C20 Black Hounds that Bring Disaster

Insect Girl’s team ventured through the endless forest with great difficulty. There was no fixed path in the mountain. Most of the time, they relied on the dagger in Lo Ya’s hand to open a path.

As the backbone of the clan, Lo Ya was naturally on guard against any possible dangers at all times.

They spent half a day and barely advanced 20 kilometers. However, they encountered trouble near a water source.

A black-furred creature suddenly scuttled out from the grass pile, launching an attack from the right. Its speed was extremely fast. In almost an instant, it crossed more than 10 meters and appeared in front of Lo Ya.

Lo Ya hurriedly spat out a mouthful of acid and released an Earth Spike in an attempt to stab the opponent to death.

But the Earth Spike was too close to the target, and the creature crashed into it, screaming in agony. It fell to the ground and awkwardly shook its head that was corroded by the acid.

Poof, poof, poof ~

The two Little Insect Girls at the side also spat out the acid and tried to kill this terrifying creature. But in the next moment, on the Insect Girls’ left side, another monster of the same species suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

With fierce fangs and agile movements, the monster instantly arrived in front of an underaged Little Insect Girl and opened its mouth to bite her neck.

With one successful strike, the two creatures turned around and ran without any hesitation.

“Damn it.”

Lo Ya shouted angrily. It was only at this time that she obtained the information of the target creature through Detection. She discovered that the ones who launched the sudden attack earlier were not a Magical Creature.

Black-furred Hunting Dog, Level 6, Wild Beast.

All of them were at Level 6, and their combat strength was not weak.

The two underaged Little Insect Girls seemed blank about their situation. They blinked their round black eyes and bit their own fingers. Their innocent look was too worrying, and Lo Yu protected them by her side. While at the same time, she and Lo Lee surrounded the seven tails, forming a protective formation.

But at this moment, the Hunting Dogs had already run far away and their actions were useless.

Their friend could not be healed and the sound of Insect Girls crying gradually echoed in the surroundings.

“Everyone, stop. There’s no use crying. Let’s continue on our journey.”

Lo Ya knew that even if they went all out to take revenge, they might not be able to defeat those level 6 Dogs. Instead, they might lose their lives. This battle was won by the hunting dogs, and it was also a huge loss for Insect Girl’s family.

While feeling depressed, Lo Ya could only control her emotions and let her companions concentrate more so that they could better protect their young offspring.

After walking slowly for about a kilometer, Lo Lo, who was carefully observing the surroundings, once again felt danger. There was a pair of green eyes hidden under the dark of grass not far away, staring intently at the Insect Girls who were walking nearby.

It was still the Dog earlier, and blood was dripping down its mouth, as if it had just bitten off the flesh of a fresh creature. This scene gave the Insect Girls chill, making them think of the baby that was stolen away earlier.

Lo Ya knew that this time the Hunting Dogs might play a diversion trick, so she let the adult Insect Girls take precautions.

She pretended to know nothing and slowly approached the hiding spot of the Hunting Dog.

Distance: About 15 meters.

Dark Melting… activated.

The black viscous liquid fell to the ground and silently approached the target. The Dog seemed to be on guard, stood up from the pile of grass and lowered its body slightly, revealing a circle of scars smudged on its body.


Lo Ya was a little surprised, but she quickly understood what was going on.

Physical Reflexes Level 1.

Insect Girl’s passive skill could reflected 5% of the damage. If the opponent bit Little Insect Girl to death, then it would also receive some of the damage.

If that bite was strong enough, it would probably lose half of its life.

Just as the opponent was about to attack, the Dark Melting silently arrived.

This strange dark liquid rose from the ground and spread from the legs of the Hunting Dog, soon covering its entire body.

The corrosive energy made it howl in pain, but it somehow got the courage to roar and charge towards Lo Ya.

“Earth Spike!”

Puff ~

The moment it jumped, Lo Ya’s Earth Spike launched a surprise attack. However, the Hunting Dog turned its body in midair and dodged the sharp edge. The spikes only made a small scratch on its body.

When it landed on the ground, it opened its huge mouth, as if it wanted to swallow Lo Ya.

Lo Ya looked at the dog’s mouth that was even bigger than her head, quickly took out a dagger and stabbed forward. The Black-furred hunting dog narrowed its eyes and its head actually twisted in midair, forcefully dodging the blade. But under the effect of inertia, the blade stabbed right through the spot close to its shoulder. Under the exaggerated pressure, Lo Ya was also knocked half a meter away.

“Ugh, another Earth Spike.”

After all, she was already at level 5. The First Grade skill she had obtained at the start was enough for her to use several times in a row. Before the Dog managed to keep its balance, Lo Ya successfully pierced the Earth Spike into its abdomen.


She felt incomparably blissful, but she did not have the time to be happy, because another dog also scuttled out from the grass not far away.

Pu ~

The rest of Insect Girl spat out acid, while Lo Yu used the Dark Melting to launch a counterattack against the target.

Lo Ya’s head was a little dizzy as the emptying spiritual power slowed down her reaction. At the crucial moment, she could only raise her tail, and leave this non-vital part open for the opponent attack.

“Roar ~”

It bit the insect tail, and instantly blood spilt all over.

There was a burst of pain at the part that was bitten, but at the same time, Lo Ya also pressed her hands on the two sides of the Dog’s head and activated the Electric Shock.


Two consecutive electric arcs thundered using all of her strength. The Black Dog’s body twitched on the ground, and was stretched taut. Lo Ya knew that this alone would not be enough to deal with this monster. She sprayed out another stream of acid at its mouth and eyes.

“Awoo, woo, woo ~”

The Hunting Dog struggled in pain, and its fur emitted the smell of corrosion. After it bit Lo Ya’s tail, it refused to let go, but instead swung its head with all its might.

At the critical moment, Lo Yu’s Dark Melting had finally taken effect. It quickly swallowed its body, bringing with it even greater pain.

Lo Ya’s tail was completely bitten off as she struggled.

Helplessly looking at the injury on her lower body, Lo Ya picked up the dagger by the side and fiercely rushed forward, stabbing towards the dog’s head.

But she did not expect this fellow to be so tough, and the bronze dagger only pierced a little before it was stopped by the powerful defense. As a last resort, Lo Ya once again activated the Electric Shock, causing the Dog to almost lose consciousness.

A layer of white frost formed on the spot where the dagger was pierced. It seemed that Lo Ya’s passive skill [Frost Add-on] was already in effect. A faint white fog spread across her face, bringing with it a bone-chilling coldness.


After confirming that the Black-furred Hunting Dog was completely dead, Lo Ya panted heavily and fell on the ground, heaving a sigh of relief.

“Survival is indeed not easy.”

Civilization was probably formed out of this kind of barbarism.

After this battle, even the weakest adult Insect Girls had reached Level-2. This kind of result was also worthy of the sacrifices made in this battle. However, the most depressing thing was that the Little Insect Girl that was previously taken away and eaten could no longer come to life again.

Lo Ya thought of that cute little fellow crawling around her and suddenly felt a little depressed.

This was the sorrow of being weak.

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