C4 An Exciting Night

This day was destined to be filled with blood and battles.

Lightning danced and thunder sang under the poisoned silver sky, while the forest struggled in the storm. Even the enormous mother beetle hid in the groove beside the tree branch, silently enduring the chaotic wind and rain.

The lower slope was already filled with water. From a microscopic point of view, the puddle was like an endless lake. A gust of wind blew over, and the ripples turned into a tsunami that swallowed the surrounding land.

Little Insect Girl hid in the tree branches and ate a lot of white insects. When she observed her surroundings again, she found that over a thousand of her companions had already been killed by the giant mites.

“Scary. They also treat white insects as food?”

It was getting more and more unsafe in the cave.

At this moment, the huge beetle suffering under the storm stuck its head into the tree branch and noticed that the ferocious huge mites slaughtering its own children.

Then, its blood boiled with anger.


Followed by a sharp hiss, an indescribable willpower enchanted all the white insects. In the next moment, the lazy insects seemed to have been injected with stimulants. A layer of black liquid emerged on their heads and quickly solidified, turning into long and thin thorns.


As an army of thousands of soldiers marching into the battle, the white insects that were being slaughtered turned into elites and launched a crazy attack on the giant mites. The transition was instantaneous and utterly effective.

The swarm of insects broke through the giant mite’s defense like a knife cutting through the cream, tearing open a long and narrow crack in it. Little Insect Girl, who stood on the higher slope, was utterly dumbfounded while witnessing this scene.

In terms of combat strength, the white insects at this time were much stronger than the red insects.

Little Insect Girl climbed to the back of a slope and looked at this scene. She was incomparably shocked in her heart.

“So these stupid fat insects can also be so terrifying?”

She raised her head and looked at the mother beetle. Surprisingly, she discovered that the other party’s dozens of eyeballs were all staring at her.

That expression seemed to say, “What are you trying to do again, you little shit?”

Her eyes widened in confusion.

“It’s over, it’s all over, I’m going to die.”

Little Insect Girl felt that she would be beaten to death by the mother beetle, so she immediately laid on the ground with a frightened look on her face.

But she did not expect that in the next moment, the originally peaceful tree branch would shook violently and sent her flying into the sky.

A huge force came wild and unhindered from outside the tree branch and pulled the beetle out. It was a rainy night that had been somehow weaved with intricate rows of chaos. Looking at the sky, a massive object that blotted out the sun descended from the mid-air. It barred every inch of her vision. It was like a flash, and pierced through the back of the beetle in an instant. Amidst the fierce storm, it brought with it a patch of dark green blood.


Deafening thunder rang through the clouds, and sharp swords of lightning pierced through the fog, illuminating the whole earth.

The colossal figure flashed for a moment before immediately fleeing far away. It was like an illusory silhouette instantly merging with the boundless rainy night, flickering away without a trace between the heavenly pillar-like giant trees and the hazy leaves.

However, along with it, a innocent beetle also disappeared to the sky above the sky.

“Cough, cough, wow”

She fell to the ground and flipped down a few times. Little Insect Girl coughed out a mouthful of blood and her tail was also injured.

Fortunately, her body was as light as feather, saving her life. But, seeing the scary-looking beetle die in an instant left a shadow in her heart that could not be erased.

‘What kind of terrifying monster was that?’

‘It scared me to death.’

Little Insect Girl crawled to stand in front of a large mite and ignored the situation around her. She started to eat its flesh with all her might.

“Ah, why is it so scary?”

‘God, why do you want me to see such a terrifying scene? Why did you turn me into a puny insect?’

The showers of water continuously fell from the sky. Other than the melody of hammering rain, there was nothing else that could be heard.

Suddenly, a gust of wind barged in from the outside and hit the inner wall of the tree, droving countless waves. As the tides rose and fell, countless lives were dragged into the abyss no matter how much they struggled in desperation.

Little Insect Girl didn’t have a choice but to climb deeper into the tree. She rejoiced her comparatively good condition in this bad times. Otherwise, she would have been swept away by the waves long ago.

After crawling for a few minutes, she reached at the edge of the other side of tree branch, and found an adult body suspected to belong to an big mite. A red powerful monster was also moving towards this place, slowly and steadily.

Though, it appeared like it was still very far away, but in reality, it would only take a short while for it to reach here.

She frantically crawled towards the side of the tree branch’s wall, wanting to find some hidden gaps to hide herself from the impending doom that was closing in on her.

Unfortunately, there was no safe place there.

The big mite quickly arrived nearby, stepping on countless white insect along the way. White liquid splashed in all directions, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there were corpses everywhere.

“Whoa, there’s a small hole. Let’s hide inside. My frail heart can’t take it anymore.”

The cold wind fluttered in from outside the tree branches. Little Insect Girl hid in a small hole and did not dare to move anymore.

“I don’t know anything, I don’t know anything… Don’t come and find me.” Her head was buried between her tail and she kept trembling nonstop.

The especially long night passed unknowingly, and the storm continued till the middle of the night.

The next morning, when the first ray of sunlight shone through the layers of leaves on the ground, Insect Girl finally woke up from her deep slumber.

When she climbed out of the tree branch, she saw corpses gracing the narrow ground. Even the adult big mite from the last night died with its body facing the sky.

“I survived.”

She still had 3 / 5 of her life left.

‘What a thrilling night it was, there weren’t many creatures spared by the merciless night.’

‘What should I do now?’

‘Of course, eat!’

An adult big red mite’s size was several hundred times bigger than her, so she would definitely be able to get some good components.

Thinking of this, Little Insect Girl immediately crawled by the side of the adult big mite and raided its outer shell.

It was too hard, and even the insect fang could not penetrate it.

Fortunately, it still created a wound, so she began to eat the ruptured flesh and blood.

“Oh yeah”

[Evolution points + 2]

[Obtained component: Special Splitting]

“Great, I’ve obtained a component. Let’s work harder!”

[Received Skill Card: Gnawing]

Gnawing again, it seemed like the things obtained from the same species were fixed. Especially the components, once obtained, it seemed like they wouldn’t appear again.

After eating for half a day, besides accumulating a few dozen Evolution points, she did not obtain anything else.

Next, She ate the mutated white insect.

After a certain period of hard work…

[Obtained Component: Biological Spike]

“It’s about time. I can use Editor now, right?”

She clicked enter to the editing mode and looked at the displayed data. There were actually 50 points in her arsenal.

[Special Splitting: A unique way of reproduction. By splitting a part of the body that carries the primitive cells, a new body will be bred. It has a high chance of mutating. Editor Consumption: 20 Evolution points]

[Biological Spike: Special pheromone (or danger) stimulation, the ability to secrete rapidly solidifying gel, forming solid spikes. The spike can only exist for a very short period of time. Editor Consumption: 5 Evolution points.]

[Natural adaptability Evolution: After a long period of time, a species will take a big step forward. Editor Consumption: 25 Evolution points]

The first two were easy to understand, but what was natural adaptability evolution?

Little Insect Girl wrinkled her nose in doubt and decided to use all three.

‘However, did special splitting mean giving birth to a baby?’

‘It felt really strange.’

‘However, if there are no companions, it would also be very boring.’

‘Forget it, forget it. Let’s not think about this, I’ll just put this thing on my tail.’

As for the spike, she put it on top of her head. However, this thing could only be used when she was in danger as an reliable life-saving method.

“It’s decided then.”

Withdraw from the Evolution Editor…

Time passed like a speeding car across the street.

Everything around her began to change like a plot of movie.

Little Insect Girl’s body began to grow bigger, quickly surpassing the normal size of her original species.

When everything returned to normal, the branches were gone, and even the plants around the ground became completely unrecognizable.

[This evolution took 42 years.]

“Oh? 42 years…”

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