C26 Grizzly Bear

Lo Ya let out a sigh of relief when she heard the difference between the two.

To her, the expansion of the clan was still top priority. At the current stage, there was need to grow as much Sickle Insects as possible, so that she could quickly increase their combat strength.

Seeing that Lo Ya did not speak, old Goblin was worried that she would turn him down, so he spoke again. “I am an elder of the Goblin clan. I can take you to our secret location. As long as the head of our clan allows it, the entire clan will head to the territory of the Hound Clan at once.”

“If you say so. In that case, we will follow behind you.”

Although Lo Ya was prepared to follow the other party, she was not going to let her guard down. The average level of a creature like the Goblin was much higher than that of the Insect Girl and her kind. If both sides were to go to battle, they would definitely be at a disadvantage.

The team began to move towards the south. The number of wild beasts they encountered along the way clearly increased as they moved further. Most of the beasts stayed put and didn’t deliberately try to stir trouble, but there were also some carnivores with a strong sense of territoriality that would reveal their teeth as an act of deterrence when they noticed possible trespassers.

Shortly afterwards, Lo Ya and the others ran into trouble.

Wild Grizzly Bear, Level 8, beast.

It was a giant creature and terrifying in all aspects.

Lo Ya was aware that level was not the only standard to measure strength; the potential to grow was even more important. Some creatures might not be able to increase their abilities beyond one level, while others could increase by several points. It was obvious that bears had higher potential and had no need for any external support, they could thrive on their basic attribute. They were much stronger than the clan of Insect Girl.

“Watch out, everyone. Squat down slowly, and try not to make any sound or confront it head-on.” The elder Goblin swallowed his saliva. He knew how powerful the grizzly bear was. There was a time when a Goblin strayed into the territory of a grizzly bear, and in the end, it was smashed into a meat paste by the angry grizzly bear. Some Weak magical beasts and devil monster like them were even unwilling to deal with such thick-skinned monsters, because their strength and potential were too high.

“Remember, do not act rashly. Grizzly bears are very aggressive. Squatting down and slowly backing away shows that we have no intention of invading its territory.”

The elder Goblin led the way and squatted down, gradually retreating.

The Insect Girls and the others followed suit. Only two silly younger Little Insect Girls seemed not to understand what was going on and looked at the scene in confusion.

“Get down!” Lo Xin threw a chestnut at the little guy in the green cap.

However, maybe the chestnuts were too heavy and hurt the Little Insect Girl, the little guy cried out, “Ow”. Instantly, the elder of the Goblin clan fell short of words.

“Roar~” The grizzly bear let out an angry roar, and revealed its sharp fangs with saliva drooling out. Then, it propelled its four limbs, which were several times thicker than Insect Girl’s tail, and ran towards them at a fast pace.

“We’re doomed!” The elder of Goblin collapsed on the ground with a depressed expression.

“Damn it, why did you throw it so hard at her?”

Lo Ya glared at Lo Xin before spitting out two Wind Blades at the bear.

Buzz, buzz —

The magical wave of air it formed was sharper than a blade and slashed the bear’s head and neck, causing two waves of blood to spurt into the air. The bear was in pain and roared in anger. Its limbs began to move even faster.

Lo Ya quickly took out the trap tool she got previously from the inventory space: the underground crypt.

[Crypt (Level-Two trap): Area of effect is within a radius of 20 meters. A vertical underground cave with a diameter of three meters and a depth of three meters will be formed, which is filled with sharp stakes.]

It was a card, so the way to use it was quite simple — to place it in the palm of one’s hand and smack it.


After she forcefully smacked it, Lo Ya’s gaze fell on the ground in front of the grizzly bear.


As the ground rumbled, a circular deep pit suddenly appeared. The bear’s big eyes widened, and it quickly braked, hoping to stop before it would fall into it. However, it was too late. Since it was moving at a very high speed, the strong force of inertia continued to drag it along, until it fell into the pit with a plop, leaving a long trail of large claw marks in the mud.

“ROAR~ ~ ~”

A miserable howl of pain resonated from within the pit.

Lo Ya ran a few steps forward and looked at the big bear that had been pierced by a few sharp wooden stakes. She gave a wry smile.

“It seems to be in pain.”

It took the Elder Goblin a long time to come to terms with the sudden turn of events. A look of shock appeared on his face.

“Did she just use… magic?”

A trap tool. Obviously, this kind of thing did not exist in their world. Lo Ya’s move was more like an earth-attribute magic. It was actually able to dig a deep pit on the ground and trap a giant bear in it.

“Such powerful strength!”

The elder’s face looked calm but in his heart, he was in deep shock. Looking at the cute Insect Girls around him, who were less than 40 centimeters tall, he became even more determined to cooperate with them.

If they fought with them, even if he won, the Goblin clan would most likely suffer heavy losses.

At this time, the big grizzly bear was still struggling in the pit. The three-meter tall trap was not much taller than it. However, as its entire body was pierced by stakes, every time the grizzly bear moved, it would feel intolerably painful. It raised its head and roared angrily at Insect Girl, who was above it. After growling several times, it knew this was futile. Its roaring gradually became dispirited, and began to sound more like a plea.

“Lo Ya, I feel sorry for it.” Lo Xin shook Lo Ya’s arm, “Can we throw a few stones on its head and give it a quick death?”

“That’s a good thought, but if we want to smash this bear to death, I’m afraid we will need a huge stone for that, and there’s no way we can lift it.”

Lo Ya pondered for a moment before she lowered her head and tried to establish a Spiritual Link on the bear. The outcome wasn’t good because all she got was only messy information.

“It seems that we can’t communicate.”

Lo Ya measured the difference in strength between both of them and decided to wait for the bear to slowly die in peace.

The red life bar continued to decrease until it was finally depleted. Then, a pile of shiny gold items burst out.

Lo Ya sat on the back of a Sickle Insect and nimbly jumped onto the back of the bear, to pick up the harvest.

[Congratulations, you have obtained Leaf Ball x3, elementary Healing Potion x2, low-Quality spiritual power Recovery Potion x1.]

[Opening White Silver Treasure Chest. Congratulations, you have obtained Race Potential Items: Agility 0.5 [Enhancement coupon]

[Agility 0.5 Enhancement coupon: For every increase in 1 level by species, an additional 0.5 points of Agility will be gained.]

“Another race tool?” Lo Ya smiled.

As a matter of fact, to her, the enhancement coupons were better than books that directly increased her attributes. Especially since her level was now higher, a 0.5 Enhancement coupon was equivalent to adding one attribute point to Lo Ya at every 2 levels.

When this Agility was added up, for Lo Ya who was already at level 10, it would directly give her 5 points of Agility.

Of course, in this world, agility did not equal speed.

Agility affected the reaction and flexibility of living creatures. In a battle, low agility often meant slow reaction. When faced with a skill that was fast, it would be impossible to respond in time.

Having high agility gave one certain advantages in any battle.

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