Liu Yuan is a good game player, especially in the MMORPG Upper Center. Just as he succeeded in gaining the favorability of all the possible characters in Upper Center, he transmigrated. To where? Oops, he transmigrated into the game he was playing.

What he saw was a pretty girl. She wept incessantly, failing to notice Liu Yuan’s unusual behavior. She looked up with teary eyes and said in a firm way, “Mr. Junxuan, I will not marry him. I wish to be with you for the rest of my life!” Junxuan… Wasn’t that his username in the game?

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  • Adapted to Manhua ×
  • Game Elements ×
  • Male Protagonist ×
  • Transmigration ×
  • Transported into a Game World ×



The Monster Girl's Evolution

The psychedelic forest was encompassed in a thick cloud of fog, barring the vision of everyone, while behind those thick fog ruled chaos, as countless ferocious creatures fought valiantly.

Some distance away, under a muddy patch of grass, a unique little creature stuck her head out from the dark insect egg.

“Oh, what the hell is this?”

‘Why am I born among this terrifying pile of insects?’

The area was densely packed with eggs. Occasionally, one or two fat insects would crawl out from them. They looked scary and hideous.

“I think I was playing a game a few moments ago, right? Why did I appear in such a place and become a monster girl?”


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  • Evolution ×
  • Female Protagonist ×
  • Humanoid Protagonist ×
  • Reincarnated as a Monster ×
  • Reincarnated in Another World ×
  • Reincarnation ×
  • Weak to Strong ×


Hunter's Blade

The Lawman Kingdom was located on the western border of the continent, and it was currently in a precarious situation — it was a time of darkness. Heretics were emerging endlessly, causing strife and chaos, and humans were in great danger. Devils were running rampant across the land.

The so-called devils were creatures that fed on souls, and their hunger was insatiable. Correspondingly, in order to deal with these monsters, the devil hunting profession was formed.

Shire and the other seven hunters gathered together. They were all here to chase after the Blade Devil. He was a cunning high-level devil, a devil god from hell. When he first entered the real world, he was severely weakened, and his power was incomplete. Taking advantage of his momentary weakness, the devil hunters immediately organized a strike force to attack him. He was chased into Twilight Forest by hunters.

However, the devil was able to throw them off its trail, so the hunters had no choice but to expand their search range to prevent it from escaping. In their haste to do so, the devil hunters split them up. Danger is coming…

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  • Adventurers ×
  • Assassins ×
  • Blood Manipulation ×
  • Bloodlines ×
  • Cultivation ×
  • Demons ×
  • Evil Organizations ×
  • Fantasy World ×
  • Heroes ×
  • Male Protagonist ×
  • Martial Spirits ×
  • Monsters ×
  • Murders ×
  • Mystery Solving ×
  • Reverse Harem ×
  • Soldiers ×
  • Sword And Magic ×


How Come My Dog Becomes Unbeatable

B city is a huge iron city. A restaurant owner Zhang lives in a remote corner of the city. He’s been here for three years, but nothing exciting happened. Yes, he got a system, but it seems useless. The tasks he got were easy, like walking the dog, growing vegetables, cleaning the house, etc. And the credit he got from the task was of no use. So what’s the meaning of his coming to this mist world?


Days passed by. He did not notice that his vegetables had turned into spiritual herbs while his dog turned out to be the Qilin Saint. So his credit is not the system but his dog?


Associated Names:


  • Cultivation ×
  • Fantasy World ×
  • Game Ranking System ×
  • Lack of Common Sense ×
  • Level System ×
  • Male Protagonist ×
  • Martial Spirits ×
  • Master-Disciple Relationship ×
  • Misunderstandings ×
  • Modern Day ×
  • Multiple Realms ×
  • Overpowered Protagonist ×
  • Pets ×
  • Protagonist Strong from the Start ×
  • Strong to Stronger ×