C13 Dark Melting

It was not a good card, as expected, there was bound to be something wrong with a person’s luck and it couldn’t be good forever.

However, 1.5 times attack power could save a person at a critical moment.

Little Insect Girl felt that it wasn’t that bad of a luck to have flip this card.

Of course, what she looked forward to the most were the Racial Ability Cards. They could increase everyone’s potential, and were the most precious.

As she continued to devour the Ant Eater beasts, she suddenly felt a gentle breeze in the sky. She looked up and saw a bird landing on the ground. Its body was encompassed with spikes and black scales.

The size of this bird was about the same as Insect Girl. It landed in front of her without any hesitation and used a pair of curious eyes to size her up.

Scaly Bird, LV2 beast.

“Eh, could it be attracted by the smell of blood?”

Little Insect Girl was considering whether she should give it a share from the meat. Who knew that the bird would suddenly jump twice, and peck at her insect tail.

Ding ~

“What the hell!”

This evil thing.

Fortunately, her tail had outer skin and enough defensive power. But even so, it still caused Lo Ya to violently lash out in pain.

“Spin Ball.”

Without saying anything else, the skill she obtained from the Fur Balls bombarded the enemy’s face.

The tens of centimeter long spike directly pierced into the its head, killing the scaly bird.

“Sure enough, eating food in the wild is too dangerous. Even corpses can attract all kinds of strange creatures.”

Lo Ya picked up the corpse and tried to take a bite, finding it very hard to chew.

There was no way to move the Ant Eater beast’s corpse. So now she could only hide in a corner and eat the scaly bird.

It was not easy to crawl into a tall grass patch, but after a few steps, Lo Ya was suddenly dumbfounded again.

A Goblin was lying inside.

Both parties looked at each other and were stunned on the spot.

Goblin, level 4, Magical Creature.

‘This is bad…’

Lo Ya, who was biting the scaly bird, felt like she had met her doom.

After a long silence, Lo Ya turned around and ran without saying a word.

Goblin, who was hiding in the bushes, sat up. He scratched his head strangely and did not chase after her.

“Phew, that Goblin doesn’t seem to have reacted.”

She felt that the opponent did not seem to be aggressive. Of course, this could only be an illusion. After all, the Insect Girl Clan was a new species. When the opponent encountered this kind of creature that it had never seen before, it would most likely be stunned.

She went to another safe place and strenuously ate for less than half an hour. Finally, she devoured the scaly bird that was about the same size as her into the stomach.

[Obtained Components: Bird Scale]

[Obtained Component: Black Wings]

[Obtained a chance to draw cards.]


It seemed like her luck was pretty good recently, she actually got another chance to flip cards. And that black wing component, she really wanted to install it in the future.

[Congratulations, you have flipped a 3 stars (R) Racial Skill Card: Physical Reflex.]

[Physical Reflex Level 1 (Passive) : Automatically reflects 5% of the damage when hit by physical attacks. This ability is ineffective against an individual from the Insect Girl species.]

“A passive skill, it’s a good thing.”

Unfortunately, to Insect Girl, active skills were obviously more important. Right now, everyone did not even have the basic offensive skills. The only thing they could rely on were the acid and the Fangs. Once they encountered a Magical Creature, they would not be able to withstand it at all.

After settling the target, Lo Ya secretly sneaked back to the Ant Eater beast’s territory. Only then did she realize that the Goblin that she saw earlier was eating the corpse.

Compared to Insect Girl who could only open her mouth wide to bite, the Goblin also knew how to use a small knife to cut off the meat and eat it. With this comparison, the difference in IQ between the two was obvious to the naked eye.

“Alright, as expected, it is close to the level of human intelligence.”

Lo Ya could only give up on this food. She was definitely no match for the Goblin. Even if the 40 cm Earth Spike could hurt it, it would be very difficult to cause fatal damage that could rip away its life.

Two hours later, Goblin, who had partially eaten the Ant Eater beast’s corpse, returned to the tribe.

“Brother Buguchi, where did you run off to again? Quickly come and give me a hand.” A beautiful female from the Goblin tribe was washing her clothes. When she saw him return, she immediately shouted gently.

“I just found a Magical Creature that I have never seen before.” Brother Buguchi walked forward and squatted down to help her.

“A Magical Creature that you have never seen before? Did you encounter any danger?”

“No, no, that Magical Creature didn’t look dangerous… it’s not right either, it didn’t seem to be safe either. Uh…” Buguchi kept gesturing with his hand, but he could not express the scene in his mind.

“Brother Buguchi, what are you talking about? What’s safe and dangerous at the same time?” The young girl from the Goblin tribe frowned in puzzlement.

“Tell me, Brother Buguchi, what did you see?” An old man from the Goblin tribe walked out of the tent and patted his head.

“Chief, that Magical Creature was biting on a Scaly Bird. It was a terrifying bird that can’t be bitten or eaten.”

“Oh?” The Chief raised his eyebrows and his expression gradually turned serious. “Are you sure you didn’t see wrongly?”

“No, it ate Ant Eater beasts at first, but the Scaly Bird suddenly attacked it, so she defeated and ate the Scaly Bird.”

When Buguchi was hiding in the grass, he was startled and frightened. He thought that the Magical Creature was purposely coming to deal with him, but he didn’t expect that when the two sides met, the enemy would escape. He thought it was probably because it didn’t want his food to be snatched away.

“Brother Buguchi, this information is very important. Tell me about every single detail.”

Contrary from the Insect Girl, the Goblins did not have a large appetite, and the Ant Eater beasts were obviously not to their liking. Therefore, Lo Ya successfully obtained the remaining half of the corpse and brought it back to the vicinity of the nest.

After confirming that the surroundings were safe, she called Insect Girl and the rest out to have a warm feast.

After a full meal, the three idiots immediately laid down on the spot and snored. Lo Ya was angry and threw a chestnuts at each Insect Girl before throwing them in the nest.

They completely did not recognize themselves as trash and actually dared to sleep in the wild. Lo Ya was really worried about the future of her species.

If not for her always being careful and prudent, Insect Girl’s clan would have already gone extinct.

The time period for the offspring birth had been extended to 15 days, and their growth speed had also become much slower.

During this period of time, Lo Ya had been waiting for rabbits near the nest. She only hunted small creatures that passed by the entrance, or used Earth Spikes to launch sneak attacks. In this way, she satisfied their need for food.

Until the 15th day. When the new Insect Girl was born and the second wave of splitting and breeding began, Lo Ya found unknown SR Racial Skill Card.

[Congratulations, you have flipped a 4 stars (SR)] Racial Skill Card: Dark Melting]

[Dark Melting Level 1: First Grade Dark Attribute Magic, highest Level 3. Release a sticky and corrosive liquid onto the ground, automatically attacking a target within 20 meters. Creatures touched by the lava will suffer intense corrosion and transform into a pool of liquid.]

When Insect Girl obtained the dark magic, it was the same as having a super powerful trump card.

The Dark Melting’s speed was equivalent to a human’s jogging speed. It was not very lethal. Although it had a tracking effect, it only had a range of 20 meters. Hence, once it was discovered, it was very easy to dodge.

However, the terrifying part was that this ability was rather hidden. When it moved underground, there was no sound, perfectly camouflaging itself.

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