C8 – The Best Chef

When Jiang Hao heard the voice in his mind, he was stunned for a while, and then he was pleasantly surprised. He still had the system.

After that, he looked at the small tree and said.


“Congratulations to host for decomposing a small tree. Obtained a bottle of Vital Essence. skill point 0.9, decomposing experience 0.9!”

“Decomposition complete. Do you want to extract it?”

Vital Essence: A liquid that can increase one’s life force. It can quickly heal any injury and has the ability to revive the dead!

Seeing this note, Jiang Hao was overjoyed. This was exactly what he needed right now!


Before long, Jiang Hao discovered a thumb-sized bottle containing emerald liquid in his personal space.

Jiang Zixuan glanced up at Jiang Hao, who appeared to have an ever-changing expression. She sensed that he was different from before.

At that moment, Jiang Hao shifted his gaze back to the tree in front of him.

To outsiders, the tree seemed unchanged, but in Jiang Hao’s eyes, its interior had turned black. Its life force had vanished completely. It was likely to wither soon!

Jiang Hao felt no pity. He yearned to save his father, even if it meant sacrificing a small tree.

Currently, he contemplated how to discreetly administer this bottle of Vital Essence to his father.

Soon, an idea sprang to his mind. He turned around and addressed Jiang Zixuan.

“Let’s return home and prepare some chicken soup for Dad. We’ll bring it over to replenish his nutrition!”

Then, he took the lead and walked forward!

Jiang Zixuan heard Jiang Hao’s suggestion and agreed. She followed Jiang Hao!

After returning home, Jiang Hao and Jiang Zixuan discovered chicken and decided to make soup!

However, despite Jiang’s father being a somewhat renowned chef who operated food stalls daily, Jiang Hao and Jiang Zixuan did not inherit his culinary talent.

“Jiang Zixuan, do you know how to make soup?”

“Jiang Hao, do you know how to make soup?”

Both of them asked each other at the same time.

Feeling helpless, the two of them stood in the kitchen, staring at the ingredients. They could only exchange glances!

In that moment, Jiang Hao suddenly recalled that his father had purchased some cooking books in the past. Immediately, he rushed into his father’s room and began searching.

Soon, he came across an Encyclopedia of Cooking and a Home Cuisine book. Just as he picked up the Encyclopedia of Cooking, something caught his attention.

“You found a recipe. Do you want to decompose it?”

Hearing this familiar voice, a smile appeared on Jiang Hao’s face as expected.

“Decompose it!”

Following the order, the Encyclopedia of Cooking in his hand flashed with a soft light.

“Congratulations to host for decomposing the recipe. Obtained the God Chef skill, skill point 0.8, decomposing experience 0.8!”

“Decomposing complete. Do you want to extract it?”

At the same time the system notification sounded out, a ball of light appeared in Jiang Hao’s mind!

When Jiang Hao focused his mind on the ball of light, a message entered Jiang Hao’s mind.

God Chef Level 1 (0 / 10): A legendary skill practiced by a god’s chef. It is specifically used to cook food for gods.

Those who possessed this skill could use everything in the world as ingredients, making food that even gods would praise endlessly!

(However, you are only at level 1, you can only use ordinary food ingredients to make ordinary food)

Seeing this note, Jiang Hao was stunned on the spot.

“My system is awesome!”

Jiang Hao finally reacted. His face was full of shock and ecstasy!

Without any hesitation, Jiang Hao said anxiously.

“Extract and fuse!”

Following Jiang Hao’s order, the ball of light in Jiang Hao’s mind instantly merged into his mind!

In a flash, a huge amount of information rushed into Jiang Hao’s mind.

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