C11 Grey Wolf and Fur Ball

[This evolution has been completed, body size is about to expand]

[Book of Life + 2, Strength Book + 1 Automatically used, obtained Earth Elemental Control Level 1]

[The species has entered the Magical Creature Realm. Reproduction speed has decreased, brain level has increased. Average lifespan of species has been extended to 8 years.]

[Due to the number of species being too less, basic compensation received: Life Points + 5.]

[Please name the new species.]

“Insect Girl.”

There was no need to ponder about the name. The entire clan was filled with Magical Creature Girls. Even if their population was increased in the future, they would still be female. It was impossible for male to appear.

After throwing away the inexplicable scene in her head, Lo Ya brought out the three Insect Girls and the three immature tails.

The insects began to grow bigger.

This time, their growth speed once again surpassed the past. Their individual height reached about 30 centimeters. Due to the lack of reference, Lo Ya also did not know everyone’s true size.

“It seems like we need to find a new nest again.”

With this herculean size, if they encountered a large beast or Magical Creature, they would definitely be discovered.

This was the first time Lo Ya entered the era of Magical Creature Realm. She was not at ease with her own level of combat strength at all. This corner of the forest was actually not considered dangerous. Rarely, one or two beast would pass by here.

However, when Little Insect Girl climbed onto a tree and looked into the distance, she realized that reality was not as simple as she thought.

A few large beasts were surrounding a pile of corpses and eating them.

They looked like wolves with long horns on their heads, radiating wild and fierce aura. Their bodies were covered with grayish-black fur and their green eyes shined with a predator’s vision in the hazy fog.

Grey Wolf, level 6, Magical Creature Species.

Insect Girl’s level had been reset back to Level 1 and she had used a standard combat strength measurement method.

As they wriggled to the ground, Lo Ya looked down and found a few Small.

Winged Insects.

These allies were completely stunned this time. They looked up at Insect Girl who was like a huge monster. They opened their small insect’s eyes wide and felt pitiful in front of her.

“Hahaha, let’s part ways, poor insects.”

The evolution was too fast. These unlucky guys could not keep up with her pace at all.

Lo Ya was not interested in the Thin-Winged Insects anymore. Currently, both parties were on completely different levels. Insect Girl only needed to swing her tail to crush countless of them on the spot.

“Little guys, I will teach you how to speak in the future.”

Now that they could learn languages, Insect Girl’s knowledge had to be raised as well.

For the sake of safety, they would probably still have to live in the towering trees for a long time. In the future, Insect Girl would need to be on guard, foraging, and gathering intelligence. In short, for the future of their race, they had to work even harder.

The four Insect Girl arrived in front of a tree, huge enough to require six or seven people to fully encompass it.

This tree was over a hundred meters tall, and each leaf was bigger than a person’s whole body. Only the root of the tree was visible in the hazy fog.

“Birds… eat insects.”

Lo Ya took a deep breath and decided to bite a hole under the tree like before.

However, at that moment, a roar suddenly echoed in the distance. Then, the Grey Wolfs she saw earlier suddenly started fighting with another unknown creature.

That unknown creature’s eyes were blazing red with a bloodthirst. It opened its mouth and spat out a flames, which immediately blew one of the Grey Wolf away.

The terrifying scene under the thick fog made Insect Girl and the others feel frightened.

As expected, Magic could also be used by other creatures.

Although there were many skill cards accumulated before the evolution, most of them could not be useful against the Magical Creatures. The only thing Lo Ya could rely on right now was the complete version of Earth Spike.

[Earth Spike Level 1: Earth Attribute 1 Spell. Consumes a small amount of spiritual power to summon a sharp Earth Spike within a ten-meter radius.]

She did not know the true power of the Earth Spike. In short, based on the current situation, she had to avoid dangerous battles as much as possible.

“No, we have to dig out the nest as soon as possible”

Hiding in the tree, at least she could avoid exposing herself.

Insect Girl and the others surrounded each other, biting at the tree with all their might. The strength of the strengthened Insect Fang was very shocking. Not long after, everyone dug out a small hole that could accommodate all Insect Girls.

However, the danger also greeted them at the same time.

After the battle, the two defeated Grey wolf walked towards Insect Girl’s location.

“Not good, quickly hide.”

Pulling the two immature tails and stuffing them into the nest, Lo Ya quickly took cover behind the big tree.

The three Little Insect Girl were all in a daze. It took a long time for them to react, and follow Lo Ya’s side.

Whether it was in terms of size or strength, the Grey Wolf could suppress the current Insect Girl. As the two of them got closer and closer, these little fellows felt their impending doom.

Perhaps it was luck, but after the two wolves smelled the scent, they actually stopped on their tracks and ran away with their tails between their legs.

“Don’t tell me they also want to avoid fighting?”

Lo Ya blinked her eyes while pondering over the weird situation.

“Oh, I don’t care anymore. Let’s continue to make the best use of our time.”

The forest was too scary, and merciless. Levels determined the difference in strength between different species. Not to mention that Insect Girl and the others had not mastered any decent magic skill. If they really fought, they could only serve as food for them.

The sky gradually darkened and they slowly dug out a space that could barely accommodate everyone. Lo Ya took some time to leave her companions and prepared to go nearby to hunt.

The target was naturally the weaker creatures.

Then she discovered a furry little creature.

Fur Ball, lV1, Magical Creature Species.

‘Perfect, a creature with the same level as mine. Its body size is even smaller than mine.’

She slowly approached it, but who would have thought that when she was about ten meters away, this Fur Ball would suddenly extend its spikes, and then roll towards Lo Ya at an high speed.

“Oh my god, what the hell is this thing?”

Lo Ya’s body trembled and she instantly spat out a mouthful of acid. Without wasting anymore time, she hastily retreated.

Fur Ball’s body sizzled by the acid attack, but its speed did not decrease at all, and closing the distance, it fiercely stabbed at her tail.

“Ouch, it hurts!”

She swung her tail with all her might, spit out acid, and showered it with a few skills, finally causing the Fur Ball to lose its life.

She carefully endured the pain caused by the sharp spikes, and slowly pulled the terrifying creature out.

Blood splattered all across the ground, evidence of the terrifying battle that had ensued.

‘Shit, my life actually decreased by 7 points.’

Fortunately, there were two items dropped on the ground pulling her out of the thoughts of regret and fear. The items were, [Beginner Healing Potion] and [Skill Card: Spin Ball].

Lo Ya thought for a while and slowly pulled out the dead Fur Ball’s spikes, and then tried to bite its naked body.

It was all fur.

“Pooh, pooh.”

‘No wonder it was called Fur Ball. It doesn’t have much meat at all.’

‘Why is there such a strange creature in the forest?’

After putting away the Beginner Healing Potion that could restore 20 HP, Little Insect Girl took out the two inferior Health Potions that she had previously obtained. Finally, Little Insect Girl recovered her HP to the max.

Currently, her attributes were as follows:

Magical Creature: Lo Ya (Insect Girl Species)

Level: 1

Experience Points: 5 / 100

HP: 41 / 42

Endurance: 80 / 100

Strength: 1.8, Spirit: 1.1, Magic: 1.2, Agility: 0.6, Vitality: 0.8

Components: Strengthened Insect Fang (Beast Level, attack + 9), Colorless Skin (Beast Level, defense + 10) Hearing Strengthener (Enhanced Hearing)

Skill Card: Lifesteal, Poison Needle, Boxing x2

Skill: Wind Elemental Control Level 1, Earth Spike Level 1

Rating: Magical Creature (High Class Beast Branch)

Evolution points: 422

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