C37 Is This The End of The World?

“Victory is ours already. The next step is to digest all the food and launch an full scale attack on the Hound Clan.”

In fact, if they took the next two days to recuperate, it would be enough. There were still over a hundred larvae waiting to mature. The small Sickle Insects were like a product from the assembly line that was being produced batch by batch. Of course, the price was also as clear as a bell. Many of the wild beasts in the surrounding area had been captured and killed, forcing Insect Girls to now rely on some animals such as little rats and small chickens.

Just like the Gaeta Insect Swarm, the Sickle Insects were just similar to locusts on mass migration.

Two days later…

Lo Ya assembled the current adult Sickle Insects, they were a total of 200, and prepared to attack the core area of the enemy race.

As a matter of fact, the defeat of the large team took the Hounds by surprise. The few scouting teams that were sent out later all disappeared too. Not only did they not bring back any news, but they even lost their lives.

A depressed atmosphere enveloped the hearts of the dogs.

“If this continues, we may have no other option but to retreat to the valley behind us.”

“Insects are so troublesome”

The chief was already doubtful of some possible facts. He called the last two captains over and spoke to them face to face, “Let’s deploy the last wave of resistance. If we fail, we’ll move to the mountain.”

The captains looked at each other and nodded solemnly.

It was naturally impossible for them to win the final battle, because the strongest warriors of their Clan were already dead.

What they were doing now was only to keep their race from going into extinction.

“Chief, those insects are here.”

At that moment, the hound that was observing from the side of the slope anxiously shouted towards the ground. When the two captains heard the shout, they immediately rushed in that direction.

“These damn monsters.”

The two hunting dogs standing on the simple wooden fence had uneasy expressions on their faces, because they realized that the number of enemies approaching them was more than they had imagined. They walked through the grass a few hundred meters away and slowly approached the camp.

They frowned and were thinking of how to resist. Suddenly, the wooden wall, which was not very solid, trembled, and then a painful scream came from the foot of the fence.

“This is bad, the Insects are coming out of the ground.”


The squad leader quickly went to the edge of the fence, only to find one Sickle Insect after another jumping out from a hole dug out from the ground.

The pitch-black sharp blade waved twice in the air, and directly slashed at the unprepared hound.

“Everyone, stand your ground! Guard the gate! Don’t let them rush in!” The captain roared angrily.

Even though he hoped he’d stop them, just relying on only ten hounds with him, was simply wishful thinking. Following that, a series of cries came from within the camp behind them. The captain knew that those monsters had already dug a hole into the camp.

There was no way the old and weak could possibly fight against those insects that only knew how to kill. This battle had already become a one-sided massacre.

The 40 hounds who were under the comand of the two captains became firefighters, running helter skelter, constantly running to the aid of their fellow comrades who had been attacked. However, they discovered that wherever they appeared, the Sickle Insects would immediately flee, not taking the initiative to fight them. It was obvious that those smart Insects knew how to attack the weak and avoid the strong, they exploited their strengths using the weak.

“What a despicable Insect.”

The clan chief brought dozens of hounds to the entrance of the large mountain behind their camp. He turned around and looked down from the inclined terrain.

The entire basecamp of the Hound Clan was filled with insects. They were like crazy beasts, chasing after the fleeing hunting dogs into their shoddy wooden houses. Maybe the hunting dogs alone were stronger, but the actual battle was one-sided.

“Prepare to escape into the mountains. Although, a terrifying Undead appeared in the mountains a while ago…” The patriarch’s expression was filled with hesitation. Eventually, he made up his mind and left the camp with his fellow hounds.

The air was somewhat cold. The deeper they went into the mountain, the stranger the atmosphere became.

As the head of the tribe retreated, the entire camp of hunting dogs began to retreat towards the mountain region in the southwest.

The Sickle Insect jumped up and down between the wooden houses. They opened their ferocious mouths and used their sharp teeth to bite the enemies along the way. Some of the hunting dogs formed small teams to defend against them, but most of them could not stop the Insect Girls, who had arrived to help.

Not long after, Lo Ya occupied the entire camp of the Hound Clan.

“I never imagined things will turn out like this.” A few days ago, the elder Goblin was still considering seeking an alliance with the hound. But now, he stood on the wooden fence in a daze, looking at the camp that was in ruins from the battle, and his heart trembled.

Insect Girl clan was not a harmless race at all.

Under such circumstances, many adult Goblins were filled with uneasiness. Occasionally, they would secretly hold meetings to consider parting ways with Insect Girls.

At this moment, Lo Ya was in a small wooden house. She happily picked up a barely incubated Little Insect Girl and kissed her face.

“So small.”

Her two hands were able to grab her whole body and raise her in the air. Her soft tail curled up and her two cute big eyes looked at Lo Ya curiously.

“We have another new member. How about you take Chiang as your surname… Chiang Ya, I am Lo Ya and you are Chiang Ya.”

Lo Ya pointed at her nose. Then, the little cutie stuck out her tongue and licked her fingers. She cutely squeaked.

The Small was probably not even up to five centimeters tall now. Like a kitten, it did not cry or make a fuss. Just like every Insect Girl that was born, it was very curious about the world.

After putting her on the ground, this cute little crawled around. Sometimes, it would crawl to the window and stare blankly at the world.

Lo Ya tried to put her together with the other little Little Insect Girls, but they were very excited being crowded together. Their tails piled up into a tuft of flesh, and it always felt weird.

As the main consciousness, every other Insect Girl naturally had a pleasant impression of Lo Ya. This kind of favorable impression was a little unclear and was not as a result of them being blood relations or the relationship between parents and offsprings.

While Lo Ya and the Little Insect Girls were playing around, Lo Xin wriggled in from outside the door.

“Lo Ya, the losses in this battle are a little too great. Half of the hunting dogs have fled into the mountain in the southwest. Should we pursue after them?”

Lo Ya thought for a while and nodded. “Send a dozen Sickle Insects to check it out.”

She felt that the temperature in the mountain was a bit too low.

It was already afternoon, when Lo Ya arrived at the forest in front of the mountain at the back. She actually saw a pile of bones, most likely from the Hound Clan.

From how old they looked, they had been dead for a long time.

Two Sickle Insects carried a hound that was tied up and defenseless. Lo Ya used the Dog’s tail Grass to lightly scratch its belly and ears a few times, it made the fellow laughed crazily.

“If you tell me what I want to know, I will stop tickling you. If you don’t, I will make you continue laughing like a stupid dog.”

“Wahahaha! Wahaha! Wahaha! I’ll tell you anything! Stop tickling me! Wahahaha! …” The hound was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down its face. It couldn’t even speak.

“Good…” Lo Ya withdrew the evil grass and calmly asked, “What’s the situation in this mountain? Is there any danger?”

It panted a few times, trying to catch it’s breath and then stammered, “The other side of the mountain is the end of the world, but recently the undead appeared in the mountain, so it is very dangerous.”

“The end of the world?”

” It’s the Earth’s Waterfall, a magnificent waterfall that revolves around the entire world, it is said that it is connected to the abyss that cannot be reached ”

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