C7 Wind Elemental Control

Lo Ya crawled to the side of the Thin-Winged Insect.

She did not know how to communicate with it. Even if she spoke something, could this Insect understand?

“This guy is still pretending to be dead”

Lo Ya used her tail that was encompassed with a Soft Biological Shell to pat its head.

However, there was no reaction from that fellow.

If it was any other creature, they might have really been fooled by it.

“How do I convey my message?” Little Insect Girl glanced at Lo Xin who was burping and suddenly had an idea.

“The enemy of an enemy is a friend. If this guy sees me eating the Black-Clawed Beetles…”

She quickly felt that this idea was feasible.

However, it was very difficult to implement. Especially now that the Black-Clawed Beetles were in groups. It would be very dangerous to venture out when they were residing outside her nest.

Lo Ya felt a headache due to her current situation. At this time, Lo Xin’s stomach was facing towards the sky and she was lying in another corner, sleeping soundly. This posture looked similar to the white insects from before. As expected, she inherited the characteristics of that kind of lazy insects?

Seeing that she appeared so cute, Lo Ya could not bring herself to scold her. Now, there were only the two of them in the entire world who depended on each other. It was a difficult thing to live on in solitary.

Lo Ya dug another two small rooms in the inner part of the tree branch and carried Lo Xin inside. She used a wooden plug to block it.

At the same time, the Thin-Winged Insect also emerged out of its feigning state.

This damn guy’s IQ was not low. It directly smashed open the wooden block and rushed out of Lo Ya’s nest.

Thinking about the kind of insects she saw in her previous life, she felt it was Einstein. Normally, even if the window was opened, the insects would slam into the glass for an entire day without finding a way to escape.

While this Thin-Winged Insect actually knew how to pull open the door and escape through the hole that she had dug?

‘Isn’t it a bit too smart?’

But a few seconds later… It suddenly retreated back in the nest to hid in a corner like a flash of lightening.

“What’s going on?”

Lo Ya looked outside and found that there were a few Black-Clawed Beetles crawling below.

“Were you scared back?” Lo Ya shook her head and stuffed the wood into the hole. She looked back at the injured Insect and roughly understood that there was a possibility of communication between them. Compared to ordinary Insects, it seemed to have a higher judgment ability.

Lo Ya immediately came into action to probe her theory. She wriggled in front of the Insect and waved her hands to make a gesture. At the same time, she asked, “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Nonsense, of course it would not understand.

The result was obvious. The Thin-Winged Insect was dumbfounded.

Lo Ya thought for a while and hopped her way to the insect’s leg that was almost eaten out. She took out the last bit of meat from the leg and placed it in front of the Thin-Winged Insect.


A tongue stretched out and swallowed the meat into its ferocious mouth.

“Very good, for the time being, I think that you accept my goodwill.”

Lo Ya again made a few set of movements, hammered the empty insect’s leg twice, conveying the meaning “attack the enemy”. The result was unexpected; the guy also jumped twice and similarly shot at insect’s leg with his left leg.

Was this considered… imitation? Lo Ya was very confused and didn’t know if both of them meant the same thing.

But her worry was quickly dispelled by the quest prompt that popped up out of nowhere.

[Mission “Communication” has been completed. You have obtained the friendship of the Winged Insect.]

[Reward received: Evolution points 50.]

‘Eh, it succeeded?’

‘Isn’t this too simple?’

Lo Ya blinked twice and started to look towards the intelligent Thin-Winged Insect in a new light.

At least, it was definitely smarter than Luo Xin.

Yes, the current Little Insect Girl was completely impressed by the Winged Insect’s intelligence.

Lo Xin was currently waving her tail and foolishly drooled as if she was gazing at the most delicious thing in the world.


Lo Ya came to the edge of the tree branch and found that the Black-Clawed Beetles had already left the vicinity of the nest. So, she pointed outside the tree branch, indicating that it was safe outside.

Her future ally walked to the door, shook the tentacles on its forehead and immediately climbed out of the tree branch.


After a night, Lo Xin’s body size increased by a large amount.

Her growth speed was frightening.

Lo Ya was forced to go out to hunt insects and satisfy this little fellow’s unending hunger.

What, you say excretion? The Insect lady’s excretion were capsulated small balls, covered by a thin layer of film, not dirty at all.


The surrounding environment was very dangerous. Occasionally, there would be strange birds descending to prey on some pitiful large insects. Lo Ya was glad that she was small and had a special appearance, so she did not attract the attention of some birds. However, it was better to be safe than sorry. In a long period of time, there would always be times when she would fail miserably in an easy task.

[Mission: Hunt down the Black-Clawed Beetles (0 / 3)]

[Description: These fellows are big threat. We need to reduce their numbers.]

[Reward: 1. 50 evolution points. 2. Time for evolution will be erased.]


“Eh, there’s another new mission.” After eating a fist-sized insect, Lo Ya’s eyes focused on the second reward being displayed on the screen.

‘Could it be that after obtaining this reward, evolution would not require time?’

‘This is really a good thing.’

After wriggling to a higher slope, Lo Ya indeed saw a few Black-Clawed Beetles. They were like ants, moving food, going back and forth between a cave and a giant caterpillar somewhere.

After observing for a while, she found that a few Thin-Winged Insects actually rushed down from the other side of the slope and attacked them.

“This is a good opportunity.”

Lo Ya already had two saved up Electric Shock skills now. She felt that she should have the ability to join this battle.

So when the fight below was almost over, she directly marched into the battlefield. Then, the previous injured Winged Insect squeaked a few times at its comrades, seemingly understanding, these insects also did not attack her.

“Is the alliance formed?”

She was confused.

Lo Ya knew that the Black-Clawed Beetles could hurt her, so as soon as she went up, she released a crackling electric arc and hit a nearby Black-Clawed Beetle.

The enemy was burned, and the smoke danced in the sky, and it soon fell to the ground.

Lo Ya rushed forward to stab it in the head and bit wildly at it, successfully taking away its life.

She started to eat on the spot.

[Evolution points + 2]

[Level increased to 2]

[Opportunity to flip the card…]

Dozens of items similar to tarot cards appeared in front of her eyes. Lo Ya looked at this scene in surprise and clicked one of them.

After a blinding golden light flashed, a card appeared.

[Congratulations, you have flipped a 4-star (SR) Racial Ability Card: Wind Elemental Control.]

[Wind Elemental Control Level 1: Basic Wind Magic, highest Level is 3. It can control wind to reduce the weight of the body, increasing agility and the reflexes of the body.]


“Magic… Magic?”

The golden light entered her body, and then some information appeared in Lo Ya’s head.

She could control the wind now.

Sensing the elemental power in the dark, her body suddenly became light and her movements became much more agile. Her originally slow wiggling speed actually increased to the same level as the Black-Clawed Beetles.

[Elemental power detected, unlocking the mysterious level system.]

[Current combat power is too low, not reaching the minimum level standard]

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