C21 The Blessing of Extraordinary Life

The battle was over. Even though she was very tired, Lo Ya still got up after drinking a bottle of Beginner Healing Potion, and went forward to pick up the items dropped by the creatures.

In addition to the necessary potions, she also got a very good item: Species Spirit Book + 3.

[Species Spirit Book + 3: Increases the base Spirit of Species by 3 points.]

A tool that directly increased the Spirit of all individuals by 3 points. This way, Insect Girl, who was only at level 1, would have a Spirit as high as 4.1 points.

Spirit corresponded to the capacity of the Spiritual Power (Magic). It affected the casting speed, the strength, and the number of times she could cast it. If strength affected physical attacks, then Spirit affected the Magical Attacks.

“Everyone, prepare to eat meat. Eat well and set off early.”

Insect Girl and the others needed to recover from the terrifying battle. So, Lo Ya didn’t insist to set off and immediately surrounded the Dog’s corpse to eat.

Considering that the dog skin might be useful in the future, Lo Ya even specially used a dagger to cut off their skin. As a result, she awakened the life skill [Beginner Skinning Level 1].

[Beginner Skinning Level 1: With the help of tools, it can completely peel off an animal’s skin. The highest level of this skill is 3.]

“There seems to be a lot of potential in this Life Skills that can be unearthed.” Lo Ya realized that there might be other life skills such as gathering, making medicine, cooking, and so on.

The peeled skin was naturally placed in the inventory. After completing that, she bit down on the bloody dog leg and began to devour the food.

[Evolution points + 10]

[Acquired chance to draw cards once.]

Lo Ya had obtained the opportunity to flip the cards a few times earlier, so she decisively chose one from it.

[Congratulations, you have flipped a 2-Star (N) Item Card. Double Legs Transformation Certificate.]

[Double Legs Transformation Certificate: Able to transform into human legs, once a day. The duration of the transformation is one-fifth of the current level (hour).]

This time, it seemed like something incredible had appeared.


After a long time, Lo Ya actually did not reject insect tails anymore. After all, it belonged to her own body, and some part of her even actually liked it. Sometimes, it was quite cute to have a wagging tail.

“I’ll use this thing when the time comes.”

After putting away the Double Legs Transformation Certificate, Lo Ya took a deep breath and looked at the meat again.

“Let’s see what else we can get next.”

She immersed herself in eating, and finished the last few pieces of meat. Soon, a new chance to draw cards bestowed upon her.

Lo Ya still had the mentality of leaving her fate to the heaven’s will and chose a random card.

[Congratulations, you have flipped a 4 stars (SR) Racial Skill Card: Wind Blade]

[Wind Blade Level 1: Wind attribute First Grade Magic, highest level 3, releases a Wind Blade with a range of 20 meters to cut the opponent.]

“Eh? Is this the legendary Wind Wolf standard configuration?”

The Wind Blade was obviously a completely different ability from the Dark Melting. It could be considered a true long-range skill that could even attack the flying creature. In the future, Insect Girl would not have to be afraid even if she encountered birds that hovered in the sky.

“But the 20 meter range is really bad.”

It was very strange that all of the skills were at most at level 3. And the method to increase it was also a question mark. However, it didn’t matter. Facing the incoming opponent, at least she had a more effective method now.

Everyone had received the information about the Wind Blade. An underaged Little Insect Girl couldn’t wait to use it at the grass in the distance.

However, she was too young now. The Wind Blade was like a toy in her mouth. It only cut a small hole on the side of the grass.

“Ah” She wrinkled her nose sadly.

“Lo Ya, Lo Ya, I picked up a hat.”

While Lo Ya continued to work hard to chew the meat, Lo Xin found another tool that was missed from the bottom of the corpse.

[Green Enchanting Small Round Hat: A green round hat. It is enchanted with a water element barrier. It can resist a First Grade magic attack. Note: The hat is too small. You will look stupid if you wear it.]

“What the hell is this?”

‘Green hat?’

Lo Ya went forward to take the hat, which was too small for her, and her expression turned a little strange.

‘Even a stupid person wouldn’t wear this, right?’

At this time, an underage Insect Girl slowly wriggled in front of her. Lo Ya directly stretched out her hand and put the hat on her head.


The little fellow raised its head in puzzlement. Its large black eyes were wide open, and no one knew what it was thinking in its head.

“Very good. It suits you very well. Put it on obediently. This thing can save your life. Do you like it?” Lo Ya bent down and kissed her, then pinched her little face.

“Yeah, I like it. I like the green hat that Lo Ya gave me.” Little Insect Girl licked her hands.

Lo Ya: “…”

She had finished eating and still had a long journey to finish.

They set off again. After walking along the uneven road for some distance, Lo Ya suddenly found a few green Goblin corpses.

“If there is no accident, it should be left behind by the Goblin tribe from last time. Sure enough, they are also migrating?”

She had a strange feeling. when she found there were no injuries on the bodies of the Goblin, but their eyes were bloodshot, as if they were going to bleed.

Instinct told Lo Ya that it was better not to eat these corpses.

“Everyone, let’s continue our journey. Don’t touch these Goblin.”

Lo Ya’s command carried a trace of the majesty of a main consciousness. Insect Girl and the rest had no choice but to obediently follow her and continue to walk forward.

Along the way, the number of corpses in Goblin increased and there were also many other species mixed within. This kind of strange situation made Lo Ya feel deeply uneasy.

A few hours later, she saw a strange creature.

Its entire body was adorned with transparent light blue crystals, appearing translucent, making it look like a fine piece of art. Its body, which was more than ten meters long, was lying quietly under a huge tree that pierced through the clouds. Those fluorescent eyes swept across the surroundings from time to time, bringing with it a faint pressure.

Crystal Dragon, level 55, Transcendent Creature.

Lo Ya was so scared that she immediately let Insect Girl hide behind a tree. Then, she prepared to scout around in search of a safer path.

‘Level 55.’ This kind of terrifying creature was enough to give Little Insect Girl and the rest a shadow, impossible to get rid of.

But when Lo Ya went one kilometer to the west side of the Crystal Dragon, this huge monster suddenly turned its head and focused its gaze on her.

In an instant, the temperature of the entire space dropped and turned colder.

Lo Ya felt that she was finished.

Although the other party did not show any clear hostility, she knew that gaze was like the gaze of a human looking at an ant.

The frost penetrated deep into the atmosphere.

After an unknown period of time, the Crystal Dragon suddenly flapped its wings and flew in front of her.


The vicinity was encompassed with its imposing power.

“Why there is her aura in your body?”

The Spiritual Communication Receptors were forced to accept this message. Lo Ya opened her eyes wide and understood that the supernatural being in front of her was trying to talk to her.

“Forget it, it is useless to ask you…”

After a long period of silence, the Crystal Dragon shook its head and suddenly released a wave of energy onto Lo Ya’s body.

[You have received the blessing of “Sebastian.”]

[Physical Reflexes level increased to LV2, reflexes rate increased to 10%.]

[You have received the friendliness of “Sebastian.”]

Lo Ya was really shocked this time.

“Little guy, it is impossible for an ordinary person to obtain the ability of a god. I am very curious about what you have done to make Crystal Dragon God impart her skills to you.” The Crystal Dragon above her head sent out a warm feeling. Combined with the words it said, Lo Ya vaguely guessed one thing.

‘Physical Reflexes is a god’s skill?’

‘Or could it be Crystal Dragon God’s skill?’

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