C24 A Battle Between Insects

Dove, LV3, Beast.

“Gugugu, gugugu…”

A 20-centimeter long Pigeon-like creature was happily eating the green insect under the tuft of grass. Its fat body fluttered from time to time, and its dark brown claws limped forward, looking quite comical.

Suddenly, Dove felt a chill on its neck, accompanied by an inexplicable sense of danger. It hurriedly bent its legs, and lowered its head in an attempt to dodge the incoming crisis.

Whoosh ~

However, its effort were futile, as the Wind Blade cleaved through the air, shining with a magical aura, and slashed through its scalp, cutting off a piece of white feather. The Dove’s head turned barren in a split second, and its naked yellow skin was exposed, with only a few strands of black fur dancing under the gentle breeze.

“Gugugu! Gugugu! Gugu!” The Dove appeared very angry on losing its most adored feathers. Venomously scanning its surroundings, it prepared to turn around, and take revenge against the attacker. But, who knew that a sharp Earth Spike would suddenly pop out from the ground and pierce through its body in the blink of an eye.

“Coo!” The Dove knew that its life was coming to an end.

“Goo, goo, goo…” The farewell cries filled with sadness echoed in the forest. The world in front of its eyes gradually turned blurry, then eternal darkness descended upon them. The half-eaten green insect seemed to be mocking it too: Predator becomes the prey, Goo, Goo!

“This Dove’s meat is not bad, bring it back to the Sickle Insect.”

Lo Ya threw the meat towards Lo Yu, and continued to search for wild beasts in the vicinity.

The former lively forest filled with clashing killing intents was now unusually quiet. Perhaps it was because of the Gaeta Insect Swarm and the Crystal Dragon presence, there were very few large creatures living in this area.

However, two kilometers away, they would discover many dangerous creatures lingering around.

Lo Ya’s main hunting area was also over there. Of course, they were all looking for low-level beasts, and won’t pick a fight with stronger ones.

After spending half a day in devouring a few corpse, the Sickle Insect successfully gave birth to three smaller tails. This kind of exaggerated reproduction rate made Lo Ya very satisfied. But, although the reproduction rate was impressive, its combat strength was still limited. She only hoped that in the future, the Sickle Insect could evolve faster and become a more powerful species.

To be safe, Little Insect Girl and the others had been staying near the tree nest for the past two days.

When the number of Sickle Insects reached 10 and all of them matured, a small group of Spiked Insect had already appeared in the north of the forest.

“Are these things monsters? Their numbers are so exaggerated.” Lo Ya knew that she had to bring Insect Girls and the rest away. Although there were 10 more Sickle Insect to protect them, facing the exaggerated scale of Spiked Insect in the north, the only thing she could do was to escape from this place.

Everyone began to head towards the south.

For the extra layer of safety, the ten Sickle Insect made a protective formation around the team. Once they noticed slightest fluctuation in the surroundings, they could quickly enter into battle mode. The Insect Girls stayed close inside the formation, and were mostly protecting their tails and the underaged babies, guarding against any unknown accidents.

“Wait, something doesn’t seem right.”

When they saw a group of red creatures hovering not far away, Lo Ya knew that trouble had found its way towards them.

This group of Red Ladybugs had a deep grudge with Insect Girls. Gazing closely, they stopped in front of a patch of grass not far away. When they saw Insect Girls and the rest appear, each of them made an exaggerated reaction. The wings flapping gently in the air started dancing wildly, creating chaotic storm around the grass. Immediately, at least 20 Ladybugs flew towards them at an lightening speed.

“Enemies, it’s them. They have appeared! Revenge! Kill them all!”

Her spiritual link grasped all sorts of crazy emotions surging in their minds.

“Alright, alright!” Lo Ya knew that Insect Girls were indeed hated.

It could only be said that their luck was indeed bad. Under the attacks of such a large number of Red Ladybugs, it would be a troublesome battle to fight even with the support of the Sickle Insects.

“Sickle Insects, charge!”

Without any hesitation, Lo Ya started issuing orders in her mind. Following that, 10 nimble and tough Sickle Insects launched an all out attack.

Although they were not very huge, the black spikes on their bodies gleamed with sharp and deadly aura, and were indeed full of deterrence. They appeared like cold war chariots, majestic and powerful, instantly compelling the Red Ladybugs to retreat.

“Damn it, what are this creatures? Everyone, fight!”

They had never seen the Sickle Insect before. Based on appearance, Insect Girl’s imposing power could not be compared to these Sickle Insects at all.

Whiz, whiz, whiz ~

Insect Girl didn’t stay idol at all, and released six or seven Wind Blade nonstop to assist them.

The Red Ladybugs hovering at the frontlines were slashed into two on the spot. While some of the unlucky ones at the back were also hit and fell on the ground, appearing in a sorry state.

“Ah, retreat, retreat, we can’t defeat them.”

They clearly had the advantage in numbers, but these Red Ladybugs had completely lost their fighting spirit under the constant deadly strikes flying towards them. Seeing the Sickle Insects rushing over like tanks, they all desperately flapped their wings, wanting to escape from the battlefield.

However, they were too late, as the first Red Ladybug fell on the ground, the sharp sickles pierced through others’ bodies one after another. The insect teeth tore through their flesh without a shred of mercy.

Lo Ya and three Insect Girls rushed forward and released Wind Blade to support from time to time. In less than a few minutes, the ground was littered with corpses of six Red Ladybugs and the rest had disappeared from their line of sight.

“Fortunately, they were frightened and retreated.”

After all, the enemies were all at level 3. If they really fought back, there would definitely be losses on their side too.

Most of the corpses on the ground had become food for the Sickle Insects, leaving only one for Insect Girls. Less than an hour after eating, four of the Sickle Insect entered into the state of reproduction, giving birth to three of the hatching tails.

“Lo Ya, they are really reproductive machines.”

Perhaps Lo Xin was frightened by the reproductive ability of the Sickle Insect, she covered her mouth and looked at Lo Ya with her eyes wide in shock.

“Uh… Isn’t it good that they are giving birth? In the future, let the Sickle Insects protect us.”

Lo Ya was speechless thinking that the Sickle Insects were simply on the development pattern similar to the Insect Clan. If they continued to evolve like this in the future, they might become real war machines.

“When there are a lot of them, they might be able to form groups and hunt outside.”

Just like the Spiked Insects of the Gaeta Insect Swarm, a bunch of them would be like a tsunami.

After eating and drinking to their full, everyone continued on their way to the south.

At this time, Insect Girl was still considered cautious, and were very careful along the way. When it was evening of the same day, a group of Spiked Insect suddenly appeared in front of the queue. Without any warning, they charged over as soon as they saw each other.

The half-meter tall grass pile was filled with black figures chaotically moving around. They started to sprint from a few hundred meters away, and in just half a minute, they were already in front of their eyes.

“Squeak ~”

The Sickle Insect took the initiative to counterattack, and fiercely collided with the Spiked Insect’s body.

On one side, there was a black insect that used sickle-shaped sharp blades as weapons, relied on the momentum generated from the flapping wings and the strength of its legs to move forward. On the other side was a strange insect that had a sealed outer shell and sharp spikes to fight the enemy.

At the moment of the collision, dark red blood gushed out in every direction.

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