C29 The Conflict with the Hounds

After two days of trekking, the team left the mountains and arrived at a forest with red leaves.

The members of the Goblin clan could only watch helplessly as the 20 Sickle Insect with them grew into powerful monsters in a short period of two days. Then, they attacked all the lone creatures they met on their way.

Battle, devour, reproduce…

By the time they got close to the territory of the Hound Clan, the small team had already increased their combat strength considerably.

Lo Ya who was initially nervous, was no longer too careful as before. This was all because of the increase in the number of Sickle Insects.

Along the way, Insect Girls and the elder Goblins were mostly protected by the Sickle Insects, even when they encountered any danger, these fearless insects were the ones who would lead the battle. This made Elder Bu Fu become even more curious about the relationship between Insect Girls and the Sickle Insects.

If the two were the same species, then the difference in appearance was much.

Just as the elder was considering whether or not he should ask, a Sickle Insect dozens of meters away suddenly let out a low hissing sound.

Lo Ya heard the sound and immediately signalled everyone to stop. Then, she carefully moved up to the hillside in front and observed the situation ahead.

Dozens of meters away, there were two groups of creatures confronting each other.

One group was Insect Girl’s old friend, red Ladybug.

The other group were creatures who stood on two legs with dog ears and dog tails. There was no doubt, they were the Hound Clan.

The leader of the Hound Clan revealed his fangs and growled, an attempt to drive the Red ladybugs away. However, the opposite party was not willing to give in, they flapped their wings in frenzy, producing a buzzing sound of high-frequency and vibration.

“These damn monsters, none of them can understand what we’re saying. They keep insisting we bit and injured their members.” One of the male hounds stretched out his claws, trying his best to suppress the anger in his heart. He was holding back the urge to rush forward and grab them immediately.

The hound beside him sighed. “There are too many of them and they have no intention of letting us go. There seems to be no other way… I’m afraid we’ll have to fight.”

The hounds were much stronger than the Red ladybugs, even if there was a huge difference in their numbers, they still had the advantage to win the fight.

Just as the two sides were about to clash, at the nick of time, one of the ladybugs suddenly noticed Insect Girl, and it made a sharp hissing sound. As soon as they heard that sound, the other ladybugs turned around and stared at her.

“This is bad, they have seen us.” Elder Bu Fu’s became gloomy and he thought that things were about to get worse.

The reaction of those Red ladybugs was extremely exaggerated, even so, most of them did not have the ability to communicate. They could only express their inner emotions through insect-like sounds with unknown meanings. There was only one among them that could speak and she cried out, “oh, it’s them.”

When the hounds heard the cry, they also turned their heads. Of course, their attention wasn’t on the short Insect Girl who was still moving towards them, their eyes were more focused on the two elder Goblins.

“So it’s you?” The leading male hound’s expression wasn’t welcoming, “Stupid Goblins, how dare you step your feet in our territory?”

Elder Bu Fu slapped his face and said awkwardly: “My kind faced a great threat, the Gaeta Insect Swarm and we suffered heavy losses. We had no other choice but to come to you for help. I apologise for everything that happened in the past. ”

“Hmph.” The hound leader snorted coldly and didn’t reply.

The atmosphere at the scene felt quite tense. It seemed like the relationship between both sides wasn’t too good. On the other hand, the Red ladybugs were most wary of the seemingly harmless Little Insect Girls.

“Big brother, it appears these Goblins have been pushed to the brink of death. If not, with their temperament, they wouldn’t have considered coming to us for help.” A female member of the Hound Clan said in a low voice.

“I know these Goblins and they are just as annoying as the Red Ladybugs. I won’t do them any favors.” The leader of the hounds wore a very cold expression. Even though they faced the Goblins and the Red Ladybugs at the same time, he was still showing strong confidence.

A few Sickle Insect jumped out from underneath the grasses and focused their red eyes on the hounds.

“Has there been a conflict between the Goblins and the Hound Clan?” Lo Ya cast a questioning look at Elder Bu Fu.

“Yes, but it really wasn’t as bad as it seems. That is why I…”

“I understand now” Lo Ya interrupted, “That was why you invited us to come with you. In fact, you knew that if you came by yourself seeking an alliance, you would have definitely been rejected, am I correct?”

Also, even if they had the Insect Girl Clan as their ally, it was only meant to increase the bargaining chips of the negotiation, it didn’t mean they were certain to succeed.

“You should leave now. Nothing changes even if you have a bunch of Insects with you.” The leader of the Hound Clan said disdainfully. Then, he turned his attention back to the Red Ladybugs.

However, he noticed that the ladybug leader was even more uneasy than he had expected.

“It’s them, those powerful monsters. Nothing can stop them. These guys are monsters, monsters!”

” What monsters? ” The hound leader’s heart skipped a beat. He looked at the weak and sickly Goblins, and then turned his attention to the Insect Girls and Sickle Insects, he felt that something wasn’t right.

“Did you say these guys are monsters?”

What kind of joke was that? Apart from those black beetles that looked somewhat stronger, the rest of them didn’t look much like a threat.

The leader of the ladybug looked very nervous as she buzzed about in the air: “Very stupid dogs, you don’t stand a chance against these guys, they are invincible. You better run away, if you want to continue to live. We’re leaving, you can do whatever you like.”

That wasn’t all, after the speech, all the ladybugs turned around at the same time and flew towards the forest in the distance.

Their previous few encounters that almost wiped them out not only made their relationship with the Insect Girl as fire and water, but they also saw the horror the other party was capable of.

The scene made the leader of the hounds widen his eyes in disbelief. That was when he turned and looked at Insect Girl with a serious gaze, he became tensed and on guard.

“Seems like our old adversaries have also brought along some powerful assistance.” His gaze landed on Elder Bu Fu’s face, and his tone was somewhat complicated.

Insect Girl and the others, though looking like adorable creatures that were protected by the Sickle Insects, suddenly gave off an incomparably eerie feeling. The hounds repeatedly recalled the words of the leader of the ladybugs in their minds: “They are extremely powerful and invincible. You should run for your lives.”

They were able to force the stubborn red ladybugs into such a state, could it be that these creatures in front of them really had some extraordinary abilities?

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