C10 Stepping into the Magical Creature Realm

Lo Ya shifted her attention to the object she had just obtained.

[Low Quality Healing Potion: 3 Recovery Life Points]

[Small Copper Piece: Ordinary Copper Piece, useless]

[Strength Book + 1: A tool that seals power. After use, increases strength by 1 point (only effective against wild beasts)]

As for the final skill book: Earth Spike, it could allow Little Insect Girl to obtain a type of magic called Earth Spike.

However, the use of magic required a certain amount of talent and control over elements. Currently, although Little Insect Girl could learn it on the spot, she was unable to use it because she did not have enough foundation for magic.

“That’s true. I don’t think I have heard that insects can master magic.”

Lo Ya thought for a while and casted a Detection Spell on herself.

Lo Ya (Insect Girl, Insect Man Species).

Level: 2

Experience Points: 72 / 200

HP: 30 / 30

Endurance: 79 / 100

Strength: 0.004, Spirit: 0.052, Magic: 0.007, Agility: 0.002, Vitality: 0.003

Components: Insect Fang (Minute Level, attack 1), Soft Biological Shell (Minute Level, defense 1-3)

Skill Card: Electric Shock

Skill: Wind Elemental Control Level 1, Earth Spike (Limited)

Rating: Small Creature (Already having a certain level of competitiveness, equipped with combat strength higher than an ant)

Evolution points: 166

The data was much more detailed, and Lo Ya realized one thing out of the information: the attack value of the components matched with the current combat strength. One point of attack from a wild beast and one point of attack from a small creature were totally not on the same level.

“Hu, in any case, let’s continue to work hard to kill monsters.”

Unfortunately, [Strength Book +1] couldn’t be used for the time being. Otherwise, Insect Girl’s current combat strength would definitely increase by a huge margin.

Slowly dragging the meat of the large beetle back home, Lo Ya and Lo Xin had a hearty meal together. Lo Ya once again went out and came to the nest of the large beetle.

She didn’t know if there were any other insects inside. In short, she had to take a little risk to enter and kill.

The previous meal had been filled with acid, and she had a total of 3 Skill Cards, which were Electric Shock, clamps, and Poison Spit. With these, it wouldn’t be too difficult for her to fight in the future.

Slowly wriggling into the beetle nest, Lo Ya immediately discovered that there was a huge beetle doing something on top of her head.

The moment their eyes met, the beetle was stunned.

Then the acid directly sprayed out from below.

Squeak, squeak ~

The unique scream of insects echoed in the small nest. Lo Ya, who had already escaped outside, turned around and saw three insects chasing after her.

She immediately used the Skill Card: Electric Shock.

Along with a crackling electric arc, the chasing beetle was showered by the acid, freezing on the spot and lost its ability to fight.

[Skill Card: Poison Spit]

The second wave of attack ensued as black poison with a putrid smell appeared out of thin air and hit another beetle.

The smallest beetle quickly fell to the ground under Lo Ya’s kiting tactic.

[Congratulations, you have obtained 2 bottles of Low Quality Healing Potions, Book of Life + 2.]

[Bronze Treasure Chest has been opened. Congratulations, you have obtained a Skill Card: Lifesteal.]

[Wood Treasure Chest has been opened. Congratulations, you have obtained a Skill Card: Poison Needle.]

The three corpses became Lo Ya’s food on the spot.

Under the melodious chirping of rising Evolution points, the flesh of the beetle slowly entered her bottomless stomach. Although her stomach was full, the energy could still be stored in her tail.

“Hahaha… Burp, comfortable.”

The Evolution points had already reached 300. In the next ten days, Insect Girl’s life would be unchanging.

Lo Lo and Luo Yu were born, and they were the same as Lo Xin. When they grew a little in size, they entered into reproduction state.

During this period of time, Lo Ya, who had completed a hunting mission, finally obtained the reward of erasing the evolution time, so she took the initiative to enter the editor.

Another evolution followed.

A pile of components. However, the pliers and the like did not seem to be suitable. So, after careful consideration, Lo Ya installed the following items on her species.

[Strengthened Insect Fang: Although it is an insect’s fang, it is very strong. It can easily bite through the flesh of ordinary creatures. Attack + 9, Editor Consumption: 100 Evolution points.]

[Colourless Skin: Grows a layer of colorless skin on the upper layer of the skin, and its defensive power is shockingly high. Defense + 10, Editor Consumption: 100 Evolution points.]

[Hearing Strengthener: Strengthen hearing. Editor Consumption: 30 Evolution points]

The spikes and outer shell had all been removed. Next time they evolved, Insect Girl and the others would officially step into the Magical Creatures Realm.

Magical Creature Realm: 1. Although it is out of the category of microorganisms, it is still a insect. It can already fight against beasts. At the same time, its brain will be strengthened to level 2. 2. Reproduction ability weakened. The average lifespan of the species would be extended to 8 years. 3. It will obtain language learning ability. 4. Because it is a Magical Creature, it could obtain a type of magic control ability. Editor Consumption: 300 evolution points]

“I keep feeling like I am evolving a little too fast.”

But it was still acceptable. This might be Insect Girl’s special characteristics. From this point of view, their adaptability was actually stronger than many other Magical Creature.

However, the reason why Magical Creatures were out of ordinary was due to their advantages that ordinary creatures did not possess.

This evolution was equivalent to placing Insect Man species on the platform of the Great Forest’s competitors. To Lo Ya, the long road ahead of her could be considered to be the true beginning.

Withdraw from the Editor.

A beam of invisible energy shot up into the peaceful sky of the forest. For a very small number of individuals in this world, this light represents nothing extraordinary.

“Another Magical Creature is born?”

Standing in front of the boundless forest, a wise man opened his eyes and looked at the blue light that ordinary people could not see.

“There are so many Magical Creature born every year. Though, how many of them can stand out?”

This ray of light was dimmer than any other ray of light he had seen before. Clearly, this meant that the race that was advancing to the Magical Creature Realm was extraordinarily weak.

Such a species was mostly the lucky ones who survived the natural competition. In the future, as soon as they encountered some major disasters, they would be extinct.

“It’s meaningless.”

The Sage sighed.

It was as if he could see a pathetic species fading away in the fierce competition.

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