C9 Bronze Treasure Chest and Skill Book

Little Insect Girl became stronger and bigger in size.

When she appeared in front of the Thin-Winged Insects once again, these allies who were now smaller than her were utterly dumbfounded.

“Creak, creak, creak”

Under the confused and uneasy cries, Lo Ya directly brought the Thin-Winged Insects and rushed towards the territory of the Black-Clawed Beetles.

The revenge plan was immediately put into action, and a massacre ensued.

The Acid Mouth, which was her new trump card, spat out a stream of corrosive liquid. It hit the Black-Clawed Beetles’ bodies and immediately produced an ear-piercing sizzling sound.

The battle that was supposed to be hard to win, instantly turned into a one-sided massacre.

In less than a few minutes, dozens of individuals on Black-Clawed Beetles’ side died a violent death.

[Mission “Battle of Vengeance” has been completed.]

[Reward obtained.] :1. 100 Evolution points. 2. One chance to draw cards.]

A large pile of cards appeared again, and Lo Ya clicked on one of them without thinking too much. In the end, followed by the magnificent rainbow colored light, she found a super rare card.

[Congratulations, you have found a 5-star (SSR) Racial Ability Card: Experience Item.]

Experience Item: Have you ever experienced the feeling of killing monsters in online games and obtaining experience items? With this ability, all of this will become reality. Note: After killing enemies, your species will obtain experience points, tools, treasure chests, and a series of other items.]

“Ah, am I the European emperor?” Lo Ya was relaxed and happy.

After the battle ended, the Winged Insects were still in a state of confusion.

The threat they posed to Insect Girl was negligible due to their sheer difference in size. Unless they attacked her without any regard for their lives, it was basically impossible to harm Insect Girl.

“This ally doesn’t seem to be of much use.”

However, she could still rely on them to clean up the dangerous little insects in the future.

Lo Ya didn’t know what to do for a moment. As expected, it was better to devour and evolve.

There were no dangerous creatures nearby for the time being. Although there were many giant insects in the forest, it was not to the extent that they were everywhere. On the contrary, there were many creatures the size of ants. However, this did not mean that those creatures were not dangerous. The more ants there were, the more likely they would bite an elephant to death. Lo Ya understood this point very well, and didn’t get arrogant.

When she returned to her new nest, she found Lo Xin was eagerly waiting for food.

Lo Ya carried the corpse of the Black-Clawed Insects back and then enjoyed a full meal with her.

After eating to their heart content, they went to sleep…

In a daze, Lo Ya felt a soft thing pressing down on her face and habitually took a bite. Who knew that in the next moment, a palm would hit her face.

Opening her eyes, she saw Lo Xin’s flushed and incomparably angry face, and… the root of her tail looked alive.

“Uh… A baby? No, I just bit your split tail?”

“Alright, alright, no wonder you’re so angry.”

Luo Xin’s split tail seemed to be more disobedient than the one that Luo Ya had split, but after being bitten, it immediately became obedient, hid in a corner and shivered.


Lo Ya felt that it was better to increase the individual population of the race quickly.

“I will also split up once again.”

Sure enough, splitting up was very annoying.

Lo Xin’s face became even redder when she saw her tail separate as if it had a life of its own.

“Why are you so shy? Isn’t it just splitting into two?” Lo Ya was speechless.

However, the size of the tree nest was not big enough for one more individual. Hence, Lo Ya climbed to the edge and started to chew on the tree.

Lo Xin also ran over to help.

It proved that upgrading the brain had benefits. In the past, She just knew how to mess around, and wriggle at leisure. But now, she really had a helper.

But how should she put it? In terms of IQ, she was still just a insect.

“I keep feeling like there is more than one devil monster in this forest.”

Experience item, SSR ability, they could probably be her only reliance to reach the top of the food chain.

If Insect Girl were to develop a species, she would definitely have conflicts with other species in the future, and she would not be able to avoid war. If that was the case, she would have to take advantage of the current situation to become stronger.

However, she was the only one who could obtain the components and Evolution points.

After a day of hard work, the nest had nearly doubled in size.

Actually, it was only half the size of a human fist, but for the current Insect Girl, it was more than enough.

She wanted to venture outside to look for food. However, in the dark night, many giant insects had already left their homes in search of preys, so the two little insects could only continue to hide in the tree hole, and close their eyes to rest.

‘What should be the name of the new Insect Girl? I have already used Lo Ya and Lo Xin, then… the next one Luo Tianyi? Pffft, what the hell does Luo Tianyi even mean?’

‘And why the surname Luo is mandatory?’

Lost in her chaotic thoughts, Little Insect Girl soon fell asleep.

The next day, she opened the door and stretched her body while yawning comfortably.

Looking from above, the forest was still shrouded in a hazy fog. A giant beast that looked like a ancient god in Insect Girl eyes appeared and disappeared in the fog.


If she had not grown in size, she wouldn’t even be able to see it so clearly. After all, she was just a pitiful insect with a size not even larger than the beast’s toe.

Fortunately, that beast and Insect Girl didn’t belong to the same world. For the time being, there would not be any interaction between the two of them.

As its next prey would still be the creature with similar sizes.

When she crawled out of the nest, Lo Xin actually followed behind her.

This time, they were looking for food together.

After searching around the big tree for a few minutes, the two Little Insect Girl found another wormhole.

When they wandered around for a while, a large black beetle crawled out of it.

As soon as it appeared, it seemed to have discovered Insect Girl’s aura and actually attacked without saying a word.

The pliers that were longer than its body fluttered above its head like a majestic crown, compelling the Little Insect Girls to spray acid on the spot as they turned around to run.

Wind Elemental Control Level 1.

She was clearly wriggling, but her speed was even faster than the large beetle, because she was performing Ghost Steps.

“Ahh, magical creatures are awesome.”

Looking at the beetle king whose body had been corroded and it was suffering immense agony, Lo Ya felt that she could fight back now.

Kiting tactic!

Stupid Lo Xin only knew how to escape. She probably felt that she was going to die. She rushed towards her little nest and didn’t even spare a glance behind.

“Alright, we can’t count on her at all.”

She turned around and spat out another mouthful of acid. The beetle’s face was once again showered with acid. Due to the acid corroding its flesh, it felt pain, leaving it with no choice but to retreat.

“You want to escape?”

Of course, Lo Ya would not give it a chance.

The last time.

After spraying all the acid in its body, the beetle soon lost its ability to move.

“This can be considered magic.”

Acid spray was really scary.

She crawled over and ate a piece of meat on its leg. It was indeed a little hard to chew. The Insect Fang were no longer working. Perhaps she would need to evolve again.

[Evolution points + 7]

[Obtained Component: Beetle Claws]

While struggling, the beetle king slowly died.

Then, with a bang, a large pile of shiny golden objects burst out, one of which was a bronze treasure chest.

“Eh? Did the SSR’s ability work?”

She tried to pick it up.

[Congratulations, you have obtained a shoddy healing potion, a small copper piece, and a Strength Book + 1.]

[Bronze Treasure Chest has been opened. Congratulations, you have obtained a Skill Book: Earth Spike.]

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