C15 Under the Cliff


The spider meat was torn in half, and immediately a strong and inviting smell of meat filled the air.

“Is everything well cooked? It looks delicious, but to prevent from being poisoned, I can only bear with it for a short while.”

There was only one spider in the cave, other being two creatures that were wrapped in transparent silk and didn’t seem to be dead yet. She simply brought them with her.

“The spider silk is a little sticky. So, I have to wrap it with leaves.”

After climbing into the shrubs and woods, she plucked a few large green leaves that were dozens of centimeters long and carefully wrapped them around the prey caught by the spider.

“This is our harvest of this trip.”

“Hunting… It’s quite interesting.” Lo Xin clapped her hands excitedly.

“Is that so?” Lo Ya was stunned and said with a bitter smile, “This is not an interesting task. We are predators but at the same time, we are also prey. A moment of carelessness might put our lives in danger.”

Insect Girl and the rest were still facing a very big problem; they did not have warm clothes. At this time, the temperature was still considered appropriate, so they would not feel too uncomfortable. However, if winter came and it started snowing, even if they hid in the trees, they would most likely die from the cold.

“Moreover, it doesn’t seem too good to be naked.”

Lo Ya lowered her head and found that her chest had unknowingly become big and perky. With such a beautiful shape, if her were a real human girl, those men would probably not be able to stand the temptation. She had never seen her appearance before, but with such magnificent snow white skin, she was probably a beauty.

It was not good to be beautiful. If she really met a human in the future, she had to be careful.

“Forget it. Today’s harvest is not bad. It’s time to go home.”

With little food, the two Little Insect Girls left the spider nest. Outside, the sky was quite overcast and dark. Lo Ya decided to bring Lo Xin back home first before going to investigate the terrain nearby.

However, some things were destined not to go so smoothly.

As they walked through the shrubs and grass, a tall green plant suddenly opened up, revealing a bright red flower. This flower was extremely huge, and there were a lot of vines growing inside, wrapping half of Lo Ya’s body in one bite.

“Ouch!” Lo Ya screamed, terrified by the sudden turn of events.

The crackling mucus sprayed on her face, which seemed to be plant’s specific digestive juice. Luo Xin, who was following behind, blinked in bewilderment, and saw half of a fat insect tail fluttering in the air, struggling desperately with all its might.

“Help! Save me… Lo Xin.” Lo Ya let out a cry for help.

The digestive fluid of the plant had almost submerged the upper half of Lo Ya’s body. The fluid was not really corrosive, but it made her feel uncomfortable without doubt. With her hands bound by countless vines, she could not even use the Dark Melting. She could only helplessly be pulled inside.

This was the first time she needed the help of another Insect Girl.

Lo Xin was stunned for a long time before she wrinkled her nose and cried out.


“Don’t just cry. Save me… or I’m going to die.”

Only half of her body could move, sinking Lo Ya in despair.

Lo Xin cried for a short while and finally thought of something. Blinking her eyes, she hurriedly activated her skill.

Dark Melting.

Zzzz –

The black liquid struggled out from her hands and its power was slightly weaker than Lo Ya’s Dark Melting. The moment it touched the plant, the bright red flower withered and spat out Lo Ya, who was having difficulty breathing.

There were dozens of soft vines and a large pool of sticky white liquid that followed after her fall.

“Lo Ya.”

Lo Xin swam over in heartache and hugged Lo Ya’s body as she cried.

“Oh, not bad. I almost died… Pah.” Lo Ya felt disgusted.

What exactly was this sticky white liquid? It made her whole body feel uncomfortable and itchy. The taste was also really disgusting.

Shaking her head, she threw away the liquid. Only then did Lo Ya notice the withered flower.

Insect Catching Flower, level 1, Plant Clan.

“What the hell? Insect Catching Flower? So they are waiting here to eat me?”

After all, even though she was only a half-insect, this made her feel a strong sense of unease. Lo Xin saw that the plant was still alive and spat out acid at it, slowly stealing its life.

Lo Xin received experience points and some dropped items. She picked them up and found that they were two bottles of Beginner Healing Potion.

Now there were already four bottles of Beginner Healing Potion stored in the Item Space.

This amount was definitely not enough, because a bottle of Beginner Healing Potion could only recover 20 Life Points. In the future, they would have more and more clanmates, and the range of their activities would be bigger and bigger. The number of injuries they would suffer would definitely not be small.

Due to the loss suffered from the Insect Catching Flower, Lo Ya did not dare to advance rashly this time. She raised her head and looked forward, discovering that there were many similar plants not far away.

“Damn it.”

It was not safe to take the shortcut, so she could only take a detour.

In this big forest, if one ran around, it was very easy to lose his sense of direction and reference, so he might not find his nest.

“Lo Xin, let’s go to the right side.”

After completely wiping away the mucus on her face, Lo Ya took a deep breath and held Lo Xin’s hand while wiggling towards the north.

After moving forward for about 10 meters, a high slope appeared in front of her eyes. Lo Ya carefully climbed up and just as she was about to cross the top of the slope, she was shocked by the scene in front of her.

On the other side of the slope, there was actually a cliff that was several hundred meters tall!

Below the almost vertical cliff, there were countless jade-green plants. The lush forest trees stretched out from below the cliff, and became sparse a hundred meters away, turning into a sandy beach that kissed the endless blue sea.

The azure water hit the coast, waves after waves, small and large, dancing in the wind. In the distant horizon, a scarlet sunset was watching, painting the scene warm and magnificent. Under the sky, hordes of weird creatures were rushing up on the land from the bottom of the water, and fought with various wild beasts in the forest.

“What are they doing… Is this a war or something?”

The creatures in the sea appeared crazed at that moment. They looked like miniature seals, their skin was rough and black, and they clashed with other creatures threading their way.

While Lo Ya was stunned by the grand scene, a monster that looked like a Winged Dragon flew out from the sea and landed on the shore. It grabbed a marine creature with one claw and brought it into the sky.

She did not expect that this was the edge of the land. A few hundred meters away, there was an endless sea. Compared to Earth, the ocean in this realm was even more mysterious and pure. The surface of the azure water glistened under the setting sun, giving off a peaceful yet mysterious atmosphere.

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