C25 A Way Out

This battle was extremely cruel. Every Sickle Insect had to face an enemy several times stronger than themselves. They relied on their powerful strength to swing their weapons the moment they got close to the enemies, and ruthlessly pierced into their bodies.

The weapons easily broke through the solid outer armor, shedding layer by layer, and the Spiked Insects’ nimble bodies had no advantage in this battle. Whether it was speed or defensive power, they were all suppressed by the Sickle Insects.

However, despite the facts, the Spiked Insects still made an effective counterattack at the first possible moment, striking the vital parts of the sickle blades.

For a moment, the scene in front of Insect Girl’s eyes was too bloody and horrible to look at.

Lo Ya knew that relying on 10 Sickle Insects was not enough to withstand the enemies’ attacks. In fact, in less than half a minute after the inception of the battle, there were a few Spiked Insects that bypassed the Sickle Insects’ protective formation and rushed towards Insect Girls.

Wind Blade!

The air current released by Lo Ya turned into a crescent moon blade and slashed off the bodies of the two Spiked Insects. The other few enemies were also showered by Insect Girl’s venom and stumbled.

The underaged Little Insect Girl, who wore a green hat, also rushed forward and spat out a mouthful of acid.

However, the amount of poison she could release was pitiful. When it landed on the body of a Spiked Insect, there was only a slight sizzling sound.

“Idiot.” Lo Ya pulled the silly girl by her side and reprimanded, “Why are you spraying out this little bit of venom?”

Insect Girls had almost no combat strength before they fully matured. At this moment, the little girl who didn’t even reach till Lo Ya’s chest, was suppressed with a finger on her head. Even after waving her hands with all her might, she could not move forward at all.

There was another little fellow that seemed to be even more stupid. She was lying on Lo Lee’s tail and licking it wildly. From time to time, she would take a bite and looked like she wanted to devour everything around her.


Lo Lee flicked her head and that Little Insect Girl directly fell onto the ground, shrank her tail, and started snoring, soundly asleep.

Lo Ya was now certain that all Insect Girls were idiots before they grew up.

No matter what the occasion was, they might do something stupid and inappropriate. If there were too many of them, one could imagine a group of uncontrollable fellows running around suicidally rushing to the enemy group.

“Protect the larvae and little insect girls, and fight with all your might!”

Lo Ya commanded the ten Sickle Insects to cooperate with each other through her spiritual link. If they were to face the encirclement of a few Spiked Insects alone, they might not be able to hold on for long before falling down. But if they stood together, and relied on co-operation, they could hold on for a longer time.

They killed through the enemies line very efficiently, but two of the Sickle Insects were already injured after being fatally attacked. Lo Ya ordered them to retreat to the back, took out two bottles of Beginner Healing Potion without batting an eye, and poured them into their mouths.

The Sickle Insects that had recovered from their injuries continued to join the battlefield.

After four minutes of battle, more than 30 corpses decorated the ground. After losing more than half of their comrades, the Spiked Insects began to retreat.

“Don’t chase after them, retreat!”

There were still seven Sickle Insects alive. Lo Lo was injured by a Spiked Insect that rushed up to her during the battle, but she didn’t suffer much fatal wounds.

After this incident, Lo Ya finally understood one thing: the Gaeta Insect Swarm was a aggressive species. Basically, they would fight the moment they saw each other and there was no possibility of communication between them.

Everyone moved a portion of the corpses as food reserve, and then rushed towards the south with their full speed.

The speed of the Spiked Insects heading south wasn’t too fast, and even if they arrived early, most of them would be small-scale vanguard forces. As long as they could endure a few days and wait for more Sickle Insects to be born, they would not be afraid to fight another battle of the same scale as the previous one.

“Let’s stop to eat the food first.”

Carrying the corpses slowed down the march. Lo Ya looked behind her and confirmed that there was no danger, and then told everyone to fill their stomachs.

Most of the food was for the Sickle Insects, because they reproduced quickly. Insect Girls, on the other hand, only ate small amount of food to tend their basic needs for the physical labor.

After the meal, everyone began their journey without a break.

When they arrived at the bottom of a small hill, they saw two more corpses of the Goblin.

“No, this guy seems to be alive.”

One of the old men of the Goblin tribe who was lying by the tree still had a weak life force. Lo Ya hesitated for a while but still took out a bottle of Beginner Healing Potion and fed him two mouthfuls.

About a minute later, the old Goblin opened his eyes.

“Who are you?” He appeared very shocked by looking at the weird creature in front of him. Unfortunately, due to the language difference, the Insect Girls did not understand his words at all.

Lo Ya tried to make a spiritual link and took the initiative to converse, “May I ask what kind of trouble you guys had encountered?”

The old man from the Goblin tribe was stunned. Looking at the adorable Insect Girls and the Sickle Insects that were lying on the side, his emotions were incomparably complicated.

He naturally knew about the existence of Insect Girls. Ever since Gebu Qigu brought the relevant information back to the tribe, all of the Goblin were on high alert as if they were facing a great enemy. Not to mention that one of the Goblin had died in the hands of Insect Girls.

He did not expect that his savior would be the same creature they were guarding against. Furthermore, this Insect Girl in front of him actually had the ability to communicate spiritually. Apart from a few races with extraordinary talent, only a very small number of high-level Magic Lifeforms possessed this ability.

“When we were escaping from the Gaeta Insect Swarm, we encountered a human Professionals squad.” His answer was very unexpected.

“Human? There are humans around here?” Lo Ya quickly asked.

“Yes.” The old man from the Goblin tribe gulped. He realized that these Insect Girls in front of him had a very high similarity with humans and a more exquisite appearance than elves.

“Can you tell us more details? The situation is very bad now, and we don’t know what to do.” Lo Ya’s tone carried a hint of pleading tone. Even if she did not believe the words of this green-skinned creature, she still needed to obtain more information from him.

The old Goblin was silent for a moment, then slowly said, “I need your help. The Goblin’s population is not large anymore. If we want to survive, we need allies. I’m sure you all have realized the seriousness of the matter. Under such circumstances, if the weak don’t join forces, only death awaits them.”

“Right.” Lo Ya nodded in agreement on his words.

“If that’s the case, as you can see…” The old Goblin coughed twice. “The southern region is the territory of the Devil Beast Lord and Sutton. If the Gaeta insects continue to expand, they will suffer a cruel blow.”

“In southern region, there is also a human town. There are often teams of professionals who hunt Magical Creature. We definitely can’t set foot in that area.”

“In comparison, the smallest force should be the Hound Clan in the Southwest. If we want to survive, we can only work together and negotiate with the Hound Clan.”

“Are the hounds those black dogs?” Lo Ya remembered the dog that attacked her not long ago and even killed Insect Girl’s baby, as her voice couldn’t help changing due to nervousness.

“No, Hound Clan is a Magical Creature species, and it is fundamentally different from ordinary wild beasts.” The old Goblin replied.

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