C6 Mission?

The Mollusk tend to venture in group. It was very rare to find them alone.

Not long after Lo Xin was born, Lo Ya received a notification on the screen.

[Your race has been separated from the original species and will be independent to form a new species.]

[Current number of individuals: 2]

[Please name your species.]

“A new species, huh. This time, I am completely separated from the white insect species.” Lo Ya muttered with a thoughtful expression. She looked at her soft insect tail and filled in the word “Insect Man” in the input box.

[Species Name: Insect Man]

[Current Intelligence Level: Primitive]

[Description: Insect Man are primitive creatures that rely on their instincts. They do not have high intelligence. They are few in number and posses weak competitiveness. They lack basic crisis response and combat strength.]

[Evaluation: Inferior]

[Light of Evolution (Special trait)] : This species has a racial awareness. She is the light that shows the path of evolution.]

Looking at the description, she felt like she was a trash.

Though, one thing was certain from this, currently, other than Lo Ya, the first generation Insect Girl who inherited part of her intelligence, was an idiot with a primitive brain.

Well, what kind of intelligence one would expect from such a small and pitiful insect species?

Lo Ya looked at Lo Xin who had a blank expression on her face, and a feeling of despair rose in her heart.

‘What about the companion that I could chat with? Looks like I will have to continue talking to myself.’

‘But, what about the racial awareness, was it talking about me?’

That’s right. The current Lo Ya was really the light that paved the path of evolution for the species. Although at present, counting her, the number of individuals in the entire species had only managed to reach 2.

“Forget it. I’ll think about that in the future. I’ll go and investigate the situation around me first.”

Lo Ya opened the wooden door.

A giant black insect was quietly lying not far away.


Lo Ya was stunned mindless and was about to instantly close the door when a small stone suddenly fell from the other side of the rock. With a bang, the black insect was flattened.

The half of the insect’s body that was saved from the disaster was struggling with all its might, but the stone was too heavy and it could not lift it at all.

‘Isn’t this guy too unlucky?’

‘It is smashed to death by the rock.’

‘However, this is also good. It has earned the honor to turn into my food.’

Insect Girl carefully climbed out of the tree branch and came to the side of the giant insect.

[Skill: Gnawing.]

The originally solid shell was broken by Little Insect Girl’s bite and green blood gushed out like a river. The giant bug suffered immense pain and sent her flying with a kick.

After landing on the ground, Lo Ya did not give up and once again approached it to counterattack with the same skill. The Gnawing Skill Card finally slashed off its entire leg.

“So heavy. I don’t care anymore. Let’s just eat it.”

She crawled to the broken limb and bit off the other party’s flesh with all her might.


[Evolution points + 5]

[Obtained components: [Acid mouth]

She continued eating without caring about anything at all.

[Evolution points + 4]

[Evolution points + 5]

[Received Skill Card: Electric Shock]

[Received Components: Egg reproduction (Requires Sex Support Components)]

After feasting for a while, Lo Ya was worried that she would encounter any danger. So, she started carrying the meat inside with her mouth and brought it back to the tree branch nest.

Lo Xin, who had nothing to do at home wriggled around at leisure. When she saw Lo Ya bring back new food, she immediately rushed over.

She wagged her tail like a puppy.

Seeing that she was eating happily, Lo Ya opened the wooden door again and prepared to bring back more of the leg meat.

However, she saw a thief there.

It was a Thin-Winged Insect that was about the same size as her.

This fellow was taking advantage of her carelessness and stole her bounty. Seeing Little Insect Girl approaching, it immediately dragged a lump of meat and flied into the gap of rock.

“Shit, this guy actually stole everything.”

Looking at the giant insect that was still struggling under the stone, Lo Ya could only bit the bullet and make a move on its broken leg again.

But, just when she was about to take a step forward, a lot of giant silhouettes flashed into the distance. Her senses immediately roared with danger.

They had sharp pincers on their heads and looked extremely ferocious. It was obvious that their destination were the same. Little Insect Girl was so scared that she ran back to her own nest and looked outside from a small hole.

The couple of Black-Clawed Beetles attacked the injured giant insect mercilessly. A few of them had exaggerated sizes and even bit off its leg in a few bites.

Little Insect Girl and Lo Ya panicked, startled by this scene.

If these creatures lived nearby, they could easily become their food.

While she was secretly observing, the Thin-Winged Insect that had stolen her food earlier actually crawled out from the crevice. Then, without saying a word, they attacked the Black-Clawed Beetles.

Both sides fought together chaotically, seemingly depicting the deranged natural selection of Darwin. It was obvious that the Thin-Winged Insects had the slight advantage in the battle.

After half a minute of fighting, the Black-Clawed Beetles who had two of their died, took the initiative to retreat and left the food alone.

Looking back at Lo Xin who looked like a Small dot, Lo Ya sighed in her heart and helplessly sat down.

Due to this little fellow’s size, she would not be at ease if she were to bring her out at this time. Who knew how long it would take her to mature and fight alongside her.

Furthermore, even if Lo Xin grew up, who could she beat?

“Hu, thinking about this is meaningless. Let’s finish the food in reserve first.”

The Evolution points and the components were the key to her progress. Lo Ya also opened her mouth and desperately stuffed the meat into her stomach.

After eating, she looked out of the tree branch and found that there was actually a fight going on. The Black-Clawed Beetles came up with a large group of helpers to beat the Thin-Winged Insects until they could not survive.

After about an hour, the Thin-Winged Insects fled in a sorry state. The giant insect’s meat once again fell into the hands of the Black-Clawed Beetles.

Lo Ya secretly looked outside and found an injured Thin-Winged Insect crawling near her tree branch.

“Hey, isn’t this the one who stole my meat?”

Lo Ya saw that the other party’s right limb was broken, and it did not seem to be a threat anymore, so she secretly crawled out and grabbed it, pulling it back into her nest.

“Hahaha, little fellow, it’s over now.”

Little Insect Girl was the one who held grudges and turned this thief into her food, soon to be a insect’s excretion.

This guy was really scared to death. It quickly hid in a corner and pretended to be dead.

From a close distance, this guy looked like a combination of an ant and a cricket. Its wings were translucent and a tinge of blue on its back. It seemed to be quite powerful. If not for the severe injuries, Lo Ya would not have dared to get close to this fellow.

“Where do you want me to start eating?”

While she was pondering on a very difficult question, suddenly…

[Mission: Communication]

[Description: Insects with very few individuals need allies to deal with the threat of the Black-Clawed Beetles. The thief in front of you is a good target. Find a way to communicate and convey your goodwill to it.]

Reward: 1. 50 evolution points 2. Friendly relationship with the Thin-Winged Insects.

“Eh? Mission?”

All of a sudden, she felt like she was playing a game.

Seeing the rewards and mission content, Little Insect Girl felt that there was indeed a System helping her.

But, with this kind of low-level species that lacked intelligence, was it really possible to form an alliance?

Even if she formed an alliance with them, she would always feel like she was using them for her own benefits.

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