C12 Goblin?

Lo Ya originally thought that she would be safe after she got rid of a Fur Ball, but in the blink of an eye, another Fur Ball appeared in her line of sight. With lightning speed, it pierced her tail accompanied by a ear-splitting sound.


She raised her head to take a look and saw three or four Fur Ball rolling towards her.

They all attacked without mercy.

Lo Ya knew that she couldn’t outrun these things. Even with the control of the Wind Elemental Control, Little Insect Girl who relied on squirming forward did not have the advantage in front of these creatures.

Therefore, she didn’t have any other choice other than confronting them head on.

Skill: Earth Spike.

A sharp Earth Spike instantly cleaved through the ground. It was 40 cm tall and accurately pierced through a Fur Ball chasing at forefront.

However, after using this skill, Lo Ya felt dizzy and her consciousness turned hazy due to her spiritual power being completely depleted.

So, at the moment of desperation, she could only throw out the Skill Cards in her arsenal and spit out three jets of acid simultaneously.

As expected, this chain of attacks proved to be fatal. The Fur Balls on the scene had already suffered heavy casualties, especially after being attacked by the Lifesteal, they immediately shriveled up on the spot.

None of them could fight anymore.

“Oh yeah, another 5 HP. If any unfortunate event occurs again, it will be helpful.”

‘Such a big thing with spikes, it is really made for killing.’

Lo Ya quickly wriggled over and picked up the dropped items.

[Congratulations, you have obtained the Book of Vitality + 1, Book of Life + 2, Beginner Healing Potion.]

[Wood Treasure Chest opened, you have obtained Skill Card: Spin Ball.]

[Wooden Treasure Chest opened, you have received one Endurance Pill.]

The Book of Vitality and the Book of Life were automatically used. Lo Ya gained 1 point of Vitality and 2 points of Life respectively. What was worth noting was that although her attributes had increased because of this, the other Little Insect Girls in Insect Girl’s species would not be strengthened with her.

The current standard stats of Insect Girls should be: HP 40 / 40, Strength 0.8, Spirit 1.1, Magic 1.2, Agility 0.6, Vitality 0.8.

Their states were comparable to a weak chicken.

When encountering any other creatures, they would be defeated in no time.

“Ah, no, I have to go to the nest. I’m so worried about those idiots.”

Would the idiots in the nest run out to hunt for food, wander around the door, and then be discovered by other dangerous creatures to being killed in the end? Would they be bullied and cry for any reasons?

She didn’t know, but in the end, she was really worried.

Lo Ya hurriedly rushed back to the nest.

“As expected!”

A group of weak idiots were idling around the big tree. They looked cute and did not know what they were doing.

“You bunch of idiots, are you crazy?” Lo Ya was very angry.

‘They are so weak and dares to dangle outside proudly. Aren’t they afraid of going to heaven?’

She stuffed those idiots back into her nest one by one. Once the door was closed, Lo Ya endured the urge to beat them up and settled the three immature tails in the small room beside her.

If the intelligence of her species was so less then what was the point of having more?

As expected, even if they had a level 2 brain, they still had to receive a survival education.

To be honest, Lo Ya was really scared this time. She was really afraid of seeing pitiful corpses all over the floor when she returned to her nest next time. Although there would definitely be a lot of fierce battles in the future, she couldn’t bring herself to imagine them sacrificing their lifes one by one. Her heart still ached to death at the mere thought of this.

“Very well, I’m going to make more wood plug doors and dig the house a little bigger.”

It was rumored that if the Husky had enough space to run around, the broken furniture would be much less.

However, it would be strange… if they wanted to demolish the house.

Lo Ya decided to slowly teach Insect Girl how to speak.

Looking at the three little cuties who treated her as their leader, she coughed and decided to start with the most basic explanation.

About an hour later…

“Phew, they finally learned a simple name.”

‘Next time, I can teach them some basic common sense, such as eating, or the dangers lurking outside.’

When she first started learning, her ability to accept things was definitely the strongest. Considering Insect Girls’ current IQ, they might be similar to some smart dogs. If they were lucky, they might be able to reach the intelligence of a four or five-year-old child.

The disadvantage was that they lacked the instinct to warn others of danger.

In the future, she would often remind them and let them develop good habits.

Thinking about it carefully, Insect Girl was really a strange species. Even now, they still inherited some of the characteristics of the white insect. The only difference was that once the white insect turned into an adult, it would grow hundreds of times larger and become a powerful super beetle. Insect Girl, on the other hand, had half-insect and half-human appearance. They all looked very cute.

After staying at home for a period of time, Little Insect Girls’ stomachs were roaring with hunger and Lo Ya was forced to continue looking for food.

This time when she went out, she habitually only wandered around the surrounding areas of the nest. There were many shrubs and flowers in the forest, so it was relatively easy to hide her small 30 centimeters long body. After carefully venturing around for a while, Lo Ya suddenly discovered a creature holding a mace. Its skin was all green, and it had pointy ears.


She almost blurted out loud.

This representative creature of the fantasy magical world was very famous in the books.

“No, no, the Goblin is still too strong for me.”

More importantly, the Goblin belonged to the intelligent magical creature group that tended to stay together.

Little Insect Girl abandoned that direction and went to the other side.

In the end, she met a target that she could hunt.

Ant Eater, LV3 beast.

Because it was a Beast, it was impossible for it to master Magic.

At this moment, the Ant Eater was lazily lying by the tree. From time to time, it stuck out its tongue to hook the hole beside it and eat the ant.

“To be able to survive in a place filled with Magical Creatures, there must be a lot of survival power in this kind of beast.”

It was different from the ants on Earth. This beast had extremely thick limbs.

Lo Ya slowly walked through the grass and approached the other party.

“Its stomach is slightly white. It should be the weakest part of its defense. Then… Earth Spike!”

Puff ~

The 40 cm Earth Spike pierced through its heart.

The Ant Eater Beast that received the critical hit immediately jumped up and wailed in pain.

This strike had indeed hit its vitals, and it had almost pierced through its entire upper abdomen. If one was lucky, they might be able to injure its vital organs.

The Ant Eater beast panicked when it didn’t discover its enemy even after suffering this attack.

This fellow seemed to think that the enemy was underground and was extremely irritable. Its muscular arms dug out a deep hole in the blink of an eye.

“Damn it, it really is a monster.”

Even a level 3 beast had a terrifying side to it.

After digging for a while, the Ant Eater Beast did not find its target, so it opened its mouth wide and started searching for the enemies around it. Little Insect Girl quietly formed a distance between them and hid behind a tree.

In the next ten minutes, the other party struggled and slowly fell down.

Seeing that it was motionless, Little Insect Girl dared to approach in the range of ten meters and quickly released a stream of acid.


The acid rained down on its head.

The sound of corrosion could be heard. At the same time, an image appeared in front of her eyes.

[You have leveled up to level 2, all attributes + 1]

After the Ant Eater Beast died, it dropped a Bronze Treasure Chest and two items.

[Congratulations, you have received a Beginner Healing Potion, a low-quality Spiritual Power Recovery Potion.]

[Opening the Bronze Treasure Chest, congratulations on obtaining a Bronze Dagger.]

“I’m shocked, I really did get an equipment.”

The Endurance Pill that he had obtained earlier was enough to make anyone not feel hungry for 10 days. This was already amazing enough. She did not expect that now she would be able to obtain a dagger.

But this weapon was too big for the current Insect Girl, and it was too heavy to be a big sword.

She could only leave it in the inventory for the time being.

She took a deep breath and went forward to eat the meat…


[Evolution points + 7]

[Evolution points + 6]

[Obtained Components: Strong Muscles]

[Acquired chance to draw cards once.]

The Tarot card that she was looking forward to appeared once again. Lo Ya, who had been the European Emperor twice, was very excited and quickly clicked one.

[Congratulations, you have flipped a 1-star (N) Item Card: Attack increase.]

[Attack increased: Within 10 seconds, attack power becomes 1.5 times the original.]

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