C53 – The Blade Is in Your Heart.

Trembling, Liu Yuan bowed his head and examined his chest. The dagger had pierced into his chest, with only the exquisite silver handle visible.

However, no matter how exquisite it appeared, it couldn’t alter the fact that it was a weapon of murder.

Pain, pain.


Beads of cold sweat formed on Liu Yuan’s forehead. He reached out his hand, attempting to remove the dagger. However, his hand weakly dropped down several times. Pi Huanluo released her grip on the dagger, yet it seemed to be propelled by an invisible force. It spun around and plunged deeper into his chest until the handle was no longer visible.

Blood splattered onto his clothing, staining them darker with each passing moment. His flesh was rent open and then promptly healed.

With a delicate movement of her hand, Pi Huanluo caused the blood on Liu Yuan’s chest to separate from his clothes. It condensed into a writhing entity that appeared almost alive. Clenching her fist, she crushed it, obliterating it completely.

“What, what is that…”

Liu Yuan suddenly felt as if something had been extracted from him, causing him to collapse weakly.

Pi Huanluo reached out to support him and gently said, “Lovesick Gu, if you dislike it, I can take it away.”

She lowered her head and extended her hand to touch Liu Yuan’s heart. With a charming smile, she said, “But I also need to leave something behind.”

“Phew… I know you removed the Lovesick Gu. What I’m asking is, what did you place in my heart?” Liu Yuan lay limply against Pi Huanluo’s body, breathing softly as though he had just escaped a calamity.

He distinctly sensed that the wound in his chest had instantly healed, but the dagger was no longer there.

However, it definitely hadn’t vanished; rather, it had transformed into something that had been implanted within his heart.

Pi Huanluo cradled his face tenderly and pressed a kiss on his forehead. Her eyes seemed to hold the fiery depths of the abyss. “A knife.”

What the fuck? You removed the Gu worm and replaced it with a knife. Are you even human??

Liu Yuan sensed that he had reached the limit of one exchange and switched places.

Pi Huanluo noticed Liu Yuan’s gaze filled with sorrow and indignation. She chuckled softly and gently patted his back, as though coaxing a child. “Alright, alright. Don’t worry. This knife is my Natal Artifact. I’ve never shown it to anyone before. Now that it’s in your possession, you can figure something out. I will not rest in peace if I don’t have a proper burial ground.”

Liu Yuan was taken aback. He reached out his trembling hand to touch his chest and looked up at Pi Huanluo. “If you do this, your combat strength will be significantly weakened. No, it’s not possible!”

Pi Huanluo held his hand and smiled. “Just as you said, I am your extension. Your only extension. My life and love belong to you. But you must never let go of me. You cannot be afraid of me. No matter how many people you may like, or who likes you, I will always be the one you cannot abandon.”

“The blade resides in your heart. If a day comes when we face animosity, all you need to do is be ruthless and sever all feelings of love, while I swing the blade and sever all feelings of love.”

Liu Yuan’s eyes widened as he witnessed the progress bar above Pi Huanluo’s head abruptly shift from pink to blood red.

All the numbers on the progress bar vanished, leaving only a complete bar and two big words:

[Lock Down]

Pi Huanluo leaned against Liu Yuan’s chest, closing her eyes to listen to his heartbeat. She softly murmured, “I came to Veplon Country this time to find you. The Gu in your body was not present when we first met. It was after you confessed your love to me. I set it aside.

This time, I had to hurry back to the sect due to dissension among some members. I could only see you once. Please take care…”

Her words reverberated in the room, but she had already transformed into a dark mass of smoke, dissipating into the air.

Liu Yuan remained stunned on the bed, his hand still carrying a faint lingering fragrance.

The room was quiet for a while, and there was no movement.

“Ha… Finally left.”

Liu Yuan’s body went limp. He let out a long sigh of relief and collapsed onto the bed.

This time, he was utterly drained. His tensed nerves suddenly relaxed, causing his vision to darken as he continued to breathe heavily.

It took him a while to regain his composure. He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, sat up, pushed the blanket aside, and stood to pour himself a cup of water.

Liu Yuan finished one cup and refilled the teapot. He drank countless cups, one after another. Letting out a long exhale, he wiped the corner of his mouth.

He felt it wasn’t enough, so he fed himself a few Medicine Pills.

He took out another painting and looked at it.

Finally, he composed himself.

“Damn it, this is even more tiring than fighting a war!”

Liu Yuan still harbored lingering fears. He had suddenly changed his approach and employed such harsh words because he sensed that if the situation continued, his favorability level would decrease.

It would really drop!

As the one initiating the attack, Liu Yuan was well aware that he had relied on the fact that he was unafraid of the witch who took lives. Due to Pi Huanluo’s nature, she not only derived pleasure from instilling fear in others but also craved the sight of someone approaching her with a fearless adoration.

But Liu Yuan’s own character had completely crumbled at this point.

When he first encountered Pi Huanluo, he could still excuse himself by pretending to be somewhat similar to her, but in their second meeting, which occurred just moments ago, his true fear was fully exposed.

This was starkly different from the image of courage he had projected when he initially developed a favorable impression of her.

Even the full favorable impression couldn’t be affected!

Therefore, he now desired to impose additional constraints upon himself and willingly surrender to Pi Huanluo.

“Fortunately, when I probed Pi Huanluo’s experiences, I left behind a backup plan within the character I transferred to her. After the first plan succeeded, I had no use for it. I never anticipated it would actually be employed now.”

Liu Yuan patted his chest and sighed.

“Liu Yuan, Liu Yuan, you truly are the genius strategist. If I hadn’t remembered Planb, I would have met my demise here today.”

Pi Huanluo’s genuine desire was to be trusted and indispensable.

Fearlessness was one of the reasons for this. It symbolized trust, and the next step was to rely on each other like interdependent parasites.

This analysis was derived from Pi Huanluo’s childhood experiences.

Combined with the theory of “every ‘S’ shake has an ‘M’ shake heart,” Liu Yuan had crafted a rather eerie persona at the last moment.

“In general, it could be described as… a scoundrel with an intense possessive nature.”

Liu Yuan’s mouth twitched. Such a persona, if encountered in modern times, would likely be met with scorn.

He certainly wouldn’t admit that the human guise was his true self!

“And the affability level has actually reached its maximum, locked in place? Does this mean it won’t change anymore? However, the conditions to achieve this are quite stringent. One must thoroughly explore their character to attain such an effect… It’s better to think of it from a long-term perspective.”

Liu Yuan muttered to himself. He straightened his clothes, pushed open the door, and gazed at the illuminated path before him.


Liu Yuan let out a long sigh. He deeply felt that women were really annoying.

Oh, these bothersome women! Can’t you leave me alone? Right now, all I desire is to focus on cultivating diligently and becoming stronger, to become a dedicated and diligent cultivator.

Liu Yuan felt quite uneasy. He lightly tapped on Ning Xiangrong’s door and weakly uttered, “I’m coming in…”

A pleasant breeze wafted towards him, accompanied by a pair of arms that tightly embraced him.

His vision darkened.

“Hmm?” What the hell? Yes, a little stuffy.

Ning Xiangrong’s voice sounded from above, filled with panic, “Ah Yuan, are you alright? Why is your face so pale and there is still blood on your body? S-sorry, I misunderstood you just now…”

She tightened her arms and hugged Liu Yuan’s head.


He was going to be dead!!!

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