C8 – Pick Up Your Extraordinary Talent

According to the rumors, the advanced zombie possessed the ability to control ordinary zombies, so this spectacle wasn’t surprising.

On the contrary, Loong Chen’s excitement intensified as he witnessed the scene. The greater the number of zombies, the more attributes and experience he could acquire. It seemed that his decision to come here had been the right one.

“You stay here. I’ll be back soon.”

After giving instructions to Bai Xiaohan, Loong Chen dashed toward the horde of zombies. Bai Xiaohan had no time to halt him.

The zombies appeared to have caught the scent of humans. They grew frenzied and charged toward Loong Chen.

“Picking up done! Obtained strength attribute*10.”

“Picking up done! Obatined defensive attribute*8.”

“Picking up done! Obtained agility attribute*5.”

The continuous system notifications caused Loong Chen’s blood to boil.

“Come on, the more the better!”

Loong Chen burst into wild laughter. His Battle Saber whirled about, creating numerous afterimages. Almost every second, a zombie’s head would be severed.

Bai Xiaohan, who observed the scene from a short distance away, stood dumbfounded. Loong Chen’s strength had left her in awe. He was incredibly formidable!

Those zombies were as fragile as tofu in front of Senior Loong Chen.

“Picking up done! Obtained empirical value*10.”

“Picking up done! Obtained empirical value*10.”

In less than a minute, dozens of zombies met their demise beneath Loong Chen’s blade. At this point, the advanced zombie perched on the rooftop could no longer remain idle.

It abruptly leaped down, causing the ground to shake. Instead of directly charging at Loong Chen, it slammed its fist into the ground.

“What is it doing?”

Loong Chen was somewhat puzzled, but he quickly understood.

A line of Earth Spikes emerged from the ground, targeting Loong Chen. It seemed that this attack couldn’t differentiate between friend and foe, as many zombies were impaled by the Earth Spikes along the way.

Loong Chen swiftly kicked off the ground, executing a backflip in mid-air to evade the Earth Spikes. Simultaneously, his expression underwent a slight change.

This colossal zombie was no ordinary advanced zombie; it was a mutated advanced zombie.

Dealing with this advanced zombie posed a greater challenge than dealing with a regular advanced zombie, as it possessed an additional special ability. For instance, the zombie before him displayed an extraordinary talent in earth manipulation.

However, just as Loong Chen touched down on the ground, his attention was suddenly drawn to the orb of light surrounding the mutated advanced zombie. It had fallen out during the use of its extraordinary talent.

On the surface of this orb of light, there was even a clay carving. Loong Chen surmised that it represented the zombie’s Earth Ability.

If he could obtain this extraordinary talent, wouldn’t he also possess an extraordinary talent? In this world, there were few Evolvers, and even fewer possessed extraordinary talents.

“I must obtain this extraordinary talent.”

Loong Chen’s eyes flickered with determination. Although the mutated advanced zombie was formidable, he believed he possessed the necessary qualifications to take the risk.

Loong Chen accelerated with incredible speed, transforming into a blur as he charged towards the mutated zombie. Within moments, he closed in, stopping five meters away from it, and shouted.

“Pick it up!”

“Picking up done! Obtained First Grade Earth Ability.”

As the system notification sounded, Loong Chen immediately sensed a surge of potent energy coursing through his body.

But he didn’t have the luxury to fully grasp its nature as the mutated zombie’s attack was already upon him.

Fortunately, Loong Chen had prepared for this scenario. His sole objective was to acquire its extraordinary ability. Consequently, the moment he succeeded, he swiftly evaded to the side, narrowly avoiding the mutated zombie’s Earth Spike Assault.

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