C16 The Hardworking Lo Ya

“I can’t believe there are so many creatures in the coastal area. What’s the reason? Are they all trying to stop the sea creatures?”

After thinking about it carefully, it didn’t seem right. The creatures that came ashore probably weren’t just attacking. Perhaps they really just wanted to come ashore and leave the endless sea.

It was just like how creatures evolved to a stage where they wanted to leave the ocean and fight for territory outside their domain.

Unfortunately, the creatures on land were more dangerous than they had imagined. They only managed to land and were forced to fight.

Lo Ya observed for a while and gradually confirmed her guess.

Some of the creatures were in a group, while the others were relatively scattered. For example, a large insect with many scythes and a wings on its back did not seem to like fighting with the sea beasts. Instead, it liked to fish in between the fights on the battlefield and catch the weakened preys.

Hard-Winged Flying Insect, LV3, Beast Species.

“Looks like this place is too dangerous, it’s time to leave.”

Lo Ya didn’t want to get involved in this muddy water.

Insect Girl’s development goal should not be the sea but the boundless forest. From the cliff border, one could see how wide this forest was. Moreover, it was lush and verdant, filled with countless strange plants.

It was just that she did not expect that just as she was about to leave, a Hard-Winged Flying Insect would suddenly rush out from the side of the cliff and wave its scythes at Lo Xin.

Puff ~

A mouthful of acid met it, but unfortunately, it was already too late.

The scythes pierced through the arm that was raised in a hurry. Lo Xin screamed in pain, and blood poured out.

Lo Ya was shocked and quickly rushed forward, “Lo Xin, hide behind me.”

Skill Card: Pierce!

The card that she obtained recently was immediately thrown out.

A 20-centimeter conical spike cleaved through the air accompanied by a tearing sound and hit the Hard-Winged Flying Insect.

After swaying for a while, the Insect changed its target, and focused on Lo Ya.

But it did not seem to be in good condition. When it attacked Lo Xin earlier, it received 5% physical reflection, causing a few cracks to appear on its solid scythes. At this moment, its abdomen was even stabbed by the spikes, making its movements even more unstable.


The Hard-Winged Flying Insect screeched and its speed soared, as it waved its scythes and mightily charged towards Lo Ya. However, the attack was directly deflected and only pierced her shoulder.

“Ah, it hurts.”

The Insect’s speed was too fast. If Lo Ya did not have the Wind Elemental Control and quick reflexes, her head might have been pierced through.

Use Item: Attack increased.

In the midst of danger, Lo Ya used the Attack Increase that could strengthen her attack for a few seconds. She grabbed the opponent’s scythes and used Earth Spike.

Puff ~

The thick mud transformed into a sharp spike and instantly pierced through the opponent’s body.

Only then did the Hard-Winged Flying Insect realize what kind of monster it had attacked. It spun its on its trajectory in an attempt to escape, but unfortunately, its body had already been firmly grabbed by Lo Ya.


Taking out a dagger from the inventory, Lo Ya waved it like a big sword, slashing at the Insect with all her might. With a cracking sound, Half of its body was cut and the Hard-Winged Flying Insect completely lost its ability to fight.

She won.

[Received 2 bottles of Beginner Healing Potion, 1 Anti-Inflammatory pill.]

[Opening White Silver Treasure Chest. Congratulations, you have obtained Racial Potential Items: Vitality 0.1 Enhancement Coupon]

[Vitality 0.1 Enhancement Coupon: For every level up of a species, you will receive an additional 0.1 Vitality.]

The items she had obtained were not bad.

“Lo Xin, bring this corpse to a safe place and we will eat it immediately.”

The Hard-Winged Flying Insect was quite enormous. The two Little Insect Girl worked together and after a long time, they successfully brought it into the shrubs.

They started their feast instantly.

Lo Ya hurriedly stuffed the meat into her mouth.


[Evolution points + 4]

[Obtained Components: Electric tentacle]

[Acquired chance to draw cards once.]

Dozens of tarot cards that other creatures could not see appeared in front of her again. Lo Ya calmed her emotions and tapped on one of them.

[Congratulations, you have flipped a 4-star (SR) Racial Ability Card: Earth Elemental Control.]

[Earth Elemental Control Level 1: Basic Earth Element Magic, highest Level 3. It can control the power of the earth to strengthen the body’s defense and produce weak magic resistance.]

Lo Ya felt that her luck had started to shine once more. The last time she used the Wind Elemental Control, it made up for the shortcoming of speed. This time, it would strengthen her weak defense.

The power of her Earth Spike skill would also be strengthened by the control of the Earth Element. It could be said that the card she drew this time had once again increased Insect Girl race’s strength.

“However, the Hard-Winged Flying Insect actually gave an Electric Tentacle component. I really didn’t expect it.”

It was hard to conduct electricity in the air, unlike in water. If one wanted to use electric shocks on land, they would need the tentacles to directly touch the opponent.

“If I can have lightening magic, it should be easier.”

Lo Xin’s stomach was full after eating for a while, and then her bad habit came again. Her stomach flipped on the spot and she started snoring.

“You little piece of shit, you only know how to sleep!”

Lo Ya gifted her a chestnut assault and was speechless towards Insect Girl’s habit.

She took out a bottle of Beginner Healing Potion from her body and poured it into her mouth.

Not long after, her injuries healed and a complete arm grew out.

“Beginner Healing Potion is really good stuff.”

She discovered that its effects were astonishing. Lo Ya also drank a bottle and restored her health to full.

Taking advantage of Lo Xin slumber, Lo Ya settled all the meat of the Hard-Winged Flying Insect before waking her up. Together with her, they carried the spoils of war from the spider’s nest back home.

Little Insect Girls inside the tree were having the time of their life in the nest. There were also three tails waiting to hatch.

As Insect Girls grew bigger, they had no choice but to expand their nest towards the top of the tree. They bit out a slanted, circular slope so that everyone could move comfortably.

This looked like a real treehouse.

There were a few small holes on the side of the big tree that could be opened when there was sunlight, so one could enjoy the scenery outside.

When Lo Ya was basically free, she kept going up to dig a building.

Insect Girls’ playground was getting bigger and bigger.

Half of the tree trunk on each floor could basically maintain the stability of the big tree and also had a considerable protection effect on Insect Girl and the rest.

“Phew, this kind of life is also quite enjoyable.”

How to put it? Far away from the humans, and living with the simple-minded Insect Girls, enjoying the fresh air of nature, facing the beautiful forest every day, one could relax and spend the whole day in a daze without having to worry too much.

Wasn’t this kind of days very relaxing?

Lo Ya climbed to the top of the mountain, about ten meters from the ground. She was just about to open a window on the side when she unexpectedly found a bunch of small insects.

puff ~

A mouthful of acid was sprayed out, and fell on the insect-eating birds outside.

[Congratulations, you have leveled up to 3, all attributes + 1]

Lo Ya: “….”

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