there was another mystery in this world?

“Yes, the end of the world, and no one knows what’s at the bottom. The leader of our clan has never allowed us to go there, so none of us has seen whatever mystery it holds”

The hound seemed to be telling the truth.

However, when she recalled the spaceship she encountered some days ago and the recorded information, Lo Ya felt that there was something weird about it.

“So what you’re saying is you really haven’t seen whatever goes on in this mountains with your own eyes?” She asked again.

“Yes.” The hound answered affirmatively.

“Woof, hahaha, woof, woof! Ahaha, I’ll tell you, I’ll answer, woof, woof…”

Lo Ya took away the Dog Tail Grass and the poor hound immediately frowned, “I really don’t know. If I did, I would have told you long ago.”

“I think you’ve misunderstood me. I did not tickle you because you did not answer.”

“Then why?” It asked innocently.

“Because I’m enjoying it.”


” Wahahaha, wahahaha, wahahaha, wahahahaha… ”

Lo Ya threw the Dog Tail Grass to Lo Lo so that she could play with it when she had nothing to do. When they heard the dog laugh, the entire room became very lively.

When they arrived at the exit at the back of the camp, the two elder Goblins were talking in a low voice.

Lo Ya did not pay attention to them. Instead, she took Lo Xin and a couple of Sickle Insects with her into the mountain.

The temperature of the air was a quite low and when one narrowed their eyes, they could still see the hazy fog. This fog was black and under the dark clouds in the sky, they caused even more dizziness from watching.

“Why does it smell like doomsday?”

It felt so weird.

Truly, when Lo Ya was interrogating the hound some moments ago, she was really shocked by the response it gave

She had only wanted to know what kind of dangerous creatures lived in the mountains, but she ended up learning that it was the end of the world.

They very much inherited humans desire to explore. Compared to their ancestor’s white worms, Insect Girls were full of curiosity towards everything they didn’t know about.

But speaking of humans on earth, they were different from the species of people in this world.

Lo Ya could not deny that she had inherited some bad traits, but the reality was, the so-called bad nature of humans was also in the nature of most other species… The strong preyed on the weak. This kind of situation did not only exist between different species, it was also widely distributed within species of the same kind.

The competition was all-encompassing. From the primitive matriarchal society to the highly developed civilization, from basic killing for survival to the battle for the right to mate, or the fight for power and money, animals had always been about their personal interests.

Why were the insects so harmonious? It was because of the guidance of the main consciousness. It prevented internal competition, among them on the outside. In fact, it was an unfair existence for the species with Lo Ya at the center. Especially since she had absolute control over the entire race (roughly), any wrong decision she made might very well bring the few members of her kind to thier doom. This situation also had an advantage that humans could not have. That was – absolute unity.

Unlike termites, the Insect Girl Clan did not stop advancing, because Lo Ya understood the cruelty of competition, a knowledge she inherited from humans – if humans stopped moving forward, then after a million years, monkeys could possibly evolve to a level that surpassed humans.

This was not something that could be avoided in high school philosophy or only present in human existence. Any primitive species had the possibility of evolving into a higher life form. It only required luck, taking the right path and enough time

“Lo Ya, look, there are many dead hounds here.” Lo Xin’s words interrupted Lo Ya’s thoughts.

She came back to her senses and noticed that beside a rock, there were many corpses with black fog lingering around them.

It seemed like they had just died not quite long ago.

“Lo Xin, I think it is best that we leave this place.”

These corpses reminded her of the danger in the mountain. In an effort to escape from the Insect Girl Clan, the hunting dogs seemed to have ended up in an even more dangerous place.

Just as she was about to leave, a series of intermittent cracking sounds came from not far away. After that, a skeleton covered in black smoke crawled out.

“What the… is that an undead?”

A walking dead was a common existence in the world of magic.

They were really dead humans. They wore heavy armor and held rusted swords in their hands. When they saw Insect Girl, they suddenly charged forward at an alarming speed.

Skeleton Undead Warrior, lV16, human, Bronze Level.

He charged over

Lo Ya hurriedly released her spikes, but the Skeleton Soldier it hit only became slightly unstable and did not slow down at all.

As she watched in despair the sword descending, a clear female voice suddenly came from another direction, “Please stop!”

Hum –

The huge sword was only about half a meter away from Lo Ya before it completely stopped midair.

There was a pale girl wearing a black robe and was weakly leaning against a tree, on the direction where the sound came from.

The Skeleton Warrior put away its weapon and walked to the girl’s side in conspicuous steps. With a loud thud, it genuflected on the ground.

Lo Ya recovered from the shock, her entire body was covered in cold sweat. Now, everything felt really too weird. In the future, whenever she wanted to explore such unknown regions, it would be better to send out the Sickle Insects to scout the way.

At this moment, as she looked at the young girl leaning against the tree, her heart was filled with questions.

Why would the Undead kneel to a girl?

Furthermore, this girl also looked a lot like a human.

From Lo Ya’s point of view, this was an absolute beauty. Her skin was snow white, her facial features were delicate, and her long black hair was red. Her two slender legs were exposed from the wide black robe, and she was wrapped in a tight layer of black silk stockings. The main view under the black skirt was white and tender, it was simply impeccable.

Human, lV0, intellectual Human.

In her uneasy mood, the young girl weakly climbed up and reached out a hand and carried Lo Ya into her arms.

“It’s so little.”

The young girl coughed and staggered to get up. Then, under the escort of the skeleton warriors, she slowly walked towards the depths of the mountain.

The continuous sound of water waves crashing into each other gradually echoed in her ears.

Along the way, a stream of blue liquid could be seen.

The mountain became steeper and steeper, and the waterfalls became more and more numerous.

Lo Xin, who was sitting on the back of a Sickle Insect, looked worriedly at Lo Ya, who was in the girl’s arms.

Short afterwards… A clear scene suddenly revealed before her eyes.

It was an endless clear blue sky and an endless blue and purple land.

The blue sea water was just a few meters away. After a few hundred meters, the sea suddenly turned into a magnificent waterfall and fell endlessly into the abyss. The edges of this extraordinary world varied in depth. A sign stood at the border of the land, and there was a line of small words carved on it: The End of The World.

[Mythological Scene Discovered: Earth’s Waterfall.]

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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