C17 The Crisis of the Goblins

A few days later, in an insignificant corner of the northwestern part of the chaotic forest, lay a solitary and microscopic nest.

Not far way, two Goblins holding short spears limped among the grass.

They were all wounded, and the taller one was crippled with half of its leg severed. However, his comrade hadn’t given up on him, as he helped him move forward.

“I didn’t expect to encounter the Gaeta Insects. I’m so lucky that I didn’t run into their swarm.” The crippled Goblin’s tone was bitter. There was a simple piece of white cloth wrapped around its leg, dyed red, evidence of the hard battle he must have gone through.

“We must inform the patriarch. If the Gaeta Insect Swarm really attacks, we must request reinforcements from the other races.” The companion on his side gritted his teeth and looked back from time to time, as if afraid of something.

After advancing with great difficulty, the eyes of the two Goblin suddenly fell on a tree not far away.

Swoosh ~

A little fellow that was only 30 centimeters tall retracted its head and hid behind the tree.

“That is…”

The two Goblin’s heart shook and they looked at each other in dismay.

“Is it the new Magical Creature that Cobu Qigu mentioned?”

Without much hesitation, the uninjured Goblin immediately put down his companion and raised the weapons in his hands, forging himself in fighting stance.

He looked valiant and chivalrous.

Lo Ya, who was hiding behind a tree and munching on the rat meat, broke out in cold sweat. ‘He was already injured to such an extent, so how could he still think about fighting?’ To be honest, she had never thought of fighting a creature like the Goblin.

Goblin, level 6, Magical Creature.

She threw away the rat meat and took out the “Leaf Ball”, obtained from killing the creatures earlier. In this dire situation, she didn’t waste any time and entered in a state of concentration and peak vigilance.

[Leaf Ball: Illusory Demon Grenade. Effective damage radius of 7.8 meters. Danger radius of 20-25 meters.]

God knows why she got a grenade in her arsenal. In short, it kept her from trembling in fright and evacuate her nest, instilling her with enough confidence to face the dangerous enemies.

She really felt her strength was too weak. If she threw this heavy thing out, she might only be able to throw it more than ten meters away.

“To be honest, I don’t want to fight with such a dangerous creature at all.”

If they really fought head on, the Goblin was still an opponent Little Insect Girl could not defeat at the moment.

He turned his head and saw Little Insect Girl slowly walking towards him. Lo Ya could only press the button on the grenade with a nervous expression and was ready to throw it out.

Di, di, di!

A crisp alarm sounded and the blinding red light on the grenade started flashing with blood aura, turning faster and faster as if warning them of the impending doom.

“I’m sorry, brother from the Goblin tribe.”

Lo Ya immediately ran out of the tree and threw the leaf ball out.


Goblin instinctively took a step back and found that the iron ball had landed a few meters away, rolling a few times.

“This is…”

He was about to step forward…


A deafening sound hummed and thrummed in the forest, followed by a cloud of dust rising in all directions along with all kind of debris. It even shattered a leaf beside Lo Ya.

“Damn, it’s scary.”

She stuck her head out and saw that the Goblin had turned into a bloody corpse.

“Its power is really great.”

The target’s body was punctured by many small holes, and the bloody sight made the other Goblin stunned. He didn’t expect this turn of events in his wildest dreams.

“Lo Yu, prepare to eat.”

In the next door, sleepy little cute ears trembled, and the silhouette jumped up with the swoosh, running to Lo Ya’s side.

“Eat, eat…”

The little fellow rubbed its former sleepy eyes, giggling and drooling at the same time as it looked towards Lo Ya.

She was really a big foodie. She couldn’t be woken up no matter how Lo Ya shouted just now, but now she actually ran over when she sensed there was food.

Lo Yu was the most beautiful one among all Insect Girl (not including Lo Ya). She was pure and lovely, her skin was snow white, and her facial features were small and delicate. Her long black hair draped over her shoulders and every inch of skin on her body was pure and flawless like the moonlight.

Of course, the regretful thing was that she had a flat chest.

But if she had short skirt student uniform, she would definitely look very pretty in it.

“Bah, what’s there to look at? No matter how beautiful the clothes are, with a insect tail, it wouldn’t look good. As expected, in the end, I have to think of a way to get my legs.” Lo Ya looked at Lo Yu’s squirming tail and sighed in disappointment.

Insect Girl and the others were all great beauties. If they had two legs, they would really be a group of alluring beauties.

“Forget it…”

Taking advantage of this moment, I should pick up the dropped items.

Lo Ya walked forward to pick them up.

[Obtained inferior quality Spiritual Power Recovery Potion.]

[Opening White Silver Treasure Chest. Congratulations, you have obtained Racial Skill: Frost Add-on.]

[Frost Add-on Level 1 (Passive): Add weak frost damage to normal physical attacks.]

Perhaps because it was a skill from the White Silver Treasure Chest, the Frost Add-on effect wasn’t too strong. However, the powerful part was that this was a 100% triggered passive skill, so as long as it was Insect Girl’s attacks, it could be automatically triggered.

When fighting, even if the damage was low, it was still better than nothing.

If they encountered some creatures that were afraid of the cold, it would really be great.

The scene of the two Insect Girl biting the corpse of the Goblin was seen by the other Goblin. He used his walking stick to support his body in a panic. Without thinking too much, he jumped and left the scene.

“I feel like something is going to happen.”

Lo Ya was actually very worried about getting revenge from the Goblin. She wanted to kill the escaping Goblin but she helplessly realized that her pace could not keep up with the opponent.

Twenty minutes later, the Goblin returned to the tribe.

“Patriarch, patriarch, I have something important to report.”

“Brother Bu Zhan, what happened to you?” The patriarch’s facial expression changed slightly when he saw the miserable face of the Goblin member.

“We encountered danger outside. Brother Bu Pi was killed.” Brother Bu Zhan said sadly.

“What? Don’t worry, speak slowly.”

“We were looking for the Magical Creature that Cobu Qigu mentioned before. In the end, we encountered the Gaeta Insect Swarm and were attacked by an insect. On the way back, the Magical Creature that we couldn’t find appeared. Brother Bu Pi couldn’t defeat her at all, so he was killed and turned into their food.”

Patriarch: “…”

A strange silence ensued, broken by the Goblin after some time, “Patriarch, do we need to take revenge?”

Unexpectedly, the patriarch shook his head and said, “No, the biggest enemy right now is the Gaeta Insect Swarm. We have to leave this area.”

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