C47 – A Cuddly Man

“What’s wrong, Xiaojie? Is it true about you and Brother Mu?”

Huangfu Qiao burst into the classroom, rushing towards Shang Xiaojie. He asked anxiously while catching his breath.

While arriving at school and hearing about Shang Xiaojie and Mu Sifa, Huangfu Qiao was completely dumbfounded.

Shang Xiaojie let out a sigh. The topic had been circulating throughout the day, and he was beginning to grow desensitized to it.

“Not everything is true, but some of it is. I… I don’t even know what to say.” Shang Xiaojie bit his lip and cast his eyes downward. His face turned red, yet a hint of hesitation lingered. Eventually, he averted his gaze from Huangfu Qiao, not daring to reveal how he had initially met Mu Sifa.

“Are you and Brother Mu childhood friends? Or have you been together for a long time? Were you afraid that I wouldn’t accept your relationship and kept it from me?” Huangfu Qiao’s question surged like stormy ocean waves, tinged with a touch of hurt.

Huangfu Qiao’s question was tumultuous, akin to the crashing waves of a tempestuous sea, yet it also carried a hint of wounded feelings.

“We are friends! If you and Brother Mu have that kind of bond, you should have informed me earlier! It doesn’t repulse me. So what if I have feelings for men? As long as it’s love.”

“No, it’s not that I feared you would be disgusted and unable to accept my relationship with Mu Sifa. It’s more about me not having figured out how to broach the subject with you, honestly,” Shang Xiaojie quickly clarified, gesturing with his hand.

Upon hearing this, Huangfu Qiao immediately smiled. “That’s good. I thought you didn’t consider me a friend anymore. I was genuinely saddened when I first found out. I never anticipated being the last one to know about this.”

After heaving a sigh, he set down his bag and took his seat. Then, he gleefully nudged Shang Xiaojie and inquired, “I heard that Brother Mu personally escorted you to school? Is Brother Mu good to you? When did you two meet? Was it after I moved out of the dormitory and you started living with Brother Mu?”

Huangfu Qiao, as usual, bombarded him with a multitude of questions, sporting an expression of astonishment and curiosity.

“There are too many problems here!”

Compared to his classmates, Huangfu Qiao proved to be the most challenging to handle.

“I’m just curious! I never expected Xiaojie to be with Brother Mu. Oh, the mere thought of it fills me with such romantic notions!” He dreamily cupped his face.

Shang Xiaojie was perplexed. “What’s so romantic about it? He’s not gentle at all. He’s always angry with me, and initially, he treated me roughly without considering my feelings.”

The more Shang Xiaojie heard it, the angrier he became, especially since Mu didn’t seek his permission to declare himself as his spouse that day.

“Is Brother Mu truly like that?” But he was so kind and gentle when he was with me! It felt like having a wonderful older brother next door. I actually think it’s great!”

Shang Xiaojie’s face flushed with anger. “What you’re describing is definitely a different person. He is not only overbearing but also unreasonable. He does as he pleases, displaying extreme tyranny.”

Moreover, coercing me into doing such things with him—how can someone like that be considered gentle? I despise his arrogant demeanor the most. There will come a day when I’ll seek revenge and make him realize my true power.

Shang Xiaojie was seething with anger. Whenever he looked at Huangfu Qiao, he couldn’t help but blush because he felt that love might be like this! They vented their frustrations to each other, yet they couldn’t bear to be without one another.

“That sounds wonderful! I wish I could have such a great relationship with my older brother too,” Huangfu Qiao grumbled and rested their head on the table.

Unaware of the true meaning behind Huangfu Qiao’s words, Shang Xiaojie smiled and reassured them, “I will.”

However, Huangfu Qiao couldn’t resist teasing. They chuckled and remarked, “He even mentioned that you despise Brother Mu.”

Shang Xiaojie’s face turned completely red, and he hastily clarified, “Bro, it’s not what you think. I definitely don’t hate him.”

The way Shang Xiaojie stumbled through the explanation was incredibly endearing. It was so adorable that it could melt hearts even if it meant losing one’s life.

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