C35 Hounds Are Cautious

“Lo Yu, Lo Yu! Get off my face. Wuuuu ~ Get you tail out of my face.”

“Come on, stop moving your body. Stay still, I’m trying to climb up.”

Lo Yu positioned on top of Lo Lo’s head and used all her strength to try climbing up the tall rock next to her. Her soft tail kept swinging and robbing all over Lo Lo’s face again and again.

Finally, with a loud shout, the little fellow on top rolled up her tail as it successfully used both of her hands to prop her body to the top.

They were already on a cliff more than 50 meters from the ground. There the wind was relatively strong, and one could clearly see the large forest in the distance.

A group of grey furred hounds were slowly moving through the forest, in their line of sight.

They were quite large in number, but their positions were relatively scattered. Among them, there was a group of about 40 or so that were together, and another 20 or so split into several smaller teams, carefully searching the surrounding areas.

From their actions, it was obvious that these creatures knew how to move stealthily. They were specifically looking for more concealed areas to stay unnoticed, as they looked out for the movements of the wind and grasses.

“It seems like they’re coming after us.”

Lo Yu felt that that she had to report back to her main consciousness. After all, it was impossible to win such large-scale battle without her being in command.

“Lo Lo, there are several hounds on the east side. Go and tell Lo Ya that they are heading towards our direction.”

“East side? But you are pointing in the direction of the west.” Lo Lo was surprised and stared straight at Lo Yu’s hand.

“Eh? Are you sure… Isn’t that the east side?”

“It seems to be the west side… Uhm, which side is it, east or west side?”

The two Little Insect Girls looked confused.

After giving it a thought for a long time, Lo Yu suddenly jumped up in excitement and shouted, “I know what direction it is, that place is called front.”

“Oh, that is the front? So I can just say in front. Lo Yu is so smart, if only I was as smart as you.” Lo Lo looked at the genius figure on the rock with admiration and decided to go report that important news to Lo Ya.

Not long after, Lo Lo climbed to the foot of the hill and quickly moved towards the direction of their main consciousness.

Lo Yu who was on the rock smiled proudly and laid back on the rock and fell asleep instantly.

Pah! Pah! Pah! …

There was a sound of wings flapping, and Lo Yu opened her eyes and saw the head of a bird that was staring at her quietly.


The bird’s beak moved and landed on the tip of her nose.

“Aw, what was that?”

Lo Yu slapped the white bird on the head and made it dizzy on the spot.

After it regained stability, the white bird was still there and didn’t believe what had happened to it. The bird turned its head and looked at Lo Yu’s tail.


It poked again.

“Poke your ass.”

Lo Yu opened her mouth and bit on the bird’s head, biting off a large chunk of feathers.

The bald bird was completely dumbfounded. After a few seconds in a daze, it flapped its wings and escaped far away.

The big Insect had probably left a scar it’ll never forget for the rest of its life.

A few hundred meters away, in the middle of a pile of rocks, groups of young Sickle Insect were enjoying their delicious meal.

Lo Ya half squatted on the ground and arranged all the attacking items that she had recently collected.

Six Leaf Balls, one Level 2 Trap Card, one Crystal Oath Pendant, one Thorn Rat Horn and 3 Skill Cards…

“The number of Skill Cards available for collection keeps decreasing. Meanwhile, the number of these grenade-like Leaf Balls is slowly increasing”

Of course, such item could cause great damage to the hounds, but it could only be used in critical areas.

Just as she was considering whether or not she should give the skill cards to the Insect Girls and the others, Lo Lo wriggled over anxiously from a distance. “Lo Ya, Lo Ya, the hounds are here.”

“Where are they?” Lo Ya immediately became nervous.

“They are in front.”

“In front… In front of where?”

“The front on the east… Uh… No, it’s the front on the west, uh, I’m not sure of the right one, where the hell is it? ” Lo Lo suddenly realized that she actually couldn’t give a clear description. She blankly blinked her eyes and her expression became somewhat distressed.

“Fine. Just point towards the direction.”

This kind of problem wasn’t uncommon with the Insect Girls, even Lo Ya in the past would have had some difficulty differentiating between the east, west, south, and north.

“I guess it’s this way.”


Lo Ya communicated with a few Sickle Insect at the outer perimeter of the rock area with her consciousness. She ordered them to carefully climb up the rock and observe in that direction.

In less than half a minute, they actually discovered a few hounds lurking in the grass.

“Their number is really alarming.”

At the moment, there were already 150 adult Sickle Insects, and their overall strength had slightly increased compared to the time before they evolved. However, if they were to fight this battle, there would be a lot of casualties.

“Lo Lo, call every Insect Girl to assemble here, I want to give everyone a task.”

If they wanted to get rid of the Hound Clan, it was definitely not going to possible in a face to face battle. It just so happened that the terrain nearby was very dangerous. They could lure the hounds to this area and then use the advantage of a higher ground on both sides to bombard them with different skills. After that, they could harvest new Sickle Insects. That should be a more feasible method.

However, the fact was, the difference in strength between the two sides was still quite big. Lo Ya was also aware that they’ll suffer heavy losses. However, that was basically what the Sickle Insects could handle.

As for the Goblins on ground, they would probably just stand by and be cheerleaders. Their existence was useless. Perhaps one day the Insect Girls would suddenly become hungry and turn them into food.

Ten minutes later, the operation began very quickly after they were all set.

Insect Girls and most of the Sickle Insects climbed up the cliffs on both sides. Only a small number of Insects began to move forward through the grass pile, and slowly approached the location of the hunting dogs.

With Lo Ya’s vision from high up, those Sickle Insects were able to know the location of the hidden hounds at all times.

So carefully, two insectes approached the area where two hounds were. They deliberately stuck their heads out and ran across the empty area.


A hound with quick reflexes stretched out its hand and pointed at the spot where the Sickle Insect had surfaced and vanished from.

The other hounds looked at each other and partially confirmed the identity of the shadows.

“If I’m not mistaken, those are the Insects that the chief was talking about. We need to report to the commander first, just to be on the safe side.”

The leader’s words were approved by the members of the team, so these powerful hunting dogs began to retreat, quickly running towards the large group that were moving in the distance.

In fact, the battle teams of the hunting dogs were very unique. They were generally divided into two categories, a large team and a small team. The small team was mainly made up of scouts and hunters. Whenever there was a big fight, the members of the small team under their leader’s command, would join with the large team and would fight under the Captain’s orders.

Their intelligence and judgment were way below humans’, so in some battles, they often made major mistakes. Once they encountered higher level magical creatures or a group of Magic Beasts, the Hound Clan would have a hard time displaying their advantage. They usually fled in panic.

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