C8 Detection Spell

‘I haven’t reached the level yet, but…’

‘Rookie chicken must have the awareness that it is a rookie.’

At this moment, there were about five or six Thin-Winged Insects and about the same number of Black-Clawed Beetles engaged in a chaotic battle. In terms of combat strength, the ally possessing thin wings but without the ability to fly was clearly at a disadvantage. As such, Little Insect Girl secretly wandered around the edge of the battlefield and occasionally found an opportunity to sneak attack from behind, creating a huge trouble for the enemies.

The two Black-Clawed Beetles felt the danger, and immediately split up, counterattacking the new enemy.

It was one against two.

Under the pressure of the two large Black-Clawed Beetles, Lo Ya panicked. However, at the same time, the spikes on her forehead actually grew out directly. It was as long as her two arms. She bent her head and fiercely slammed into one of the Black-Clawed Beetle.

Puff ~


The spikes swiftly pierced it leaving behind showers of blood, shining with different shades. The other Black-Clawed Beetle wanted to launch a sneak attack, but it was interrupted by the Thin-Winged Insects. It used its insect legs to fiercely attack them.

The battle instantly turned optimistic for Winged Insects, turning into seven versus four.

Seeing that the situation took a turn for best, Lo Ya picked up a leg, stuffed it into her mouth, and went to a safe place to devour it.

[Obtained Component: Biological Claws]

“Eh, isn’t this the organ of the Black-Clawed Beetles?”

She didn’t suffer a loss after all.

The Black-Clawed Beetles were about to lose. When there were only three members left on their side, they chose to retreat.

Little Insect Girl immediately rushed forward and slammed her head towards the slowest one.


The spikes neatly penetrated the opponent’s body and it struggled for less than half a minute before leaving the world.

[Mission “Hunt down Black-Clawed Beetles (3 / 3)” completed.]

[Reward received] :1. 50 Evolution points. 2. Evolution Time Erased (1 time).]


The Thin-Winged Insects didn’t seem to like eating the corpses of the Black-Clawed Beetles, so Lo Ya carried all the spoils of war to her nest.

There was an idiot at home who only ate and slept, so the food reserve was never enough.

After a half a day of fierce fighting, the two cuties ate until their stomachs puffed out like balloons, and then slept soundly.

Along their journey, Lo Xin was already very close to Lo Ya.

But currently, her growth was getting slower every day. In contrast, her tail began to grow bigger and seemed to be about to split apart.

It couldn’t be helped. The rate of reproduction of insects was just too terrifying. From the splitting of the tail to the inception of second wave of reproduction, it only took ten days.

If there were no accidents mid-way, it wouldn’t be long before the species would be overflowing with population.

At that time, one could imagine a group of Insect Girls wriggling around on the ground.

“Ah, disgusting.”

To be honest, their lower half of the body was still of insect after all.

She really hated their bubbling bellies, and especially their content expression gazing at the sky after eating a good meal.

Lo Ya really didn’t even want to imagine that scene.

While she was resting at home, a Thin-Winged Insect suddenly knocked on the soft wooden door.

Actually, it directly knocked out the door.

Then it squeaked continuously in front of Lo Ya and Lo Xin.

[Mission: Battle of Vengeance]

[Description: The opportunity for revenge has come. The Winged Insects after having suffered heavy losses, finally decided to launch a large-scale attack on the Black-Clawed Beetles. They need Insect Girl’s help.]

[Time to begin: The next day.]

[Mission reward] :1. 100 Evolution points. 2. One chance to draw cards.

“The reward is very generous.”

As such, Lo Ya did not care if the other party understood what she said. She patted her chest, proudly waved her hands, and showed some kung fu moves. After being stunned for a while, the Thin-Winged Insect turned around and left the tree branch.

It probably understood.


In order to survive the battle tomorrow, Lo Ya took the initiative to enter the Editor and prepare for a new evolution.

She looked at the current components in her inventory.

[Biological Claws: The trophy from the Black-Clawed Beetles, a pair of claws with great lethality. Attack + 3. Editor Consumption: 25 Evolution points.]

[Acid mouth: Create an opening to spray acid from afar. It has strong corrosive properties. Even if it can’t kill the enemy, it can still bring along immense pain. Poison + 1, attack + 2. Editor Consumption: 50 Evolution points.]

[Egg Reproduction (Gender support components required: Parasitic Egg Reproduction; after mating, it incubate a large number of eggs at once to increase the birth rate of offspring. Editor Consumption: 50 Evolution points.]

Natural Adaptability Evolution: After a long period of time, a species will take a big leap towards evolution. Editor Consumption: 100 evolution points]

“So from the looks of it, it’s impossible to choose the Biological Claws and the Egg Reproduction.”

Why? Because, the claws were the enemy’s weapons. If the winged Insects were to treat them as their enemies, things might take a bad turn. Then, the Egg Reproduction….

Insect Girl X Insect Girl?

“Bah.” Quickly shaking off the scene in her head that popped out of nowhere, Lo Ya stretched out her hand and selected the Acid Mouth and Natural Adaptability Evolution.

The poison was naturally stored in her mouth. After completing it, Lo Ya looked at the remaining 30 Evolution points and withdrew from the editor.

[Warning: Changes in size will occur. Please leave the enclosed area immediately.]

“Alright, we can only do this.” She picked up the sleeping Lo Xin, and climbed out of the tree branch.

When they safely landed on the ground, their bodies began to grow at an exaggerated speed. The small stones that were originally much bigger than her could no longer reach till her waist.

[This evolution is complete.]

[The species brain has leveled up to level 1.]

[Main awakening of consciousness talent: Detection.]

“Seems like… it’s about the size of a cockroach.”

“The species’ brain has reached level 1. Does this mean that the species’ intelligence has increased? And what the hell is that detection spell?”

Turning her head to look at Lo Xin who still had a foolish expression, Lo Ya was a little uncertain.

It was impossible to live in their former nest so they must find even bigger branches… or even tree trunks. Fortunately there were a lot of plants around and some small trees that could not be considered to be too thick. Hence Lo Ya brought Lo Xin to a certain small tree and nibbled on the tree bark.

Sure enough, it was much harder than the previous tree branches. The Insect Fang had clearly upgraded but it was still so strenuous to bite it.

The ignorant Lo Xin also started to bite at the side. Although the position was a bit off, at least she was helping.

After struggling for dozens of minutes, they finally created a narrow passage that could accommodate two insects.

“It can almost be used as a door with a wooden plug.”

Compared to the tree branches, the sturdy tree was much more reliable. There was no need to worry about it being destroyed by any large creatures.

Of course, they were not completely unafraid. After all, there were many insects that could gnaw on trees, and birds that liked to look for food in the tree branches.

She climbed inside and found a long amputated creature crawling not far away.

There was actually a LV: 6 displaying on top of the creature’s head. Most importantly, it also had a long red health bar.

“Could this be the Detection Spell?”

Rubbing her eyes, she became assured that she was not hallucinating.

Step Into A Different WORLD!

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