C33 Mutated Sickle Insects

In the northwest corner of Fresnel Forest, in an unknown corner.

The light of dawn shone through the layers of leaves, casting gentle shadows on the ground. A few giant black insects ran through the rolling forest, nimbly leaping and chasing after panicked preys.

Their fangs looked ferocious, and there was blood dripping from them… This was the scene of the Sickle Insects hunting wildly. From the sturdy bison to the weak and cute rabbit, none was able to escape the slaughter of these predators.

After the battle experience, they cruelly tore their food apart, and then dragged it to a safe location, and scrambled for who would be the first to devour it.

Due to the abundant food, in just a few short days, these creatures with astonishing reproductive abilities began to reproduce at an exaggerated rate. Within a short time, the number of larvae increased to 60.

Although they exhausted their kills from time to time, with the growth of a new batch of Sickle Insects, the number of adults had managed to reach 32.

“Lo Ya, we have discovered a small team from the Hound Clan. Should we attack them?” Lo Xin came to her side and reported.

Lo Ya who was observing a snail in the grass raised her head and thought for a few seconds before nodding her head and said, “Prepare to attack with all your strength.”

There was a hunting team of six dogs from the Hound Clan. They were probably there to investigate the dissappearan of the previous team. This time around their leader was even stronger.

“Level 8.”

Lo Ya was a little hesitant when she arrived at the scene. If she failed to take this guy out first, then she may end up with huge losses on her side.

“Lo Ya, how about we use the Wind Blade to launch a surprise attack simultaneously and take out the big guy?” Lo Xin asked in a low voice.

“No, we will use the Dark Melting.” Lo Ya thought about it briefly and just as she gave the order, the hounds that were about 20 meters away suddenly stopped in their tracks.

They seemed to have noticed unusual movements in the surrounding tall grass.

Lo Ya knew that they had been discovered and had no other option but to attack, so she gave her orders immediately, “Everyone, take out their leader on the left, use the Dark Melting.”


Just as she finished speaking, a pile of Wind Blades shot out.

“Damn it!”

The Wind Blade hit the hound’s head and he cried out in pain, as his body was instantly covered in blood.

That was when the Insect Girls finally reacted. They had used the wrong skill and quickly switched to Dark Melting and released another wave of attack at the target.

As the black liquid slowly fell, the air seemed to have become cold and gloomy.

However, it was very obvious that the Wind Blade did not cause fatal damage to the target. That was because, the moment before the attack hit its target, the opposition released a stream of air which reduced most of the impact.

“Damn it!” The injured hound leader spat out a mouthful of blood. It bent its body and yelled out to his companions, “Get ready to fight!”


The hounds who were originally standing straight, all bent their legs and charged towards the Insect Girls. On the opposite side, the Sickle Insects also jumped and over the Insect Girls’ head, to meet these strong enemies.

Pcht! Pcht! Pcht! Pcht! Pcht! Pcht! Pcht! Pcht! Pcht! Pcht!

All kinds of sounds could be heard; blood splattering and flesh being torn apart, the squeaking of insects, and the furious roars of the hounds all at the same time.

“Side impact.”

Lo Ya had no intention of having a fair battle with the opposing party. A portion of the Sickle Insects and Insect Girls moved to the sides and attacked some hounds.

The first attack was with the Wind Blade.

Two hounds were slashed at vital points. Their heads flew into the air while spurting blood and was rolling on the ground shortly afterwards.

This strike shattered the other party’s fighting spirit outrightly.

“Watch out on both sides. Everyone, prepare to retreat, try not to get caught up in this battle.” The leader of the hound group spat out a mouthful of blood. He waved his right claw in the air, and formed a dozen or so slender wind blades.

“Double flying blade.”

There was a soft groan… That attack didn’t look very powerful. But the extremely strong blades clustered together and pierced into the bodies of the two Sickle Insects. Then, the leader of the houndshound jumped up with a kick, fiercely ripping their heads apart.

“That guy is really strong!”

Lo Ya was shocked in her heart and quickly spat out a second Wind Blade towards him.

This attack caused more injury to the other party. Fortunately, Insect Girl’s molten flow also touched the target’s feet, causing him to stagger backwards.

“Damn, what is this…”

The corrosive liquid spread on the legs as if it had a mind of its own. Even if it was flung far away, it would still slowly wriggle back.

“Ahhh! Shit! Shit!”

The two hounds that were close by quickly came into contact with the Dark Melting. They could feel terrible pain that penetrated deep into their bones.

Out of the seven hounds, one of them had an extremely strong combat strength. After their leader who was also the strongest was killed, the remaining ones were much easier to deal with.

After the two Sickle Insects were dispelled by the wind shield, the hound took the chance to launch a counterattack and rushed to meet Lo Ya.

Earth Spike!

Lo Ya stretched out her finger and released a 40 centimeter long sharp wimble. Unexpectedly, the hound nimbly dodged to the side.


Lo Ya spat out another Wind Blade and it cut through his abdomen.

After landing on the ground, the fellow used its last strength to claw at the tail that Lo Ya had attacked him with. After that, it lay on the ground.

The life points reversed to zero.

“Leave one alive and kill the rest.”

Lo Ya looked at the seven life points that had fallen and exhaled. She rubbed her injured tail.

This kind of battle with number advantage was supposed to be relatively easy, even so, they had to sacrifice at least 5 Sickle Insects. At that moment, if they encountered a large group of enemies, the result could be predicted.

Due to what was at stake, Lo Ya had no choice but to let everyone continue to hunt wild beasts. On one hand, it was to increase the population of the race. On the other hand, it was also to increase the level of the Sickle Insects.

The current batch of young Sickle Insects needed two days to grow, and two days later, there would be even more young Sickle Insects waiting to mature.

It was like an exponential increase in numbers, as the individual population increased, then the hunting range would be enlarged, and in turn more reproduction. It could be said that as long as there were sufficient resources, the population of the Insect Girl clan would increase rapidly.

“Now Little Insect Girls are about to grow up. The next breeding season should be on its way”

Lo Ya herself no longer considered separating. As the strongest in the race, she often had to lead the charge. And a tail was such a life saver, it could be detached at a critical moment to protect herself. How could she not keep it?

Seeing that the battle was over, she asked the Sickle Insects to relax.

However, this time, one of the Insects underwent a special change while eating. A few small thorns grew on some parts of the insect shell, and its body seemed to have become even harder.

[Congratulations, the Sickle Insect has undergone a favorable evolution. It has gained wind attribute enhancements, and its physical strength has been improved by a small measure.]

[This evolution has become a small mutation, and there will be no new species. The effect has been automatically applied to all individuals.]

All the Sickle Insects began to evolve in front of Lo Ya. In a few minutes, they were already in a new form before her.

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